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Akhilandeshwari submits to her lust to the young boy Ganesh

Akhilandeshwari submits to her lust to the young boy Ganesh

Her head was turned to the side, and she was moaning loudly. If it was not an air-conditioned bedroom of a modest house in upscale T Nagar, Chennai, it would have been heard by the neighbors. The young soul on her top was making his thrusts in and out of her womanhood.

39-year-old Akhi was uncontrollably in supreme lust. She was reciprocating by lifting her ass to match his rhythmic movements. Her ankles were on his ankles, and her silver anklets were poking the skin of his ankles. But the heat of the moment was much higher than the pain caused by the anklets.

Ganesh was in the prime of his youth. He was devouring this lovely dusky woman nearing 40 with so much passion that the God of lust would have felt proud of this young boy. In contrast to Akhi’s dark body, Ganesh, a Tamil Brahmin boy, was fair, slim, and strong.

He was not the Gym going type but quite handsome. He kept thrusting with his face hidden in the sweating neck of Akhi. She, on the other hand, had moved her head to the right. She wound herself around him holding his waist tightly and locking his legs with her.

Her bosoms were crushed under his weight, and she could feel it being pressed. Her 36” breasts were her weak points. She would easily get turned on the moment they were touched. Her lips were shivering in passion, and she had managed to give a slight bite on Ganesh’s cheek.

It had all started a couple of months ago on June 21st, International Yoga day. It was fate that brought an orthodox woman to become the lover of a young boy with raging hormones. They together set out on a journey of lust and love. The emotions like guilt, sin, and lust were engulfed into one as a package.

Akhilandeshwari Sundareshan or Akhi, as she was fondly called by her friends and family, was cursing herself for being late. She had to reach the yoga center in Nungambakam at 10 30 AM. But she was still a good 20 minutes away, and it was already 10 25 AM.

Her close friend Radhika had convinced her to join the Yoga session that day. The yoga center was being operated by a reputed Yoga teacher. It was a wonderful opportunity for housewives like Akhi and Radhika to start the yoga classes into their monotonous life.

Akhi was married, employed, and everything that the household required. Her husband was more than happy to comply with her, as it gave him all the freedom to run his business. He would go to his club on mount road to down a couple of pegs with friends and an occasional trip abroad with friends.

He would explore his sexual wants abroad that were monotonous at home. Akhi, on the other hand, never gave a thought to her physical wants. There were a few occasions in the month when Sundareshan would indulge in a quick act of sex with her, and that was it. You could call it a quickie rather than lovemaking.

Akhi was well off with all the luxuries that money could bring. She had two lovely children who were mostly on their own. But Akhi was a meticulous lady who liked to take control of her household. She decided everything – from what is to be cooked to everything else in the life of her family.

She was dusky, medium height, with ample bosom and bottom. She always wore saris. Occasionally when on a family holiday, she would wear jeans and a top but nothing other than that.

The drive from her house in Annanagar to Nungambakam was around 20 to 25 minutes in normal traffic. But that day, it looked like it would take an entire day to reach. When she finally parked her car, a brown I20, the speech from inside the center indicated the orientation had started.

She checked her mobile to find 6 missed calls from Radhika. Akhi cursed her maid for this mess. The maid had given a miss, and Akhi had some additional chores to complete. She managed to enter the place and was looking for a place to sit. She found a chair and occupied it.

She was sweating and managed to pull out a couple of tissues from her bag and wipe her forehead and face. The speaker was Mr. Rajendran, the organizer of the classes and the secretary of the NGO which had taken this initiative. She glanced to her right to find a young boy in his late 20s listening to the speech.

The speech was about Ayurveda and then shifted to yoga and its positive effects on the human body and soul. Akhi was keenly listening when she heard a voice asking her if she had a pen. Akhi looked and it was the young boy seated next to her asking for a pen.

Akhi dug a pen from her purse and gave it to him. The boy was making some notes, which made no sense to her. The orientation was done, and people who had not registered were asked to register at the desk. Akhi got up and was looking for the registration desk when the familiar voice showed her where it was.

