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Erotic holiday with married cousin sister – Desi Tales

Erotic holiday with married cousin sister – Desi Tales

Everyone here says that their story is real. Whether that is true or not, I am not sure, but I assure you all that mine definitely is. I am Amit (fictional name) and I have been reading stories on ISS since the 6-7 years.

This is my first story. I am 6 ft tall, fair skinned, curly haired guy having weight of 75 kg with nice physique. I lived in Delhi with my family at that time and had just graduated from engineering college. I got placed in a software company and had 2 months of free time before joining.

It was the time of examinations in India so my jiju and his daughter, Neha visited us for admission in Delhi. My bhanji Neha stayed back but jiju left for hometown in Bihar.

After admission, I was to escort Neha to her home because classes won’t start for another 2 months or so. Fast forward to the time we reached back. Next day I was woken up by didi.

Didi: Utth ja kumbh karan. Kitna soyega? Lagta hai kal raat jiju ke sath jyada pi li. I opened my eyes and she was bending over me holding a cup of tea as her boobs were peeping out of the sexy night gown she was wearing, tightly tied to her waist revealing her sexy figure.

Me: Haan kal raat jiju ne jada pila di. (as I held the cup of tea).
Didi: Chalo jaldi se fresh ho jao tumhare sath trip ki planning karni hai we are going on a trip,
jab tak mai bhi safai kar lu.

I was having morning boner and feeling horny so couldn’t help but notice her as she turned and went to do her chores. She looked like a sex goddess. Her stats: fair, 5 ft 6 inches height, hips were like Ileana Dcruz and boobs size 34, firm and rounded. I thought even after having 2 kids she has maintained her figure so well at the age of 37.

Now fast forward to the story:

All the preparations are done and we left for the Darjeeling trip in Chevrolet with the driver, didi, jiju, bhanja and bhanji. Jiju was sitting in front seat and chatting with driver.

I, didi, bhanja and bhanji were in backseat. She was sitting just next to me and their kids were sitting together. We left in the evening. The backseat was congested so didi was squeezed towards me.

Everyone was enjoying but I am not that talkative type of person so I spoke occasionally. After sunset everyone slept in the car except me, didi and driver.

Suddenly, didi kept her hand on my crotch. I thought it was by mistake so I removed her hand and looked at her but she seemed innocent. After 5 minutes she did that again and this time it didn’t seem to be a mistake to me.

I said sorry and removed her hand. In my mind, I did not know what she wants and why is she doing this and if jiju sees this then it would be shameful. But again she placed her hand on my dick and this time I got an erection. I thought what the heck, let her do what she wants.

This time I did not remove her hand and slowly after a few minutes she started holding my dick, pressing it over my pants, squeezing and playing with it. I whispered in her ear:

Me: Aaahh.. kya karr rahi ho ? Jiju dekh lenge, toh scene ho jayega. She said nothing and kept massaging for a few minute and I was enjoying it too.
Didi: Sab so gaye, chinta mat karo.

It was a green signal for me so I too kept my hand on her thigh but she was wearing a saree so I couldn’t do much and after few minutes she took my hand and placed it on her bare stomach under her pallu.

I was feeling her stomach and occasionally she pressed her boobs on me. I was not able to sleep that night and the whole night went by like this only.

In the morning, I was not able to see her eye to eye, so she jokingly broke the ice between us and pretended as if nothing had happened. We reached our  estination and booked 2 rooms – 1 for me, jiju and the driver and other for kids and didi.

My jiju was a habitual drinker so he brought a bottle of Blenders Pride whiskey in the morning. This time I only drank 2-3 peg or so but jiju went all out and at least he had 10 pegs. We were exploring the beauty of nature.

Jiju: Chalo tum log ghumo, mai jaa raha hu hotel … kuch khaa ke sounga, kal raat gadi me theek se so nahi paya. Uutthne ke baad plan karenge aage kya karna hai.

After an hour:

Didi: Mere pair bhot dard kar rahe hai. Amit mujhe hotel tak chorr de, mai bhi aaram karungi.
Driver and kids: C’mon thoda aur ghumte hai.

Didi: Tum log ghumo jada dur mat jana.
Driver: Haan thek hai, hum bhi aa jayenge 1-2 hours main.

