Poornima’s sexual lust journey in India – A virgin boy story

Poornima’s sexual lust journey in India – A virgin boy story

Previous Part: Poornima’s Hot First Night

If you have not read the first part, please read it before you read this story of her sexual lust. I have written it the way it was narrated to me. I was asked by Poornima to finish it off in two parts, and therefore, this part is longer than the first.

The rain looked like it would lash the entire night. Poornima did not want to miss the last bus to her village. She was so used to traveling in a car or in the subway, it was difficult for her to travel on a crowded bus. The bus came, and Poornima cursed her luck as it was full.

There was no way she would get a seat, but at least she could reach home. The 15 km journey would take a little more than 40 minutes. She boarded the bus and made her way inside. She stood a few meters away from the driver’s seat on the right side, holding the steel pipe.

She stood holding the pipe. The jerks due to the bad roads and the stuffy atmosphere inside made her sick.  People had closed the windows to avoid being hit by the rain. She stood holding the steel rod. Some people got down on the next stop, and a few got in.

A boy came and stood behind her. He was a young boy of around 20 or 21. He was fair, tall, and well built.  He smiled at her, and she responded, but she didn’t recognize him. The boy introduced himself as Rahul, the son of Mr. Krishnaprasad.

It struck Poornima that he was the son of a relative who stayed in the next village. He, too, was a farmer like hers.  She asked him what he did and how he recognized her. Rahul replied, saying that he had come to her father’s house a couple of days ago. And that was when he had seen her.

At the next stop, a few more passengers alighted, and the bus became full again.  A man who accommodated himself behind Rahul was a hefty man. He was carrying a huge bag, and in his effort to make himself comfortable, he ended up pushing Rahul. In turn, Rahul now fell on Poornima.

Poornima was in a cotton sari and a matching blouse. The blouse was quite transparent. Due to the perspiration and the rain, it had become a bit wet. Rahul observed her white bra straps. Being a young boy in his prime, Rahul was naturally attracted to her beauty.

Poornima over the years had developed a nice round ass, and Rahul’s manhood was almost touching her ass. There was a sudden jerk, and it pushed Rahul even further. His manhood, which was by now erect, hit Poornima on her ass.

Poornima felt it and told herself, “Damn, this bus, now I have to put up with an erect member of a young boy.” She, however, made no effort to move forward. She wanted to make the journey a little adventurous. She held on to the rod tightly and stay put where she was.

Rahul had become a little adventurous. He started taking advantage of the situation and pushed himself further. He was also holding the same rod that Poornima was holding, and his hand was inches below hers. Later, she ended up sticking to the rod.

Rahul was delighted and excited. His hand, which was just below Poornima’s hand was now in touch with her right boob. He felt the softness of her boob and, in excitement, pushed himself further. Poornima was like, “Shit, now I will be groped.”

She did not really expect it, but she certainly felt Rahul’s finger making slight movements on the sides of her boob. Rahul could feel the bra inside the blouse, and his little finger also made contact with the skin just below where her blouse ended. Poornima felt a sudden rush of blood to her face, and it turned red.

Her heart started beating fast. In all the years of marriage and living in America, she had remained faithful to her husband. She had never allowed any man, Desi, or American to take advantage of her. She had been subjected to mild flirting and nothing more.

Her nipple became erect, and Rahul’s poking from behind started building up moisture in her panties. She shifted her weight from the right leg to the left. She made the grip stronger on the rod and bit her lips once. Rahul, on his part, was not able to see the facial expressions of Poornima.

But he certainly enjoyed what he was doing. He increased the pressure on her boob. He slightly opened his fingers outward, holding the rod with his thumb and the remaining four fingers free to touch her boob. He slightly moved his fingers back, and he could touch Poornima’s boob in its totality.

He gave a gentle push to the boob and felt his fingers enjoy the softness of her boob. He slowly moved his index finger to the hem of the blouse and inserted it slightly inside. He could feel the bra now and kept hovering his index finger on the bra. This made Poornima very hot, and she started breathing heavily.

The game continued, and now Rahul was pressed into her, and his dick was poking her ass. Rahul’s free left hand now moved to her ass, and he started moving his hand over her ass cheek. A stop arrived, and the driver applied brakes. It made Rahul move ever further into her.

