Love Sms To Wife

Love Text Messages From Husband To Wife.


Words Are Few But,
My Love Is True.
Feelings are old;
of you I am so fond.
I Love You Sweet Heart
My dear,
My love,
You can never see,
How much I love you,
And what you mean to me.
I am so damn lucky,
Coz I will grow old with you,
With you around,
Everything is so new and bright,
This is to my life,
To my only wife,
I love you darling!.
Every single day that 
I spend being your wife,
I realize how lucky I am
to live such an amazing
life. I love you dear.
In spite of being married to you
for so many years, you continue
to impress me everyday!. 
Life is boring and dull without you honey.
That is why i keep saying we will go on
a holiday always together. Love you dear.<3

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