I and didi were on our way back to the hotel and now we had a chance, but the problem is we have very less time and did not know how to start the thing.

When we reached the hotel room:

Me: Chalo mai bhi room me ja ke so jata hu.
Didi: (holding my hand) Aare kaha ja rahe ho? Jiju to kha pi ke so gaye honge. Aaaja mere sath baith ke khana kha aur baatein krenge.

Me: Chalo theek hai, sabke aane tak ruk jata hu.
Didi: Room service se order karo. Itne mein mai change kar ke aati hu.

After 10 minutes she was back and I was on call with my friend at that time. I looked at her, she was in pink leggings and white V-neck T-shirt with open hair. She sat on the bed beside me and jokingly as well as intentionally kept her ear on my phone to hear the conversation and got close to me. I could smell her perfume and view her cleavage.

After taking to my friend:
Didi: Kya order kiya?
Me: Biryani and raiyta.
Didi: Maine bacche log ko bol diya hai ki bahar se hi khaa ke aana.

***A knock on the door*** The biryani had arrived. We had our lunch while chatting. After lunch, 1 hour had passed.

Didi: Mere pair bohot dard kar rahe hai, daba do?
Me: Sure.

She lay down on the bed facing up and her t-shirt stretched up to the top of her navel. I started massaging her feet as she closed her eyes.

Didi: Vaha nahi upar dard ho raha hai, then after a few minutes she said, “Aur upar,” until I reached her thighs.

Me: Kaisa lag raha hai?
Didi: Bhot accha thoda aur upar, until I reached her crotch.

There was a silence in the air now. I could see her camel toe (pussy gap) from over the legging and her navel which made me hard. I could feel that under the legging she did not wear panty. As I continued she got wet and I could feel her sticky pre-cum on the top of her leggings.

Didi: Ab therk hai ab piche se bhi.

She turned facing the bed now and her ass was upwards. Again the same thing happened. I started from her calves and she said, “Aur upar,” until I reached her ass.

Didi: Yes vahi pe dabao.

I grabbed her ass with both hands and kept pressing and massaging as I slid one of my hands inside her legging from above slightly. She said nothing, and yes she was not wearing a panty. She stopped talking so I thought she was asleep.

I lowered her leggings up to her ass and it was stuck between her belly and bed so while I was trying she lifted her ass up so that her leggings could come down to her thighs.

Now her huge ass was visible and I grabbed it with bare hand and parted it to see a little bush of small hairs and her vagina from the top. As I parted her ass to see her pussy:

Didi: Vaha pe bhi.

I started rubbing her vagina and inserted my thumb into it and found she was very wet down there. Now she was moaning while I was finger fucking her for some time. Then she lifted her ass up in pleasure.

Didi: Bass aise hi …aaahhhh…. ummhhhh… aannhhhhh vahi pe ssss…aanhhh.
Me: Dheere koi sunn lega.
Didi: Aaannhhhh aannhhhhhh ohhhhh ummmmmm ssssssss…

After she had an orgasm, she said, “Ja ke hath dho lo. I went to wash my hands and returned. She was no longer nude.

Didi: Come sleep with me for a while.

I was hesitant because of my hardon, but didn’t need much convincing before I jumped in the bed with her.

She: Come closer.

I lay with my hand on her chest and she was hugging me…our breaths were heavy and I was caressing her back. Kabhi peeth pe, kabhi kamar pe, to kabhi leggings ke andr hath daal aur gannd pe sehla raha tha, and she was moaning softly.

Me: Didi itna accha figure maintain kiya hua hai apne wah wah.

She smiled and blushed and kissed my forehead.

She: Sablog aate hi hoge, tumhe jana chaiye.

I kissed on her neck and collar bone and said, “Abhi thoda time hai don’t worry.”

She said,”loosen your pant.”

Me: Can you please show me your boobs?

She: Khud hi utar do meri shirt…ab chupane ke liye bacha hi kya hai? sab to tune dekh liya.

I loosened my pant and removed her t-shirt. I could see her boobs with bra covering it. It was the size of musk melons.

She slid her hands into my pant and held my rod and started stroking it. I unhooked her bra and her boobs were free from imprisonment as she stroked my dick, I sucked her boobs like a mad man and she too was moaning in pleasure.