She started to move, but she slipped a little. She was about to fall when the boy held on to her, and in the melee, the boy’s hands were holding her waist. She managed to stand up straight and said sorry to the boy whose response irritated her. He said, “It’s ok, it’s my pleasure.”

“What was so pleasurable to the boy?” thought Akhi. Without giving any response, she started moving towards the desk with the boy following her. They stood at the desk, waiting to register. Akhi chose 11 AM to 12 PM batch, and so did the boy.

Akhi was surprised. She was under the impression that it was a ladies-only batch. But the registration desk girl told her ladies only was full. Either she had to wait for a month or register now, which was open to both the genders. Akhi had no choice as she had made up her mind to join, and she reluctantly agreed.

When she bent to fill the form, the boy was so close behind her that her ass rubbed his hand, and she felt a shiver. She looked back to find the boy looking at the form. She didn’t know if it was an accident or was he doing it on purpose.

In all her 39 years of life and 17 years of married life, she had never interacted closely with any unknown male or a non-family member. It was the first time that she was touched by an unknown male and that too two times in 10 minutes. She filled the form and went in search of Radhika.

Radhika greeted her and asked why she was late, and after a chat of 10 minutes, they finally came out. When Akhi reached her car, she found the same boy near his bike a few meters away. She looked closely at him. He was quite tall, not very fair. He was leaning against his bike and looking at his mobile.

Akhi started her car. As she was passing, her eyes met the boy’s eyes, and she could see him smile at her. Akhi gave a reluctant smile and drove on. The following Monday, the classes started, and Akhi was on time. She was in her yoga pants and a t-shirt.

She had quite an attractive bottom. She was constantly pulling the hem of her t-shirt down to cover her bottom. She was not used to these types of dresses and felt a little embarrassed. She was hoping that the boy would have either changed his timings or decided to give the class a miss.

That was not to be. The boy was there in his yoga attire, holding his yoga mat, and looking enthusiastic. When he saw Akhi, he gave her a smile, and this time, Akhi too smiled without hesitation. The class started after a warm-up, and Akhi was very conscious of her dress.

The t-shirt made little effort to showcase her ample bosom. They looked full and round. She felt very uncomfortable after finishing each asana as the dress would be out of place. The session ended, and as she was walking out, she heard the familiar voice saying, “Excuse me, do you have water?”

Akhi looked back to find the young boy running up to her asking for water. Akhi was not sure if he really wanted water or was making an excuse to speak to her. She gave him the water. When he handed the bottle back, she could feel his fingers brush against hers.

Akhi did not know if she read too much into something very common. Because she was never used to interacting with males, she felt strange. On Wednesday, when the class resumed, Akhi’s eyes searched for the boy. She didn’t understand why she was eager to meet the boy again.

She was at the front and could not locate him. She concentrated on the class. When she was leaving after the class, she found the boy at the back talking to a girl. She wondered who it was. The next moment she felt why she was even thinking about it.

As she was crossing the young couple, her eyes met the boy’s eyes. She was greeted with a familiar smile. The boy said ‘Hi’ and so did the girl. The girl introduced herself, and this gave Ganesh the young boy to introduce himself too. Akhi greeted back and told her name, and after exchanging a few words, they parted.

As Akhi was starting her car, the boy passed by, and he again smiled. His bike was parked next to her car. As he sat on the car and started it, he made a comment which made Akhi shiver. He simply looked at her and said, “You look hot in the Yoga dress, especially when you pull your t-shirt to cover your seat.”

Without waiting for an answer, he started the bike and vanished. Akhi was left red-faced and didn’t know what to do. She started the car and started her journey. She was smiling as she was driving. This was the first time she had heard such a comment and that too from a boy who was almost 15 years her junior.

In the next class, Akhi dreaded the thought of seeing Ganesh in the class. But she had no choice. To make matters worse, Ganesh was just behind her. When the class started, Akhi was very conscious about what he could see from behind. But she put the thought aside and concentrated on the practice.

There was an asana, which involved a lot of bending, and it was a treat for Ganesh’s eyes. When Akhi bent, he could clearly see her protruding ass. He could clearly see the outline of her panty, and it made his member stand up.

