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Deflowering my beautiful Indian girlfriend with glasses – Sex story

Deflowering my beautiful Indian girlfriend with glasses – Sex story

Hi, my name is Tanmay and I am pursuing my engineering degree as of this moment. The story that I am going to tell you is of my then-girlfriend. This happened about 2 years ago.

Forgive me for any errors as this is my first story that I am posting here.

I am an average built guy with a height of 5’9 with a 5.7-inch dick and she is a beauty with an hourglass figure with boobs size 34C. I have a fetish for people with glasses and she had one. She also has wavy long hair which is very much useful in blowjobs and doggy style.

A little backstory. I was dating this girl just after my PU. We both joined our respective colleges and used to meet up regularly for lunch. I use to drop her at home after college or we would just go out for beach rides.

I am an engineering student and she studies in the medical background. So we had opposite timetables in that semester and hence we couldn’t meet that often. But when our parents were not home, we used to fully utilize the opportunity.

My girlfriend had gotten pretty good at giving me a handjob but used to use vaseline sometimes as her saliva wouldn’t enough to lube my dick. She wasn’t a master at blowjob but gets the job done.

I used to practice holding back for a long time and my GF used to get tired by the time she makes me cum. So it would end off with a handjob.

So once, my girlfriend finished me off with a handjob and I started licking her pussy. This made her go crazy with the skills I acquired from eating her out for a long time and she came twice in 25 minutes! It made her really very horny.

Then I put my finger inside her and gradually increased the number of fingers and speed of the thrusting. In a few more minutes, my girlfriend came again. She was from a conservative background and didn’t want to have sex until we dated for at least 3 years. And that was the condition I was okay with.

We had a huge friend circle and the boys were pretty open about their sex lives. So, a day before our interaction, her friend told her about her experience of losing her virginity to her boyfriend a week back.

That girl explained everything in detail of how good it was after her hymen broke and this enticed my lover to try it. But she didn’t tell me about it until I went to the washroom to clean up.

As I went in, my girlfriend came up to me and spanked and said, “Do you have condoms?” I said yes and she asked me if I anticipated this to happen. I said, “No but I wished it would happen sooner or later.”

Then I placed my hand on my girlfriend’s butt and started kissing her. We were walking back to the bed. I lay my horny girlfriend on the bed and start eating her out. She had become very aroused and we positioned ourselves into 69 position.

I kept eating her and fingering her at the same time. She was blowing me really well. When she was about to cum, she bit my dick. It was a moment of pain as well as ecstasy for me!

We both looked at each other again and just furiously started making it. I was playing with my girlfriend’s boobs and her round juicy ass. She said, “Let’s do it..”

I quickly went to the bag and grabbed my condoms. She snatched the condoms out from my hand and said that she would put it on me.

Then she put it on my dick and I put her back on the bed. She told me to be gentle and as it was our first time. I placed my virgin girlfriend in the missionary position and I inserted my dick slowly. Immediately, she yelled out loud and dug her nails into my back! Tears coming out of her eyes.

I just waited until she caught her breath back and told me to try to move and so I did. Slowly, there was a rhythmic movement of my body and her hips. I could see a bit of blood on my condoms. My girlfriend told me to slowly go further inside and I did.

I kissed her while slowly going in and out of her and she bit my lips until they bled. After a few more strokes, my gf was comfortable with me and started moaning louder and louder. I was playing with her boobs and kissing her lips whenever I got the chance to do so.

The sheer excitement and lust at that moment were exhilarating. That feeling was something I won’t forget until I die!

We were doing it in missionary position. Then I stopped, turned, and put her into doggy position. I kept spanking her the whole time as her ass was just amazing.

After around 20 minutes, I came inside her and fell by her side. She gasped for air and said, “Wow!”

We kissed once more and started kissing each other again. She gave me a hickey and then fell back to her side.

We were both exhausted and completely tired and just slept off. After that, we had one more round in the living room while watching Master Chef Australia. We finished off the day with shower sex as I had to leave before her parents came back home.

We continued to make love every now and then, in public and private places, and it was a lot of fun. We also made love in Kaup beach at around 3 am in the morning and no one was around. It is an experience worth trying. We broke up this year due to mutual agreement and are still in touch.

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