I then slid my hand inside her legging and started rubbing her clit and fingering her as I came quickly, but before leaving, I sucked her boobs. They had a dark pinkish color and then I smooched her passionately.

After that day, we didn’t get any alone time together and the trip came to an end. We returned to Bihar and not much happened after that. We were behaving like normal innocent people.

I stayed with them looking for a chance to fuck didi, as we both were desperate to fuck but did not get any chance at home. She said, “Please stay for a few more days and I will work out something.”

For 2-3 days whenever we got the chance if had 2-3 hours together, we did foreplay. She used to give me a blowjob and let me suck her boobs. I also licked her pussy until she came. Once we bathed together when jiju was not at home and my bhanji was out playing with friends. It was a good chance.

Me: Lagta hai koi nahi hai gharme, holding her from behind with one hand on her stomach andother grabbing her boobs and kissing her neck from behind.

She smiled and moaned, “Sssss….ummmm …aanhhh plzz mat karo, mai rok nhi paungi khudko.”

Me: Kisne bola hai rokne ko?
Didi: Chorro jane do mujhe nahana hai.

Me: I have a better idea…chalo sath me nahate hai.
Didi: Pagal koi bhi aa sakta hai, din ka time hai.

Me: Please.
Didi: Theek hai lekin jaldi karna. Mai main gate lock kar ke aati hu.

We both went in the bathroom together and removed the clothes of each other while smooching and for the first time I saw her completely nude. I turned on the shower and we were kissingunder it. I sucked her boobs and grabbed her ass. She held my dick and kept stroking and moaning. That was truly heaven my dear friends.

I tried to fuck her but she said, “Abhi nahi bathroom me awaz gujegi aur gharme kabhi bhi koi bhi aa sakta hai. Plz ye baat maan jao meri,” I hugged her and said, “Ok.”

The next day:

Jiju: Tumhari sister keh rahi thi ki usse apne parents se milne jana hai bhot dinn ho gye… mai to
free nahi hu, tum le jaoge?

Me: Of course kyu nahi?
Jiju : Dekh lo akhi pareshan na ho jao vaha vo 1 week rukne wali hai.

Me: Koi nahi mai bhi ghum lunga thoda.
Jiju: Meri byke le jana aur jaldi nikal jana ….qki pahonchte pahonchte sham ho jayegi.
Me: Okay got it.

Now I was excited so much because didi has played her move and we are going to be alone forthe next 1 week. Didi’s family has her mother living alone. Her father passed away and their sonswere living in the city due to their jobs. There is a very old only maid who visited her daily.

We packed our bags and started the journey. On the way we brought 5 ipills coz she likes it raw without condom. We reached there by the evening 6-7 pm and had our dinner at 8. It was time for us to sleep because in the village people sleep early.

Mausi said, “Aaj so jao, kal baat krenge qki tum thak gye hoge.” We both agreed and I said that I will sleep on the terrace as it is very hot and didi said, “Me too, I cant tolerate this much hot weather.”

Mausi: Macchardani le jana nahi to macchar katenge. Mai to niche hi soungi. We went up and set up the sleeping mattress and mosquito net, as we slept beside each other and started chatting:

Me: Chalo finally itne papad belne ke baad hum akele hai.

Didi: Haan mere shona.
Me: Apko jiju pasand nahi hai kya?

Didi: Aisi baat nahi hai, but unke roz sharab peene se mujhe gussa aa jata tha and kuch dino baad sex me unka interest khatam ho gya.
Me: Chalo chorro ye sari baat karyakram shuru krein?

Didi: Bhai adhe ghnte to wait karo, Maa soyi nahi hai abtak.
Me: Theek hai.

It was a dark night and on top of terrace inside the mosquito net nothing was visible to the outsiders. Dheere, dheere maine didi ke boobs dabana shuru kar diya. Usne nighty pehna hua tha aur mujhe jor se hug karne lagi thi. Aur mast hoke kiss karne lagi thi.

