A Passionate Make Out With The Neighbor Aunt In Hyderabad

A Passionate Make Out With The Neighbor Aunt In Hyderabad

Hey guys, I’m Preetam and I am going to tell a story about my first experience of making love. I live in Hyderabad in an independent house with my family. I’m 5 foot 7″ tall with decent looks. So this all happened very recently. Let’s get into the story.

As I completed my 2nd year of intermediate college life, I was not so much into relationships and sex. And I was not having thoughts of making love with someone. But here is the main thing, the heroine of this story. She used to live on the 1st floor of the building while we used to live on the 4th floor.

She was a fair looking lady with having good assets, approximately 34-28-36.  She has married 4 years ago and was having two kids. Her husband was a software engineer and used to have night shifts. In our apartments, all the ladies used to talk to each other in the evenings.

My mom also had a good friendship with her. One day my mom asked to go to her house to get some curd. I went asked for some curd and she gave it to me. Damn, she was very cute and hot. She was wearing a black chiffon sari. I didn’t go into the house as I was a shy guy.

She asked me to come in and sit on the sofa. I hesitated and stood outside. As she returned with a cup of curd I took it and left for home. I didn’t have any feelings for her as she was elder to me. Later on, there was an occasion in the apartments and we all went and had our dinner.

While having dinner she came to my mom and spoke for some time. She greeted me too. I just smiled and greeted her back. Nothing much happened on that day. After a few days, I got a message from an unknown number. I checked the number in true caller and it showed a name Sarita (name changed).

I knew it was her. I knew the names of the flat members though I didn’t have much interaction with them. So I asked her where did she get my number. She said it’s a secret. I said I won’t reply until unless she tells me how she got the number. She said when she used my mom’s phone, she took my number.

Later on we used chat normally sharing our daily life routine and sharing memes. One day she asked me whether I had any girlfriends. I said no. Then she asked me how does she look. I replied you look perfect as a woman. She smiled with an emoji.

As the days passed our chatting was so deep and we started sharing adult jokes. She used to tease me with these adultery things. Firstly I didn’t pay much attention to them and later on, she sent me a porn video link. I didn’t know it was a porn video link and I clicked it. It appeared as a porn video.

I asked her what is this bullshit you are sending me. She was frightened and said sorry and didn’t chat with me for a week. As I watched the porn video for the first time, I was thinking of having a make-out session.  And after a week she texted me whether I’m free or not. I replied I’m free on Sunday.

She texted me that she wanted to talk to me in private. I said okay. On Sunday evening her husband took the children out to have some fun. She asked me to come to her home as she wanted to talk. I went to her home and sat on the sofa. She brought me some coke and sat adjacent to me in a sofa chair.

She was wearing a blue sari with a deep cut blouse. When she bent down to give me the coke her cleavage was visible.  I just had a glance at it and took my eyes off. She observed it and gave back a smile. Now I asked her why did she call me?

She was so annoyed and was feeling so embarrassed as she sent me a porn video link. I said no problem aunt forget about it. I saw some tears rolling in her eyes. I asked her what happened and went near her to console her. I wiped her tears and asked her to calm down.

Then she looked at me and suddenly kissed me on my lips. I was in shock and was not responding to her. She grabbed me towards her and kissed me with more passion. Now I started grabbing her towards me and I kissed her back. She slowly opened her mouth.

I’ve put my tongue inside her mouth and we were tongue kissing. It was about 10 minutes we kissed each other and broke the kiss. She said she was unhappy at her sexual life as her husband was having night shifts at his work. As we were so close by that time I asked her whether I could help her.

She smiled at me and said okay. I asked her when do we plan our make-out session. She replied she’ll arrange the date and text me. I was waiting for her text. It was a week and I didn’t get any message from her. So I texted her and I got a reply.

I asked her what happened and why she didn’t send me any date about our make out. Finally, she sent me a date and time. She said on Wednesday her husband is going to Bangalore for some official purpose. I had no words for my happiness. So I told her we will be together on Wednesday.

On Wednesday at 10 pm I told my mom that I was going to Sarita’s house as she asked me to come over to watch a film with her. My mom accepted and I went wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I just entered her home casually so that nothing will seem to be out of place to others.

As it was 10:30 pm all our flat members had closed their doors.  When I entered her home she was in a purple nightie and she asked me to sit on the sofa. I asked her about the kids. She said they were asleep. I couldn’t control myself. I hugged her from the back and started kissing her neck.

