Hottest anal sex with our married office aunty – Indian sex story

Hottest anal sex with our married office aunty – Indian sex story

This happened a few years back. I had joined as a teaching staff in a college. The college campus was in a semi-rural setting.

The labs, workshops were in a slightly far offsetting (1/2 km away in the old campus). An office staff was living very close to campus – I will call her Sunita (name changed). She was married and her husband was working in a company in Dubai.

Sunita was in her late 20s to early 30s at most. I visited her house once with other staff members and that was when I realized that she had 2 small kids and a domestic help living together. She was friendly with all the staff and there was no hint of any hidden desires if any.

After a few months, I was coming down the stairs after class and she was right there in the corridor alone. She winked at me as I passed her. Even then I did not bother much but it was all going to change.

During the summer as the year was coming to a close one afternoon, I was hurrying to get to the lab for the noon session (3 hours).

As I was leaving, Sunita was going home to have lunch. That is when she invited me to her home and blurted out, “Nobody is at home, even the domestic help has gone to her place.” Then she smiled and winked.

Not wanting to miss the potential to have fun, I told her that I would come back once I assigned the tasks to the students. I was not in a mood to stay there any longer, given the excitement ahead.

I rushed to the lab and told the assistant to allot the experiments to the batch of students, saying that I would be back in a couple of hours as I had to attend to some urgent work.

About 20 minutes had passed as I rushed to her house that was about 5-minutes walking distance. She opened the door as I let myself in.

Sunita locked the door then went into the kitchen to finish her tasks. I was resting on the sofa as she approached me and offered a glass of lime juice. I drank it all and as I handed over the tumbler to her, (she was so close), her pallu dropped! It was a sight to behold!

Her chest was rising and falling with her breath and she was sweating lightly. She gently pressed my palm as I handed over the tumbler even as I was looking at her blouse. In a moment, we were kissing wildly – she was into overdrive, moving her tongue inside my mouth and lost in passion. I was reciprocating in style.

All of a sudden, I literally ripped her blouse from the front as buttons snapped. I removed her blouse and bra and voila! Those juicy melons were free.

I ducked and bit them to my content, squeezing them real hard as she moaned. Soon I was on my knees, lifting her saree and pulling down her panties, madly kissing her bare private area that was soaking wet. My head was buried between her legs.

I licked and tasted her cunt while pressing her buttocks with my palms. Then I turned her around and spread her ass cheeks apart and kissed her asshole.

The animal in me was alive and raging as I started smelling her shit hole and fingered her anus. Sunita could not take it any longer, she turned around, pushed my head aside even as she was trembling.

More kissing of her lips followed as I got up and we ended the session with one big hug. I could tell that she was a bit nervous and hesitant, not to mention shy and tense.

A moment of silence was adding to the thrill of intimacy. Soon both of us got fresh and were ready to head out of the house. But, now I was more than determined to fuck her knowing that all-clear signal was given and there was no tension of getting any disease.

I did not have to wait for too long as in a couple of months. I was going to Bangalore to attend a job interview and convinced her to travel with me. So we both traveled by bus, taking separate rooms just to make sure that no one would suspect. I made sure to pack some pills for her so that she would not get pregnant.

We got fresh and had a good lunch and went out for a couple of hours. We came back to our respective rooms and after a few minutes, I stealthily entered her room. I was about to see a young aunty nude and do whatever I wanted, without inhibition or the fear of anyone interrupting or any concern for disease.

The next couple of hours was HEAVEN as I stripped her slowly, cherishing every moment, ogling at her body, sniffing and smelling her, and literally explored her beautiful body with lights fully on even as she was pleading with me to put them off.

In no mood to listen, I threw her on the bed. I ate her head to toe, spreading her legs and feasting on her private area – licking, kissing, and teasingly biting it gently and pulling her labia with my lips.

Sunita was in a highly excited state too, getting wet down there and panting. I did a 69 with her and coaxed her to play with my dick and she finally gave me a blowjob making me hard and long.

Without caring about anything else and without any shame, I positioned her with a pillow under her, elevating her and entered her. I started digging harder and deeper even as she held on to me.

Not able to contain myself, I came inside her and shot my load of cum deep into her pussy. I collapsed on her being dead-tired and ended up kissing for long. Both of us were naked and relaxing while cuddling together.

Soon, I was in the mood to explore her ass. I turned her around and whispered to her that I wanted to fuck her bum. She was scared and not ready, saying that she never tried it.

I played with her ass by squeezing and kneading her round globes, gently licking and kissing her anus with light fingering while sweetly talking to her all along. I was getting her excited with my playing around her anus which was now wet with my saliva.

I made her lie in a doggie posed and she relented, even as I was ready and dick-hard to enter her ass. I went crazy licking her anus and parted her cheeks, gently tried to enter her shit hole but was not successful. I knew that it would require some force and she was pleading with me to be gentle.

More playing around her hole followed and soon, I was fully ready and erect. In one firm push, I banged it in and she let out a howl. I was now inside her and moving in and out slowly picking up the pace, even as she was begging me, “Please be gentle, slow, please”.

In a beast mode now, I was pounding away and she was sweating profusely. I was squeezing her boobs from behind and squashing it. For almost 2 minutes, I fucked the married woman’s asshole and finally withdrew my penis. I jumped out of the bed and cleaned it all in the bathroom. She followed and cleaned herself too.

We slept naked for a couple of hours. Then I got up, started sucking her boobs, and playing with her body for some time. We then got ready and went down to have food.

We had more fun at night with her on top and fucking me. I slept like a log, then got up and went to attend the interview. I came back with her to my native afterward to have everlasting memories. I got the job that I had interviewed for and quit my job to move to Bangalore.

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