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Married man’s love and crush for teenage girl Sudha – Hot story

Married man’s love and crush for teenage girl Sudha – Hot story

Hi, I am Punith, married, 36 years old from Bangalore. I am an average built guy, having a strong sexual drive. I am a regular reader of this Site and would like to share my real-life incident with you all. 

The main character of this story is my student, her name is Sudha. She is very cute and has an attractive personality. 

It all began about three years ago when she joined college for her Pre-University studies. She was 18 at that time. She used to text me on WhatsApp with a few normal forwards. Then as the days passed by, we got more friendly. 

One day, she challenged me with few dare games. In response to one situational question from her, what will you do at midnight if you meet me in the street and all the shops are closed, and it was my birthday? 

I answered that I will hug and kiss your lips hard. For a few minutes, there was no response and I felt that she was offended. I was worried that I had made some mistake because I considered her friendship very precious and I loved being on overnight chat and regular phone calls with her.

Sudha reached out to me once again through WhatsApp and I was happy, very happy. She requested me to drop her to college. I was so excited by her invitation that I accepted and got ready to pick her on the way to her college and drop her. She liked it and asked me to come and meet her after college if was free.

I was not ready to miss this opportunity to be with my beloved and I decided to meet her. As I was waiting for the college bell to ring, I saw my darling come out to meet me with extreme joy.

She greeted me with a big smile and joined me for lunch in the nearby luxury hotel. We continued our fun for the day by shopping in the mall, then had snacks and played a few adventure games. 

The interesting time was while visiting the scary house, as the crowd was limited and she was holding my hands and walking in the darkroom. I guided her step by step, and it was awesome feelings, as a young teenage girl whom I love very sincerely, was so close to me that even I can smell her for the very first time.

All of a sudden there was huge scary noise produced in the scary house, which made my darling to hug me tight for a few seconds. Since I didn’t have any bad intention towards her, I took it casually.

But there was a strong sensation in my boxers. I was feeling my cock getting hard, hot, and wet. I didn’t express this to her and she was also not aware of my feelings for her.

The next stop in the mall was a 3D movie that she had expressed her desire to watch. But it was getting late and I requested that we will watch only for a few minutes. She agreed, as the movie was based on wildlife and there was not much of a story. 

We both sat next to each other. The theater was crowded and the lights had gone off as the movie began. She was innocently enjoying the show. 

I was not able to concentrate on the show because I was very much disturbed and was recalling her hot hug in the scary house. This though moved me to further explore my love. 

Taking the time, I built the courage to place my arms on her shoulders. As she was not resisting, I took advantage of this situation and placed my other hand on her thigh and began to rub slowly. 

She was in her own world watching the movie. I was in my own world of exploring her bit by bit. I felt her hands and hugged her partially and felt her thighs, then I became so horny and my cock was hard. 

I was enjoying my love and lust for her with a few touches and feels over my beloved Sudha. Since it was already late, I urged her to go back and we left the movie hall.

While driving back home, she was leaning on me and thanking me for visiting her and taking her to the mall.

While thanking me, she was almost leaning on me. For the first time, I felt those young cute boobs touching my back and I was so much excited with her closeness and her touch made me crazier for her. I dropped her at her destination and we both reached home.

As soon as I reached home, I began masturbating thinking of her touch for the very first time. She once again texted and thanked me and said that she had a very jolly time.

I was also happy and I thanked her for joining me and I mentioned to her that I felt I had gone back to my own young college days feeling. I told her I felt very young and her company made me feels so.

Then as usual our late night chat began and I was horny. I said, “Thanks for hugging me” and also mentioned that I felt her little tender boobs poking me, making me feel so hot that day. She took it normally. 

Then I began to express my sexual love feelings that I was developing for her. I told her that I love her very much and she also accepted and said that she loves me too and was also having the same feeling for me.

Then our relationship developed to another level. I openly talked about sexual feelings and how a guy masturbates and as I was texting her I was masturbating. She was curious to know how it’s all about and I explained it to her.

I shared my first nude picture to her to show her how hard my cock was while I texting her. She was shocked to see my hard cock and said she liked it. I developed the habit of sexting her daily and masturbating whenever I did. 

Likewise, we had many hot and fun experiences. I would like to share more here if you are interested. Kindly drop your valuable comments and any feedback. 

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