Ex-gf’s college-going sister wants her first time with me – Sex story

Ex-gf’s college-going sister wants her first time with me – Sex story

Hello everyone, I am Angad from Gurgaon India. I am working as a Software Engineer in one of the companies in Gurgaon. I am 23 and 5’10’’. My dick is 6 inch and has satisfied a lot of girls and some aunties also. I am an introvert so having limited and quality connection is happiness to life.

Enough about me, let’s dive straight into the story.

This happened to me recently in January. I had broken up with my girlfriend after 5 years of a long relationship as we weren’t happy with each other. So we decided to move on and stop everyday fights which happens a lot in today’s couple.

By the way, I and my ex-gf first met in Kota coaching classes and started our fuck sessions since then. I have fucked her a lot in these years and I was in love with her pussy and she also likes sucking my cock and getting fucked. I had fucked her in almost every position you can imagine. We had sex a lot of times during trips and at the college.

As they say, every relationship has an expiry date and it came for us too and we both were hurt, cried a little bit, and decided to move on in life. But life is full of surprises.

In my girlfriend’s family, everyone knows me very well and knows that Angad is a good boy and respects her. But her father never liked me from day one but after some years, he became a nice guy.

After the break-up, I received a call from my ex-girlfriend’s sister one day. She said she wanted to talk to me as I have helped her a lot and guided her in her career choice. She was 2 years younger than my ex-gf but was a bombshell. I never had bad intentions about her even though I have imagined her so many times while fucking my ex.

So my ex-girlfriend’s sister was chatting with me and asking what was going on in my life. I said nothing too much, feeling lonely and other bullshit. So she asked me whether I have got a new girlfriend or not. I said, no for the time being.

Immediately she asked me my opinion about her. I have proposed to her a couple of times in a funny way. She used to call me ‘Jiju’ and I tease her calling, ‘my saali.’

Then she told me something that completely shook my head. I and girlfriend used to make videos during our fuck sessions and kept it in our phones. So my ex-girlfriend’s sister told me that she and her bhua (dad’s sister) have watched her sister sucking my dick and getting fucked in a video!

I kept silent for 2 minutes, read her message again, and then replied, “Okay. So, what do you want?” She said she also wanted to get fucked and suck a dick but she had no one to trust in her network.

I felt so good that day but just to confirm that she was telling the truth, I asked her to send the screenshot of the video which she did. She indeed did know every secret between me and my ex-gf and hence to keep everything secret, I told her that I can fuck her. She replied saying she was ready.

My ex-girlfriend’s sister was studying in Noida. My ex-gf and I were working in the Gurgaon.

So, my ex-girlfriend’s sister took a day off from college and came to Gurgaon via metro and asked me to come to her sister’s room. She had told her sister that she was having a holiday at college and will wait in her room till evening. I also took a casual leave from my office and bought some condoms.

At 10 am, my ex-girlfriend’s sister reached her sister’s room and after 30 minutes, I booked a cab and went there. She saw me from the balcony and gave me a smile. I was happy and went upstairs.

She opened the door and greeted me by saying, “Welcome, Jiju.”

My dick was becoming an iron rod inside my jeans. I knew this girl was thirsty like a bitch. I grabbed her by her hairs and she left a small moan. I could clearly see the lust in her eyes to be fucked like a woman.

My sex style was a little bit different. I usually make girls go wild with lots of touches, cuddling, and kisses. My beard touches on her sensitive parts like, behind the ears, behind the neck, keeping their foot toe in mouth and licking it. These things make girls go wild – especially kissing behind the neck and cuddling their bodies with the beard.

After 45 minutes of deep kissing and exploring bodies, my ex-girlfriend’s young sister had become so horny and wet. Then I made her sit on her knees. The precum was dripping from my dick. Seeing that, the horny girl took tasted it with her lips and then took my dick in her hands. That gave an adrenaline rush through my body.

My ex-gf’s sister was looking straight into my eyes and sucking my cock. It was no longer sex, it was like a deep connection between me and her!

Then I grabbed her hair and put my whole dick till the back of her throat. She gagged a little but then she sucked it like a vacuum. Best blowjob ever! I came inside her mouth and also on her face.

Then I sucked her pussy, making her legs as wide open as possible. It was completely shaved and I loved sucking her with my tongue.

Now, it was time to fuck her. I grabbed her and fucked her in a missionary position and then in doggy. I made her sit on the kitchen slab and sucked her pussy like a wild animal. She was enjoying every second of the action and was very happy.

I fucked her 2-3 times. She cried a little in the beginning but then she was enjoying it.

We talked about things while sleeping naked, had lunch. It was 5 o’clock in the evening so I left for my room.

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