Akhi did not realize that her panty line was clearly visible. But when she stood up, her hand involuntarily went to pull the hem of her t-shirt down. The next asana was one that involved sleeping on the mat and then lifting the legs up. This time Ganesh did not miss the chance of peeking into her t-shirt.

Whenever a gap was created in her neck region, he got an ample view of her cleavage. The bulge in his pant was evident. But his t-shirt being quiet long helped him hide his boner. After class, when walking out, he was behind Akhi.

Both of them reached their respective vehicles at the same time. His bike was again next to her car. That is when Akhi realized that he was purposely parking his bike next to her car. He asked her for water again that day. Handing over the bottle, Akhi asked him why he doesn’t drink water from the aqua guard inside.

Ganesh, with a smile on his face, replied, “ I like to drink from your jug,” and then he bit his tongue and said, “from your bottle.” Akhi was not a novice to not understand what he was referring to. To make matters worse, she had sweated a lot, which had created a patch of wetness on her t-shirt.

Her breasts were poking against the t-shirt. Ganesh had a wonderful treat, and Akhi realized that his eyes were undressing her. While starting the bike, Ganesh made another remark. Akhi did not understand initially, but when he had left, she realized what he meant.

With a smile on his face, he had casually commented, “ I love the V and the U shape.” He was obviously referring to the panty outline that was visible from the back. Akhi realized what he was referring to. She was both embarrassed and excited. At 39, she was happy she was finding male attention.

The following week, there was a group that had been formed, of which Akhi and Ganesh were also a part. One day, after the practice, they decided to visit the nearby restaurant for coffee. Ganesh and Akhi ended up sitting next to each other. Ganesh did not miss an opportunity to ogle at her.

After they came out, Akhi said she had to book a cab as she did not get her car. Ganesh sensed an opportunity here and offered to drop her home on his bike. Akhi initially refused but gradually agreed. They set out towards her home in Annanagar on his Pulsar.

Ganesh was a good rider. On the way, he played the normal game a boy would play with a woman as pillion. He constantly applied brakes and swirled the bike, and each time he did this, Akhi’s bosom would press his back. Akhi also enjoyed this as this was something new for her.

That night at around 9 PM, Akhi received a message on her WhatsApp, “Hi, lovely lady.” Akhi knew it was Ganesh and confirmed it by seeing the DP. She replied, “Why did you message at this time?” To which she received a smiley and a rose in response.

In the next class, Akhi confronted Ganesh. But the moment she saw his smile, she didn’t feel like scolding him. She had started liking him unknowingly. That day he offered her to drop her home. But she showed her car keys and gestured him to get lost jokingly. Ganesh made a sad face and left.

That night, Sundareshan had to leave for Madurai. So, after he left, Akhi hesitantly sent a message to Ganesh. The response was so quick that it made her laugh. She asked him if he was awake and the reply was, “Yes, waiting for you, honey.” Akhi’s face turned red.

It was the first time in her life she was having a romantic chat with a member of the opposite sex. She had never got a chance in college, nor had she ever had such an opportunity with her husband. She felt she was doing something wrong. But the excitement of getting into a rendezvous like this was too tempting.

They chatted for some time, and after saying good night, Ganesh said, “Miss you, love.” These verbal encounters with a boy much younger to her were making her restless.

In the next class, Ganesh was, as usual, placed next to her. He did not miss an opportunity to ogle at her. Later, when Akhi asked him why he was ogling, he simply said, “ I am blown away with your beauty.” Akhi was embarrassed, and she started moving towards her car.

Ganesh followed her and stopped her from getting into the car. Akhi, in an angry tone, said, “What are you doing? People are watching us.” Ganesh then became a little sober and said, “ Don’t go so soon. Please stay for some more time.” Akhi could not help but stay. She asked him what the plan was?

Ganesh asked if they could go for a drive. Akhi was aghast at the thought of driving around in the city with a young boy next to her. But somehow felt it would be thrilling and agreed. They started driving, and Ganesh asked if she could drive till Sriperambudur.