Ek dusre ke muh me tongue daal ke puri masti se garam ho rhi thi. Maine kiss karte karte uske upar aa gaya aur nightie ke andr hath daal ke dabana shuru kar diya. Wo siskiya bharne lagi thi aur mujhe Nochne lagi thi idhar udhar kaat rahi thi. Maine dusre hath se uski panty utar di, fir uske baal khol diye, aur nighty utar di.

Uske boobs pe paseena aa raha tha aur neck pe bhi. Usne bhi meri banyan aur pajama utar diya aur mera lund hath me leke khelne lagi.

Didi: Aaj mujhe itna pyar karo ki mai tumhe kabhi bhula na saku, she whispered in my ear. We were sitting on the mattress naked as I held her in my arms.

We were kissing and I was pressing and sucking her boobs. I lifted her with my hand on her ass and made her sit on my lap. Now I laid her back and parted her legs and started licking her vagina.

The juices were oozing out and simultaneously I was fingering her. Her voice was raised and she was giving me pure pleasure.

Didi: Mujhe apna bana le mere bhai, pressing my head in her vagina after she climaxed. We came in 69 position and she gave me a blowjob until I ejaculated in 5-6 minutes.

After that I was rubbing her clit and she was stroking my semi erect penis to make it erect while giving me kisses. In 2 minutes my penis was erect again. I came above her and put my penis in her vagina and started pounding her. She was unbelievably tight and I was fucking her with full force as she lifted her ass with every stroke to support me.

She was moaning, “Aaannhhhh…. Aannnhhhhh… ohhhhh…. Sssssssssss…. Mmmmmmm…mmmmhmmmmm… aaannhhhhh, aur tez aur andar. She came twice before I ejaculated inside her.

Even after I ejaculated, she didn’t let me go and held my dick inside her, as she was hugging me tightly and breathing heavily.

After a few minutes, my penis became erect again in her vagina and I started moving. This time, she was very sensitive and I made her in doggy position to fuck from behind  and inserted my dick fully in and bent over her to hold her boobs with my both hands.

Meanwhile, I was fucking her from behind with full force and she was now pleading in pain and pleasure. This time I fucked her for like 40 minutes, first in doggy then she was above me riding my dick. Eventually, she was exhausted from continuous jumping and pumping.

Didi: (breathing heavily) Mai thak gayi pur please ruko mat, decreasing my riding speed slowly.

Me: Lean over me in the same position (niche jhuk). Then I started fucking her from below to up very fast and she was in riding position, but I was moving so fast that she collapsed on me.

As I held her ass tightly and had her boobs in my mouth, she kissed me and let me suck her boobs one by one and was continuously thrusting my dick inside her from below. She orgasmed 3-4 times in the second fuck and I finally ejaculated inside her after 40 minutes.

Then we both were exhausted. We hugged each other and slept. She woke up at 3 am next morning and said, “Let’s clean the mess.” While picking her clothes, I grabbed her and without wasting any time inserted my morning boner in her vagina.

She was still sore from our previous night’s fuck and started moaning loudly as I kissed her and gave her a good 20 minute fuck as both of us ejaculated. We then rested for 15 minutes, dressed up and cleaned the mess. I was so horny that I fucked her 3 times that day at least and in night we used to stay up till 2 am fucking and enjoying each other.

This continued for 6 days and every day I ejaculated in her pussy. We went to visit our agricultural land where I fucked her in between the crops. We went to the river side and I fucked her while bathing and on the shore. Unn 7 days maine didi ko panty pehenne nahi diya tha, taki salwar niche karu aur turant chod du.

Sham me nahane ke baad bra pehenne se bhi mana kar diya tha. Roz subah morning fuck karta baal khhech ke boobs daba ke gand pe chante maar ke 7 din me usse bhula diya tha ki uska ek pati bhi hai.

Raat bhar chodta aur subah vo 4 baje nahane jati to sperm dhoti chut me ungli daal daal ke raat aur  subah ka sperm nikali. Aur nashta kar ke i-pill khati. Aaj bhi vo ratein jab yaad aati hai to khada ho jata hai. Hum dono ek dusre se bhot khush the.

Usse roz lund chaiye hota tha kabhi mana nahi kiya chudne se. 2 saal ho gaye hai kuch dino me next visit karunga.

Story kuch jada hi lambi ho gayi. Mujhe batayein kaisi lagi story.

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