Romantic Sex With A Hot College Girl – Virgin Sex Story

Romantic Sex With A Hot College Girl – Virgin Sex Story

Hello readers, this is Rahul (name changed for secrecy). This story is about romantic sex that I had with a hot college girl. I am a software engineer in a giant MNC and working in Pune. Basically, I’m from Mumbai. I used to stay alone in a house in Pune. My parents were living in North India.

I used to frequent a PCO on two or three days in a week to call my folks, and this is where I met my sweetheart. Her name was Priyanka, and she was from Bihar. She was studying in Pune, and she also used to come to the same PCO for calling her folks. This is where our friendship started.

Since we used to meet quite often there, we came to know each other, and our friendship started. Please send me your feedback to motivate me to share a few more of my real incidents She was not all that fair, but she was beautiful with a nice protruding front as well as back. Initially, I was not interested in sex, but we were very nice friends. Once I invited her to a movie. She said she has got exams and gently turned down my invitation. I got offended.

But looking at my sad face, she said that her exams would be over by Friday. Since her tickets are booked for Monday, she would be ready for the movies on either Saturday or Sunday. This made me very happy. I booked two tickets for Saturday and was waiting for her call on my mobile phone.

Then she called me on Friday evening. I asked her how she had done in her exams. She said fine and asked me about where to meet. I asked her to wait near her college, and I will pick her up from there. She was wearing a nice tee shirt and jeans pants. I could see her nice lace bra holding her erect boobs.

Since we still had an hour to go, I took her to a restaurant, and we had our lunch there. Then we went to the theatre, and the movie started. I just touched her body as if by accident. She did not say anything. I again tried touching her, and she did not rebel.

Then I started massaging her nice little boobs and her cunt and she was slowly groaning in pleasure. I placed her hand on my dick and asked her to rub my dick. Oh, boy! What a nice feeling I had, getting shagged by a female as beautiful as Priyanka.

I was not following the movie at all, and then I had a nice cum. My pants were soiled, and so was hers. Then we saw the movie and started home after our first mini-adventure. After the movie, we went to an ice-cream parlor and had nice ice creams, and we started for home.

Then I said, “We will roam around for some more time and have dinner and then go home.” She said that her warden would scold her if she is not back early. So I decided to drop her to her hostel. But before dropping her to the hostel, I showed her my house.

I kissed her goodnight. She asked me what I would be doing the next day since it was a Sunday. I told her that I have to wash my clothes and iron them. So I will not be going out anywhere. Then she kissed me goodnight again and left.

The next day I cleaned my room and was washing my clothes when I heard my doorbell ringing. Then when I opened the door, it was my Priyanka standing there with a nice smile. I invited her to my room. I asked her to sit inside so that I will finish the washing of the clothes.

She was wearing a short skirt and a nice tee shirt. Then I started my work, and after some time, I prepared a cup of tea and gave it to her. Then I kissed her and told her that I’d take a bath and be right back with you in another half an hour. When I tried to kiss her again, she resisted.

I went to my bathroom. I intentionally left the door to the bathroom open and started jerking in the bathroom. I noticed after some time that she was watching me jerking and she was pressing her little boobs. When I saw her, she asked me what I was doing.

I told her that I was screwing her in my dream. She gave a naughty smile and winked at me. I could not control myself. But I closed the door and finished my jerking and took a bath and came out. I saw her reading some books. I slowly went behind her and cupped her little boobs and started pressing it.

She started moaning. I kissed her passionately, and she started cooperating with me. Then I slowly removed her tee-shirt and was amazed at her black lace bra holding her nice little assets. I tore it off and started pressing it gently. She was moaning.

I put my lips on her erect tits and started biting it gently. She was simply enjoying every moment, and so was I. Then, I removed her skirt and started rubbing her panty. She was getting more and more aroused. Then I removed her panty. She was a bit shocked and said no.

She said she wanted to protect her virginity for her future husband. This was all she could do. So I asked her to give me a blowjob, at least. She was not ready for that also. So I started rubbing her boobs and pussy gently in nice synchronization, and she was getting hornier.

Then I took her to a position wherein she asked me to screw her, and this was the time I was waiting for. Slowly I removed her panty and tried to insert my dick into her pussy. Since she was a virgin, it was a bit difficult in the beginning. But after a few thrusts, she screamed when I jammed mine in hers.

Then I screwed her nearly for quite some time, and both of us were with absolute pleasure. I asked her to give me a blowjob, which she sternly refused. Also, she did not allow me to fuck her ass. Then I started screwing her pussy again. After fifteen minutes of hard work, I came gushing in her pussy.

She came with all the vigor. We were lying on the sofa with my dick inside her for quite some time. Then we went to the bathroom and took a shower together. We had nice sessions until late in the evening. She cooked food, and we had a nice lunch in between our orgy.

Then she left for the hostel and said she was leaving for her native the next day. I kissed her for five minutes, and then we parted. The next day at around 2 in the afternoon, she called my office and asked me to come home. I told my project manager that I was not feeling well and left for the house.

After some time, she came home. I screwed her again twice, and we took a bath. Then we got ready to go to the railway station. Before leaving, I kissed her passionately for 15 minutes. She could not control her tears due to the parting. She said she would write to me once she reaches her home.

But I have not heard anything from her till now. I enquired in her college and they told me that she had passed and she had left. Then through her hostel friends, I came to know that she was married. She was in Germany with her husband.

Then I had got a job in some other company, and I was not bothered. But still, she is my first love both physically and mentally. I can’t forget her for those two nice days I had in my life. I am still yearning for Priyanka.

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