Akhi did not agree, but she said they could drive till Koyambeedu. Ganesh was not in a mood to listen. Akhi had to yield, and they started their drive. Once they were on the highway, Akhi felt hungry, and so did he. They stopped at a roadside eatery and sat down to eat idly.

After that, Akhi convinced him that they could not go till Sriperambudur. But promised him she would take him on a drive some other day. They went a little further on the highway, and Ganesh asked her to stop. The tinted glass gave them a good shield.

When she stopped, Ganesh asked a question to which Akhi did not have an answer. He asked her, “Why are you so beautiful?” Akhi hit his arm and replied, “Don’t lie. I am not beautiful.” Ganesh kept his hand on his throat and said, “Promise.”

Akhi burst out laughing. She asked, “What do you like?” Promptly came the reply, “I like your smile, I like your hair and …” Akhi edged him to say. Then, putting his head down, he said, “ I like your chest. They are so big but soft.” Akhi had a faint smile on her face.

She had realized long back that the young boy in the heat of adolescence lusted after her. She did not reply but started to shift the gear to move. But Ganesh held her hand and said, “Some more time, please.” Akhi agreed, and they sat down. There was absolute silence for some time.

Then Ganesh did the unthinkable. He leaned forward and, holding her face, he kissed her on her cheek. Then he started moving his hand behind her back. The t-shirt was a little wet. When he started moving it downwards, he could feel the straps of her bra.

He held his hand there for some time and then moved it further down to her bottom. Akhi was a proud owner of huge buttocks, and Ganesh enjoyed its softness. He took it down enough to feel the outline of her panty and gave a gentle squeeze to it.  Akhi tried pushing him away, but the young boy was quite strong.

He then removed the strands of hair that had dropped down on her cheeks. He again kissed her. But this time on the cheeks. While doing so, he cupped her breasts gently and squeezed them a little. He could feel the thick erect nipples through the t-shirt, and he gently pinched it.

It was two days after that incident that they met again. Akhi had not been responding to his WhatsApp messages much, nor did she ignore them. She had kept it limited to one sentence replies. Ganesh was very sad. When they met near her car after the practice, he said sorry.

But Akhi looked dull. She looked at him and said, “Why are you doing this? This is wrong.” Akhi did not get an answer. When she again asked him, he lifted his head up, and Akhi could see drops of tears. Akhi did not want to talk further. She started the car and left.

When they met again after 2 days, Akhi was feeling better. Though she was having bouts of guilt, she still wanted to experience this new feeling. After the practice, standing near the car, they were chatting when Ganesh asked her if she would come to his house.

Akhi looked questioningly at him and asked why. Ganesh replied that his parents had gone to his sister’s house in Bangalore. He was alone and wanted to take her to his house. Akhi was afraid to proceed but made up her mind to go. When they reached his house in their respective vehicles, it was noon.

When Ganesh opened the lock, Akhi was in two minds. She finally gave in and entered the house. She looked around the house, which was a typical middle-class house well furnished and with photos of Gods and Goddesses and the elders hanging on the wall. Ganesh offered her water, and then they sat down.

Both of them did not know what lay in store but knew something would happen. Without warning, Ganesh held her hand and kissed it once. Then he leaned towards her and started kissing her. Akhi did not know what took her over. She started responding.

When they finally stopped, both were sweating profusely, and their lips were shivering with passion. Ganesh held her hand and took her inside his parents’ room, which had an air conditioner. After entering the room, Ganesh switched on the AC and made her sit comfortably on the bed.

He sat next to her and holding her hand, he leaned forward and placed his head on her chest and closed his eyes. Akhi put her hand on his head and started moving her fingers through the hair. Her breathing had increased, and she felt her heart would stop.

Ganesh, on the other hand, had a huge boner. His yoga pant looked feeble to hold the onslaught his erect manhood was creating on the cloth. He stood up and kissed Akhi on her forehead. Taking her hand, he placed it on his manhood. Akhi started gently fiddling with it, and once she held it tightly in her fist.

Ganesh, by now, was uncontrollably high on lust. He put his hand on her boobs and started mauling them with both hands. Akhi had closed her eyes in passion. She was only uttering him to stop in Tamil, which had no effect on him. She kept his hand on her neck.