He took the opportunity to grab Poornima’s left ass cheek, and he kept it there. The thing which was an added advantage was Poornima’s handbag. It was on her left shoulder, provided a shield to this act. Rahul felt the outline of her panty and started feeling it with his thumb and the index finger.

He started playing with it by pulling it and leaving it. This act sent Poornima into a tizzy. Not only was this young stud pulling her panty, but his right hand index finger had also now reached the front of her bra. Rahul tried in vain to put the entire right hand inside, but the blouse was too tight.

Poornima was tempted to help him by unhooking the buttons of the blouse but thought against it. Her stop was nearing, and she was wondering what he would do next. But Rahul seemed to be satisfied with what he was doing. Poornima did something she had never imagined she would do.

Her left hand, which was holding her handbag, now moved away and landed on Rahul’s crotch. It was stuck to her ass like an integral part of her ass. She put the hand there first and then gently squeezed it. Rahul was uncontrollable now, and the effect was his pressure on her right boob increased.

He had almost succeeded in taking his index inside her bra from down, which meant he was feeling the skin of her right boob. He was inches away from the target, the nipple. To help him, Poornima bent a little, which made her boob to descend slightly, and Rahul felt her erect nipple.

The success of reaching the target and the onslaught of Poornima’s hand on his crotch was too much for him. His dick leaked loads and loads of cum. His entire underwear looked like it was dipped in warm lava. He finished his orgasm by dry humping Poornima.

The conductor blew the whistle, and Poornima knew that her stop had arrived. She hurriedly got down from the front door. While walking past the bus, she glanced inside the bus to find Rahul looking at her with satisfaction. She gave a wicked smile and walked to her house quickly.

An orthodox Indian housewife, living in America, had now experienced her first sexual extravaganza outside her marriage. That too, with a young stud who was just a few years older than her son. When she reached home, her father was anxiously walking in the front yard, waiting for her daughter.

She explained about the rain and the slow journey and went into her room. Her room, which was no match for the elegant, luxurious bedroom which she was used to in the US was the only place now where she could feel safe. She quickly undressed, throwing the sari and the blouse away.

Then she slid her petticoat down and what she saw made her horrified. Her entire panty was soaked with her vaginal fluid, the result of the young boy’s masterly act on her mature body. She quickly removed it and washed it thoroughly.

Unlike in the US, there was no washing machine in her father’s house. The maid would wash clothes, and she dreaded the thought of Kamala, the maid getting to see her sex juices.

The next morning, Poornima got up with a slight fever and body ache. It was partly due to the rain and more to do with the sexual innuendo that she experienced at the hands of a young Rahul. She, however, managed to get up and finish her chores.

She thought of going to the market to buy some vegetables and also a Paracetamol. She bought the medicine and was coming down the narrow market road. There she came across Rahul, who was walking towards her. Her heart started beating fast, and she felt a slight shiver.

She felt slight wetness between her legs. That was the effect Rahul had created on her body and mind. When they passed each other, Poornima had a slight smile on her face. On the other hand, Rahul was sweating, and there was this innocent lust in his eyes.

Poornima stopped him and asked him how his parents were. Rahul shyly replied that they were fine. They had also come to town to attend an event and that they would be visiting her father’s house in some time. Hearing this, Poornima was both confused and excited. But she didn’t know if it was because of Rahul.

In exactly an hour from that time, Rahul and Poornima again came face to face at home. Rahul toed in with his parents. After the exchange of pleasantries, Poornima sat down beside her father and began to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Krishnaprasad, Rahul’s parents.

It was 6 PM by the time. It was time for the visitors to leave. Then suddenly, Mr. Krishnaprasad turned to Poornima and asked her if she could guide Rahul in deciding his future. She was from an advanced country and had seen the world more.

Poornima was both delighted and worried at the thought of sitting with Rahul to talk to him about his career. She was about to respond when Mr. Ramachandra suggested that Rahul should stay back and spend the night there. He could sit with Poornima and discuss his plans.

Poornima’s heart missed a beat. In all her 36 years, she had never felt this kind of excitement. She had never fallen in love or lust. The only man who had touched her sexually was her husband. Now Rahul had done the honors of feeling her up in the most erotic way in a bus rekindling the lost lust in her life.