She was putting her hand around my neck and she was enjoying while I was kissing her neck and ears. Now I turned her towards me and kissed her on the lips. I held her around the waist and kissing her more passionately. She opened her mouth and I started exploring it with my tongue.

We had a steamy kiss for about 10 minutes. Then she guided me towards her bedroom. As we went inside the room she locked the room. Now I pushed her against the door and started kissing her on the face, neck, and ears. Her boobs were nice to hold. I cupped her left boob while I was kissing her neck.

She left out a soft moan. I started caressing the boob and pressed the right boob so hard. Her nipples were erect and my tool got hard. Now slowly I started removing her nightie.  She started removing my tee. Now I was in my short and she was in a peach bra with a black pantie.

Now I hugged her more hard. Her boobs got pressed against me. My tool got more hard. Now I started kissing her lips and slowly started to insert my hand into her pantie. As I touched her vagina she was rubbing my hard dick from outside the short. Now I hugged her and started removing her bra hooks.

I finally removed her bra and she was now only with her panty.  I started pressing her boobs so hard and started licking her nipples and biting them too. She was moaning with a low voice and was asking me to fuck her. She was not able to control herself.

I now lifted her and laid her on the bed. Wow, she was a beauty. Now I started kissing her thighs and she was moaning with a low voice. I kissed her on the vagina. It was a bit wet. Now I removed her panty. It was a clean shaved and having pink lips. I teased her clitoris and licked it.

She was shivering and held my head. I slowly put my tongue into her vagina. She left out a nice moan and I was aroused with that.  Now she was pushing me more into her vagina and saying. “Eat me, baby. I want you to eat it.” I was now tongue fucking her for around 10 minutes and she came. I drank all her juices.

Now I went near her, kissed her on the lips and she tasted her juices. She turned around me and pulled my shorts and my undies in one go. My 7″ dick popped out and she was so happy to see it. Now she started caressing my dick and started stroking it slowly. She kissed the tip and licked the pre-cum.

She started licking my whole dick and kept it in her mouth. Now she started giving me a blowjob and slowly stroking it. I moaned out slowly, “Aaah you make me feel so good.” I was in heaven. After 10 minutes of blowjob, I said I was about to cum.

She took my dick outside her mouth and I cummed on her face and boobs. Now we both were resting on the bed and we started kissing each other passionately. I started pressing her boobs so hard and she was moaning in pleasure. I bit her nipples and her nails were dug into my back.

Now we both got our energy back and she said she wanted me inside her. I know she was craving for it. I held my dick in my hand and started rubbing on her vagina. She was moaning and asked to stop playing and fuck her. I gave a hard push inside her wet vagina and she moaned loudly.

I went half inside her and with another tight push, I was completely inside her. We were in a missionary position. Tears rolled from her eyes due to pain and later I saw pleasure in her face. Now I slowly fucking her in and out and she was moaning.

I increased my pace and for each thrust, her boobs were flying and she was moaning loudly, “Fuck, fuck me hard, don’t stop, baby.” I was more aroused and was fucking her with full pace. After 15 minutes of fucking, she said she was about to cum and was moaning.

At the same time, I was about to cum. She said to come inside her as she was operated after the two kids.  She had two orgasms in 15 minutes session. Her vagina was wet and her walls felt very warm. When we both came once she had a creampie.

After I came in her I rested on her boobs with my dick still inside her. After 5 minutes I asked her I want to fuck her in the doggy style. She said okay. Now we were in the doggy style. I slowly inserted my dick inside her vagina and thrusting in and out. She was moaning in pleasure.

I slowly removed my dick outside and started to put it in her ass. First I pushed my dick head inside her ass, she moaned out loud and I was not stopping and pushed my dick inside in one go. She was crying both in pain and pleasure. I fucked her hard and she was enjoying it. I came in her ass too.

I removed my dick from her ass after 10 minutes. I kept it inside her vagina and started fucking her. It was about 10 minutes and she said she’s coming. After 5 minutes, when I was about to cum, she said stop and held my dick in her hand. She kept it in her mouth and I came in her mouth. She drank all of it.

Now we laid on the after 2 hours of our make-out session. She enjoyed it fully and gave me a passionate tongue kiss.  Later we went to the bathroom to clean ourselves and we had one more quick fuck in the bathroom under the shower. We took a nice shower and got dressed.

We sat on the sofa talking about when will we have our next make out. I was not in a mood to leave. But it was about 1 am so I left her home after kissing her. This was my first experience to make out. Hope you enjoy reading this story.

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