He then moved it inside the t-shirt to feel the breast hidden under the bra. He slid his finger through the cleavage, which was wet due to sweat. Then inserted his hand completely inside the bra and started massaging her breast.

Akhi could not hold back her lust. She put her head on his chest, holding his back at the same time with both her hands. Ganesh pushed her down on the bed. Holding the hem of her t-shirt, he started pulling it up. When he reached the bosom area, he could see her full breasts hidden inside a black bra.

He pulled the t-shirt over her head, which was made easy when Akhi lifted both her hands, facilitating him in his act. Now Akhi was sleeping like a beauty queen in a black bra and her grey yoga pant. Ganesh removed his t-shirt and track pants. All that he was left with was his white jockey.

He held the waist of her pant and started pulling down. As he was indulging in this act, Akhi closed her eyes. She was holding his hand, not tightly but just enough to put a slight pressure. As if she was trying to fight the guilt of being disrobed in front of somebody who was not her husband.

Once the pant was out of her body, all that was left was a black designer bra and a red panty. The black and red pieces of cloth on her dark body intoxicated Ganesh. Compared to his fair body, hers was a stark contrast. Her hair, which was tied with a rubber band, was now free, and strands of hair were all over her face.

Ganesh gently moved the hair aside and slept beside her kissing her cheek first and then her lips. He put his hand behind and unclasped the bra. When he removed it, he was mesmerized with the fullness of her bosom. The nipple was erect and surrounded by dark areola.

It looked like the way to heaven was just a few inches away. Ganesh had always fantasized about sucking boobs. He did it with the utmost sensitivity and care, moving from right to left and taking care of the complete breasts with his mouth and teeth slightly biting the nipples in between.

Akhi had not experienced the joy of lovemaking for some time and had thrown all guilt and shame out. Ganesh then slid his jockey down and started rubbing his hand on her pubic mound. The wetness was evident on the red panty with a big patch of pre-cum oozed liberally from her clean-shaven love mound.

Ganesh pulled the panty completely down. On its way out, the material got stuck in the anklets. Ganesh took time to separate it from its clutches and pulled it out and put it next to her bra on the floor. He always had visualized licking that area but had never done it in reality.

Now he had the chance to explore all his fantasies. He started licking the area, but the pungent smell made him withdraw immediately. Akhi looked at him and smiled. She opened her arms, inviting him into an embrace. Ganesh slept on her in an embrace.

Akhi held his member in her right hand and placed it at the entrance of her wet love hole. She asked him to push, and Ganesh, like an obedient student, pushed it in. When it went inside, he felt his foreskin go back, and he thought it would tear. Akhi asked him not to worry, and that was how it happened.

She then asked him to start pushing as she held his member in her hand. She knew he was a novice and was his first expedition in the world of lust. He kept pushing and pulling and felt he was walking in heaven. Akhi had now sensed that he was getting the rhythm.

She had left his member and had held his waist. When she too started feeling the pleasure of the meat doing wonders inside her womb, she lifted both her legs and wound it across his legs. She edged him to push hard. Ganesh, being his maiden entry into the place of ultimate pleasure, was indeed doing a great job.

He had always heard that the longer a male held on, the greater was the pleasure he gave his partner. He wanted to prove a point. He started to move in fast. The pain that the anklets caused was nothing compared to the pleasure he was deriving and giving.

He pushed fast and then held on to Akhi’s shoulder. He unloaded what looked like tons of baby-making fluid into her womb. They hugged each other and slept. The only other noise in the room was the sound of the AC.

Ganesh then slowly got up and slept beside her hugging her and moving his hands on her mounds. Akhi got up and tied her hair in a bun. She then bent down to pick up her clothes. She wore a bra and the t-shirt and sat cross-legged on the bed. Ganesh slept on her lap.

Her eyes were moist, and she felt sad. But at the same time, she felt satisfied. Ganesh, on the other hand, had a mixed emotion. He was happy that he had lost his virginity. At the same time, he felt he had done something wrong. However, there was no scope for postmortem now.

The love and the lust remained for a long time until they decided to part with lust and keep only the love intact.


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