Rahul agreed hesitantly. He offered to drop his parents at the bus stop and return. When Rahul returned, it was around 7:30 PM. He had ensured that his parents got into the bus and were comfortably seated.

After dinner, Poornima and Rahul sat down to have a discussion. Poornima made all efforts to hide her excitement. Rahul did his part to hide his lust for her. But only time would tell what lay in store for them. Poornima began by asking Rahul about his interests.

Then began by suggesting a few courses and the prospects and the chances world wide. As Rahul was a science graduate, Poornima was better placed to suggest courses that would help him. As they were discussing, to add to the misery, the power failed, and now Poornima cursed KEB for this.

As if the sexual tension was not enough, it had worsened the situation by making the place dark. Poornima’s father lit a candle and placed it on the table. He, too, joined the discussion. After some time, he excused himself and retired, leaving Poornima and Rahul at the mercy of Kama, the god of lust.

Poornima had opened the details of a course on her laptop. She wanted to explain this to Rahul. So she asked him to come and sit next to her. Rahul hesitatingly sat beside her. As Poornima was explaining, the odor from her body made him mad. Her hair with a few strands of grey was driving him nuts.

Poornima was dressed in a neat cotton sari. The crispy material of the sari and the movement of her bosoms was making him nuts. Poornima suddenly turned her head towards him and found him looking at her and not at the screen. The two pairs of eyes met.

Poornima held Rahul’s hand, and in a soft tone, she asked him if he liked her. Neither of them had expected such a situation. Rahul just put his head down and said yes. Poornima then asked him what he liked in her to which Rahul put his head down and nodded, conveying that he didn’t know what he liked.

“Have you kissed a girl?” Poornima asked him to which he nodded his head horizontally, indicating in the negative. Then Poornima took some courage and asked him, “Why did you do all that on the bus?” Rahul did not have an answer. He looked at her, and he felt he was being reprimanded.

There was fear in his eyes, which translated into a few drops of tears. Poornima was taken aback as she expected him to make a bold move after she had initiated the talk. But on the contrary, she had scared him. Poornima then told him to relax.

She told him that she was not scolding him but wanted to understand what was in his mind. Rahul did something that Poornima did not expect. He slept on her lap and began sobbing. Poornima did not know what to do or say. She put her hand on his head and began moving it through his hair and consoling him.

She let him cry to his heart’s content and then did the unthinkable. She bent down and kissed him on his cheeks and asked him to get up. She held his hand and took him quietly to her room. She closed the door and bolted it from inside and made him sit on the bed.

She sat next to him and held his face in her hand, kissed his forehead, and looking at his moist eyes. She asked him if he wanted to make love to her. Rahul was both scared and excited. He first nodded his head horizontally and then vertically, which made Poornima laugh.

To suppress the sound of her laughter, she closed her mouth with her palm. She then asked him what he would like to do to her. Rahul had no idea but kept looking at her. She took his hand in hers and held it close to her chest and again asked, “What do you want to do?”

Rahul could now feel the softness of her chest hidden in the blouse. She then pressed his hand against her chest and asked him, “Do you like it?” Rahul had no answer. But all he did was cupped her right breast and squeezed it once. Poornima closed her eyes and let a soft moan.

She just went backward and laid her head on the pillow and slept. Her body till the knees was on the cot, and her legs were outside. Rahul got up and held the portion below her knee and made her sleep completely on the bed.

He then sat next to her and kissed her on the forehead first. Then the nose and then he put his shivering lips on her lips. Poornima’s mind wandered back to her neighbor’s backyard, where she had witnessed Rakshit and Sakshi smooching. She held his head and pulled it towards her.

She then got up and removed the pallu of her sari and then lifted herself a bit to relieve herself of the sari. She threw it on the floor, and opening both her arms invited Rahul to hug her. Rahul hugged her and hid his face in her neck region smelling, and he felt her body smell intoxicating.

This time he did not need an invitation to cup her right boob and did that with ease. He started feeling them and intermittently pumping them. Poornima had thrown all the guilt out of the window. Now she was ready to experience something she never thought she would.

