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Sex In Bangalore With My XIS Reader – Steamy Hot Story

Sex In Bangalore With My XIS Reader – Steamy Hot Story

Hello everyone, this is Sandy here. I am a big fan of XIS. I have also written a story about how I had sex in Bangalore with my neighbor aunty.

Coming to the story, I met a lady in Bangalore who became an admirer of my previous story. She had sent me a mail saying that she became a fan of me and my story about how I fucked my neighbor aunty.

I replied, thanking her for liking my story. And later on, even she replied. Like this, we started to chat. And we became a bit close to each other, like speaking about personal things. By the way, she was a married lady.

And as days passed by, she started to tell me about her more. That she was not satisfied with her husband as he was not giving her much time. She said that she needed some pleasure as every woman needs in life.

Later on, we started to have sex chats, and she used to send her pics. She had a good pair of boobs and a round ass. Even I shared my dick pics. Which she liked a lot. After seeing my dick pic, she said this.

She: I need your dick. I would love to keep it in my pussy for a long time.

Me: If my dick enters your pussy, then it won’t come out of your pussy easily.

She: Please don’t take it out. Let it be there. I can feel your dick inside me.

Me: Keeping my dick inside your pussy. Fucking your pussy now.

She: Keep fucking. Don’t stop.

Me: Fucking you harder. Sucking your boobs.

She: Sandy, I can’t imagine this. Please come and fuck me soon.

We kept on sexting for some time, and later, we decided to meet. She said that she will tell me when to meet her when her husband is not at home. Then I waited for some days. Finally, she texted me, saying, “Sandy, we can meet tonight at my place.” I said, ok.

She had sent me the location. I got ready that evening and left my home to meet her. I reached her place. I went and rang the doorbell. She opened the door.

She was in her nighty. She invited me inside. I followed her. I could see round ass jiggling while walking. I came to know that she was not wearing anything inside. Then I sat on the sofa. She offered me some drinks. We had some drinks and spoke for a few minutes.

We sat close to each other. I knew I should not waste any more time. I went near her, and without saying anything, I kissed her. She gave a smile when I started to kiss her. And she responded. We kept kissing for some time, and we both got up and went to the bedroom.

Again I started to kiss her passionately. Sucking her lips slowly. Rolling my hands all over her. She was aroused a lot. I placed my hands on her boobs and kept massaging her boobs while kissing. She removed my shirt. Her hands were rolling all over my chest.

We broke the kiss, and I started to undress her. I pulled up her nighty and removed completely. She was standing naked in front of me as she was not wearing any panty and bra. And she removed my pants, and we both became completely nude.

I pulled her towards me. I started to kiss her neck slowly. I kept my hands on her round ass. Squeezing her ass. I made to lie down on the bed. I started to suck her boobs and nipples. She gave some moans.

I came a little bit down near her belly. Kissed her belly button. Rolling my tongue all over her belly button. She was in such pleasure. After playing with her belly. I went a little bit down near her clean, shaved pussy. Slowly I spread her legs and placed my face in front of her pussy.

I started to lick her pussy gently. She closed her eyes and held my head. I kept on licking her pussy. Rolling my tongue all over pussy. She started to moan a lot. She kept on pressing my head towards her pussy. After a few minutes, I took out my mouth from her pussy.

Then she said, “Let me take care of that hard dick,” and made me lie down. She placed her head in front of my hard dick. She took my dick in her mouth, and she started to blow my dick. She kept in sucking my dick for a few minutes. She kept on rolling her tongue on the tip of my dick.

Then I got up made her lie down. It was time for my dick to explore that beautiful pussy. I spread her legs, and I placed my dick on her pussy. I kept on rubbing her pussy from my dick. Kept teasing her pussy. She could not wait anymore and held my dick and inserted inside her pussy slowly.

I started slowly fucking her pussy. She kept on moaning. She said, “Sandy fuck me. Don’t take your dick out of my pussy.” Then I increased the pace and kept fucking her.

After fucking her for some time, I took my dick out of her pussy and made her suck my dick again. She sucked, and then we changed the position to doggy style. I went behind her and inserted my dick. I kept on fucking her from behind. She was moaning like anything.

I started to squeeze her ass while fucking her. I fucked her for some more time. We both were about to reach the climax. I said to her I was about to cum. She said, “I need your cum in my mouth.”

I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and she took it her mouth and kept on sucking it. I cummed inside her mouth, and she swallowed it. She gave a smile and said, “Your cum tastes so good,” and we both were lying on the bed.

I fucked her some more time that whole night and slept on each other naked. Morning she woke me up and still was nude. By seeing that my dick became hard again. I pulled her to bed and fucked her. Then I left there and reached my home. She said, “Sandy, I had the best night of my life.” She thanked me for fucking her.


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