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Sex-filled date after patch-up of Indian lovers – Hot story

Sex-filled date after patch-up of Indian lovers – Hot story

Hey guys and girls, this is Andy. A little about me – I am a 23-year-old guy from the twin city of Kalyan-Dombivli. It’s my first story here so bear with me. It’s a long story but it’ll be worthwhile!

This story involves me and my best friend, later girlfriend Roshni, and the first time we entered the world of our inner desires.

A short backstory. We were in high school when we first met. Just friends in the beginning and then close friends. Slowly I realized, it’s not just friendship but sheer love from my side.

So one day I gathered courage and proposed to her. She flat-out refused my proposal and stopped contact with me. A few years passed and we were both busy in our lives, never having even a word between us. Until recently.

A couple of months ago I saw a familiar face in the crowd so I instinctively shouted the first name that popped up in my head and Voila!! It was Roshni.

Now with a sexy figure of 34-28-36 which she later told me about. Since we randomly met after 6 years, we immediately exchanged numbers and promised to be in contact. That night, I gathered all my remaining strength in my head and texted her first.

Mind you, it takes a lot of strength to text the person who previously rejected you and you were traumatized by the rejection vowing never to be involved in that girl’s life again! All teenagers and virgins would certainly relate to this.

Anyway, our conversation went like this :-

Me: Hi.

Roshni: Hi, Andy. It’s been such a long time. How have you been and what are you up to these days?

Me: Just living life and enjoying the moment.

Roshni: Seems like it. You are a completely different person, both in looks and personality. What happened for this drastic change to happen?

At this point, I was so pissed off at her for asking this rhetorical question. It’s just like someone shooting you in your foot and then asking did it hurt?

Me: You happened!!

Bam! There was it. I finally said it. Now I wanted to know the reason for rejection all those years ago from the horse’s mouth itself.

Roshni: What do you mean?

Me: You came into my life, got close to me, and then flat-out rejected me without giving any reason. On top of it, you snapped all the contact we had between us all those years ago. Hence I concentrated on the only thing I had in my life which was my life itself. That’s why this transformation..!!

Roshni: Great..So, now can we date?

I was taken aback by this, WTF! Then I asked her what did she mean by it?

She then explained.

Roshni: Andy you were a wuss in those days. You never tried to explore the world or tried to mingle with people. You were cooped up in your tiny world, never taking the initiative to be above normal or bettering yourself in any way.

But look at you now. The fact that you called out to me in the crowded street itself shows your courage and confidence in yourself. I’m sorry if you were traumatized by my rejection and never pursued any girl but I’ve always kept tabs on you for a really, really long time now.

I’ve been in contact with your friends’ circle even after everyone has tried hitting on me now and then. Long story short, I wanted you to be a better person that not only me, but any girl that’ll be with you will be proud to have you as her boyfriend….

Listening to all this, I was angry and tearful as well. The fact that she could have said this directly to my face then would have saved me the trouble of keeping a brave face every time a girl got too close to me. Just like the usual Bollywood drama crap, I had to go through makes me wonder why after all?

I told her I’ll think about it and let her know. A week later, we met for coffee at the local CCD and that was an expensive affair! I accepted her proposal and we officially started dating.

One week later, her parents went out for a pilgrimage for a week and she let me know about it. Like any virgin guy in India..Man, mein laddu futa!!

I asked her whether she would like to spend the week with me as we had a lot of catching up to do. She readily agreed and came down to my place with some food and drinks. That’s right, SHE bought the drinks!!

It was 10 in the morning and I welcomed her in the house. She was wearing a white top with blue jeans. And the outfit really looked pretty and sexy at the same time.

We had food and then some drinks along as well. Mind you, we weren’t drunk at all. Then she started asking me the boldest questions I’ve ever heard from a girl’s mouth.

She asked, “Who’s your favorite pornstar and favorite category of porn?” Shocked, I instinctively replied what popped in my mind at that moment, and the conversation went on. It was more like an interrogation where she was questioning and I was answering.

Only sexual topics and bold stuff. Once she stopped, I asked her whether she had any boyfriends in all those years? She said she had but they were all horny dogs wanting to get into her pants the first chance they got so she broke up with them every single time.

I said isn’t that the reason BF- GF thing is for?? At least in this day and age. She said it is, but none of them made her feel like making love and fucking is the only thing on people’s minds these days. And then she suddenly kissed me deeply.

I don’t know when the kiss turned into a full-blown smooch. We were smooching for a full 20 minutes till we broke it. I asked. “What was that for?” She said, “It’s your gift for going the right way in life after all her efforts.”

We kissed again until I took the initiative and started pressing her boobs over her clothes. She started moaning and I increased the intensity of it. I opened her bra with just a click and started feeling her bareback.

In the meanwhile, she put her hand inside my t-shirt and was feeling me all over. I said, “I LOVE You Roshni” in her ears. To which she replied, “I KNOW. SO PROVE IT.”

Confused, I knew the only thing I had to do was go by my instincts and not screw this up. We walked over to the bedroom where we were rolling all over the bed while kissing.

We were simultaneously stripping every single piece of clothing we had on our bodies till nothing was left. It was like a suhagrat type thing rather than a booty call.

I started sucking her pink areolas while my left hand was fondling her boobs and my right hand was fingering her pussy. Guys, always keep working your hands and mouth without any break. Trust me that’s the way to go. She came once while fingering.

Then she took my 6-inch tool in her hand and stroked it slowly till it was at its full hardness and taut. I asked for a blowjob to which she immediately took a condom from her purse and rolled it over my dick. “Strawberry flavor is my favourite”, she said while rolling it down and started blowing me.

Sucking for 20 minutes, she asked me to get into 69 position, to which I readily agreed and started sucking her neatly shaved pussy. After she came on my face once again, it was time for the main action.

I teased her by slapping my dick on her pussy and then inserted slowly till she was comfortable and then increased the intensity of my strokes. While doing this, we were kissing so as to muffle our moans as it was riskier to be heard by the neighbours.

After 10 minutes we changed into a doggy style and I entered her from the back and started increasing my intensity. We changed our positions into a butterfly, girl on top, cowgirl, and spooning till we were close to cumming. We came together with huge orgasm and rolled over to the side to catch our breath.

Finally, I asked her what did she mean by “PROVE IT?” She replied, “What we just did was make love and not fuck. You caressed and cuddled, took your time with foreplay, and then finally did the act. This says you really wanted to make love to me and not just fuck hard till you had your fill.”

It was then I realized that the sheets were soiled with blood drops and cum. Utterly shocked, I asked her, “Did I just take your virginity?” She cockily replied, “Didn’t I take yours as well?” And hugged me tightly.

We had sex throughout the week in all the possible positions and places we could think of. For the climax of that week, we copulated on the terrace on a cold night without any blankets.

Before signing off, I’d just like to say that, whenever you fuck, you’ll never be satisfied with it as it’s just pure lust and we as humans are just satisfying our beastly desires. But when you make love, you’ll love it and you’ll satisfy your partner as well.

So the next time you attend a booty call, make love and not fuck.

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