Although it had crossed her mind several times about indulging in a fling. But had always dismissed it thinking it would be a sin. She slept on the cot and then let Rahul unhook her blouse hooks and then helped him remove it. He put his mouth on the bra covered boobs and started biting them.

He put his hand behind to unclasp the bra. But the inexperience was evident. Poornima helped him by unhooking it and then remove it. Rahul was marveled at the sight of the twin boobs with pointed nipples and the big areola. He had seen them in some porn sites that his friends in college had introduced him to.

He put his mouth and started sucking the boobs taking turns to cover both of them. Poornima then put her hand on his shirt and started unbuttoning it. Rahul got the hint, and he removed his shirt. He had few strands of hair on his chest, and he had a flat stomach.

Rahul was handsome, not the sandalwood types but with a nice long face. His face was covered with a couple of days of beard and mustache. He had strong arms, not of a bodybuilder but a decent one. He then stood up and unbuckled his belt and slid the pant down to his ankles.

He kicked it out and then slept beside Poornima. He put his hand on her cheeks and started kissing her. Then his hand went to the knot of her petticoat, and he was successful in untying it. Poornima helped him slide it down and lifted herself slightly to pull it out.

She was now sleeping with a sexy black panty. Not the ones she used to wear as a teenager in India but the designer ones that she was now used to in America. Rahul had never seen such erotic ones. He had seen some hanging in the backyard of his neighbors, and he used to steal glances at them.

He put his hand on her mound and started hovering his hand there. He could feel slight wetness that had been caused by his acts. Poornima put her hand to the elastic of her panty and removed it. She was able to reach till the knees, and the rest of the honors was done by Rahul.

He then threw it down and then removed his own VIP and got beside her. Both of them now were lovers with approximately 16 years of an age difference between them. Love and lust have no age. Poornima held his member in her hand and felt its girth. It was dark thick, and long.

Her mind reminded her that she was committing a sin, but now it was too late to retreat. She pulled Rahul on her body and started kissing him on the lips. Rahul didn’t know what to do but enjoyed each moment and waited for Poornima to show him the way.

Poornima held his throbbing member in her hand. She placed it on her vaginal entry and asked him to push. Rahul pushed, but it slid out, prompting Poornima to hold it in her right hand and guiding him in. Rahul felt a warmth engulfing his member.

He was wondering what next when Poornima instructed him to push and then pull up and then again push. Rahul was a good student and learned the art quickly. Once he was on top gear, there was no looking back. He started pumping with vigor and intermittently put his mouth on her neck to kiss her.

He also tried to hold the right boob, and he was doing it with precision. Poornima liked the experience and edged him to keep doing it. After about 8 to 10 minutes, Rahul felt enormous pressure building up. Without notice, he poured all the semen held in his balls into her.

Poornima hugged him and kept hugging him. She kissed him on his cheek and then on his forehead. Then as he was lying on her, she started stroking his back. After some time, Rahul got up and slept beside her. Poornima turned to her right and put her arm across his chest and asked him, “Happy?”

Rahul said, “Very Happy.” Poornima kissed him on his cheek on said, “Congrats, you are a real man now.” The words, “Congrats, you are a woman now,” which were uttered by her husband 16 years ago came flooding back to her. She brushed it aside and pulled the sheet over their bodies.

She slept, hugging him. She reminded him to get up before 4 AM and go and sleep in the living room. She reminded herself to go to town the next morning to buy an Ipill.

A week later, she boarded a bus to Bangalore to take her flight to Sunnyvale, California. She was accompanied by her father and, of course, Rahul. She had told her father that Rahul would come to help her with the luggage. When the bus driver started the bus and blew the horn twice, the bus was ready to depart.

Rahul brought a bottle of water for her and climbed the bus to give it to her. The seat next to her was empty. So he sat there, and Poornima held his hand and with moist eyes. She asked him to study well and asked him if he would come to The US.

Rahul just looked at her and then took her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently. He alighted the bus. He started running towards the mofussil bus stand to board a bus to his village. He was running not because he would miss the bus, but he did not want Mr. Ramachandra to see him crying.

The next night, the plane to Singapore, was airborne. Poornima, sitting in her window seat, was in tears remembering the tiny little adventure that she experienced. In a few hours, her life would again revolve around her son, her husband, and the monotonous American life, in fact, the American dream.


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