Erotic lesbian experience with my college girl friend – Desi Tales

Erotic lesbian experience with my college girl friend – Desi Tales

I was a very innocent and faithful Indian girl during my academic years and desi sex stories  was living in a small town. I have good tolerance power to adjust and meet any situation. I am smart and brilliant and very good in studies and topper in my class.

After my schooling my life changed a lot. Being topper I got admissions in very good college in Chandigarh. Luckily, I got a very nice and friendly, open minded free girl who changed my life totally. But on the other hand, she was a flirt too. In no time, we mixed up and came closer by heart and body.

We had no secret in between. We became frank and free. She belonged to a rich and reputed high class family and had an elder brother. She was in love and had a boyfriend. She lost virginity with him.

We helped each other by heart. I helped her in studies and she helped me to come up and shed all my inhibitions to arouse my passions, desires and activities. I became modern and horny in her society.

Initially, we started removing our clothes in front of each other and taking bath together. She was very beautiful with proportionate figure. Thereafter we started touching, hugging passionately and kissing each other.

I liked her actions very much. She aroused my passions. Finally we became lesbian partners in the bed. We started sleeping nude in the same bed.

She explored my private parts deeply. She made me lie down on the edge of the bed and made me raise my legs, spreading them side wise to make my cunt wide open. She was surprised to see my large and flashy labia and sensitive clitoris protruding out of my cunt.

She fingered deep inside my cunt and rubbed my clitoris which became tight and erect the very first time. I had an exciting feeling.

Then she pushed my legs further back to access my wide open cunt and shoved her head to lick and suck my wet and leaking cunt. I was supporting her all the way to derive maximum pleasure. I couldn’t control myself and finally shuddered heavily and repeatedly! My cunt was pulsating with heavenly pleasure.

Another day, we enjoyed “69” position. I was on the top with my wet cunt on her mouth. It was a wonderful and exciting experience, being on top.

She made me to leak and squirt first and then made my ass to rise higher and higher, bulging out to burst. Slowly, I reached the peak and bursted with strong shudders with pulsating spasms. I felt the waves of pleasure running through the nerves in my body. I was drained all the way with total satisfaction.

I remained in the same position for some time and then lied down beside her, hugging each other. I never knew that I was so horny and demanding in the bed.

My friend was very much impressed by my behaviour and introduced me to her mother and brother. Things were going in the right direction, I was feeling like a member of her family.

In the first meeting with her brother, we clicked and were feeling free with each other. The spark of love ignited on both sides and soon we were in love by heart.

Soon, my lesbian friend proposed me for her only brother, who was in love with me. I couldn’t refuse and accepted happily with a sweet smile. I was very happy to marry such a handsome and macho man.

After my graduation, we were happily married. He took me to Switzerland for honeymoon where we spend two golden weeks in each other’s pleasant company.

We both were not in hurry for the first intercourse. First we prepared ourselves and on the third night, he pierced my hymen in such a way that I had very little pain with lots of bleeding.

Actually, we started our evening with drinks and a blue film of a honeymoon couple to feel aroused. It did the trick and we had a wonderful honeymoon.

Thereafter we enjoyed sex 3-4 times every night to fulfill our desires. We both were very happy and our married life was fantastic.

I was ready to to do anything to please him and submitted to him. My husband was also very loving and caring and besides that, he was sexy and passionate too. He too was open-minded like his sister and believed in free sex.

After about one year of our marriage, he got transferred to Mumbai. We were allotted a fully furnished apartment in the posh locality of Andheri West. It was a nice place to enjoy posh life with modern facilities and amenities.

Very soon we adjusted ourselves according to the posh lifestyle of Mumbai. All sort of recreation and entertainment were available in that posh area. My hubby asked me to feel free and adopt the modern life style.

He made me to go to beauty parlour and gym to look sexy and maintain my figure and attraction in this glamorous city. Accordingly, I started wearing low cut short dresses to exhibit nudity and look sexy and attractive.

We joined a night club to have nice time on weekend. Here I learned and practised European dancing. I was a very good Bhangra dancer. We tried to build friendships but no one was in our standard. The ladies were fat and and bulky.

So we changed the club which was much better and built friendship with two young couples. But they were not broad-minded and free. My hubby was not happy with their company.

After a few days, when we were drunk, my husband proposed for a change. I knew what he wanted. He asked me, “Don’t you feel bored with the same routine? Mono-type sexual activities?”

I smiled and asked him to express his desires and I will try to cooperate. Then he explained that he wanted a change to add some spice in our sexual life by changing the partner in the bed for different taste.

To be continued.

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