Sister’s boyfriend fucks me hard during b’day party – Indian sex story

Sister’s boyfriend fucks me hard during b’day party – Indian sex story

February 9th, 2020, it was my sister’s birthday. I made some party arrangements at our apartment in a city near Delhi. I bought 4 cases of Bira strong, some snacks, cigarettes for 8 people. These 8 people were me, my sister, and 6 of our friends. This party went way out of our hands and the story unfolds like this.

Hi, I am Anita, 26 years old CA working in Delhi. I am pretty 5 feet 6 inches, 32F-28-34 and my sister is Ekta, 24 years old. She is short and tight and working as a software engineer.

So, back to the party, everyone arrived by 8 pm and we cut the cake, spoiled by sister with beer and cake, danced, drank. By 11 pm, everybody left except me, Ekta, her boyfriend Karan, and two other friends Sagar and Arbaaz.

We planned to do after-party with tequila shots and more beer. We opened a bottle of Blue Head Blanco and started pouring the burning liquid down our throats.

After 4-5 shots, we all were kind of wasted – like, really wasted. We were listening to trap music which was banging in my ears and making me tipsy really good. I lit a cigarette which I shared with Arbaaz.

Karan and my sister Ekta started kissing and it became gross after a while. They were making sounds and putting hands in each other’s clothes.

“What the fuck, Ekta?! Get a room,” I shouted.

“Haha! Ye jalti hai hamse” said my sister’s boyfriend Karan jokingly.

“Jalegi hi iski toh, ise kisi ne chua hi nahi 3 mahino se” Ekta said, smirking and pointing the middle finger at me.

“Tujhe bada pata hai, Kutiya saali” I shouted back to her.

She took this in a very insulting way and told me to come to her room. I slammed the door of her room and we started shouting at each other.

Ekta – Tu bahut bolti hai, Anita. Ya toh use bulati na, agar bulaya hai toh ye sab toh hoga hi.

Me – Main mana toh kar nahi rahi hu, you can do it in the room yaar.

Ekta – Mera flat, jahan mera man karega karungi. Tujhe dikkat hai to nikal ja, khud ko aag lagti hai dekh ke, mujhe control karne ki koshish karti hai.

Me – Dekh tameez se baat kar, badi hu tere se, or aag lagna natural hai, theek hai.

Ekta – Haa toh aaj aag nikal le apni, Safar or Arbaaz toh hain.

Me – Oye! Kutiya, mujhe mat bata kiska lena kiska nahi, apne wale mein dhyaan laga.

Suddenly, my sister stood up, went out, and called her bf Karan. Karan came back.

Ekta – Karan, haath pakad is kutiya ke.

Karan stood there shockingly looking at both us. Ekta again shouted at him after which he loosely held my hands and stood in front of me.

Ekta – Peeche kar ke pakdo na, you moron!

Karan took both of my hands and held them behind my back with a firm grip. Ekta came near me and slid her hand between my legs, shifted my panties and shoved two of her fingers up my pussy! I jumped and shouted at her.

Me – Chutiya hai kya tu, haath hata, kya kar rahi hai.

Ekta – Aaj pehle teri garmi nikalungi fir kuch hoga, bahut attitude dikhati hai tu.

After hearing all the commotion, Sagar and Arbaaz came into the room and tried to convince Ekta not to do the mad thing. She was pretty tripped and started shouting after which Arbaaz left as he didn’t want to be the part of it.

I freed myself and left the room and sat in the hall with Sagar. I pissed really bad and was drinking beer. I can hear my heart pounding with anger and my sister’s sex pounding from the room.

This went on for the next 15-20 minutes after which Ekta shouted, “Fuck, Karan! Tum toh kamar tod doge meri” and they started giggling. This made me horny and angry at the same time.

I got up and went to the balcony and lit a cigarette and then I remembered I left my beer in the hall. I went back and saw Sagar smiling at me. I snapped and shouted:

Me – Tu kya daant dikha raha hai? Tujhe toh maza aa raha hoga sun ne mein, tharki behenchod.

Sagar – You know Anny, you can fuck me and we will make them feel jealous.

Me – Hahaha, very funny! Zyada dimag mat chala.

I took my bottle and went to the balcony. I drank and smoked there by myself for another 10 minutes and I heard their “mmhh mmhh” sounds of kissing again. Now they were kissing each other in the kitchen.

My temper got really high and I started shouting again and suddenly, Karan said,

Karan – Hey Hey shhh!! Come here, come to me.

I went near my sister’s boyfriend. He pulled me near him and planted a lip kiss! I was shocked and surprised but I didn’t stop as I was horny and Ekta’s boyfriend was kissing me. I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him passionately.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth and my body into his. He also wrapped me tightly into his arms, squeezing that horniness from my body. I could feel my pussy getting wet and tension in my boobs increasing.

To my surprise, when we stopped kissing, my sister was sitting on the kitchen slab smoking and Sagar was standing behind Karan smiling and took a big gulp of tequila.

Ekta – Isn’t he a great kisser?

I didn’t say anything and looked in my sister’s boyfriend’s eyes and smiled. Slowly opening the zip of my middy, I slipped out of it and stood there in front of everybody in a blue bra and pantie.

Karan checked me out very slowly and smiled looking straight into my eyes which were turning me even more. He removed his t-shirt and jeans and stood there smiling.

Ekta – Ye ho kya raha hai?

Sagar – Woohoo! Fuck yea!!

But nothing distracted me from Karan’s muscular abs and his dick-filled underwear. He came near me and started rubbing my pussy from the top of my pantie. His other hand was on my lower back supporting it.

I closed my eyes and started making a sensual noise. My hands were fiddling with my sister’s bf’s dick. He took his palm and slid it inside my pantie, and inserted 2 fingers into my pussy. I gasped for breath and started kissing Karan. He increased his fingering speed making my pussy dripping wet. I was standing on my toes.

He then pulled his hand out and I backed myself to a wall with shaky legs. I saw my sister sitting on the slab, with Sagar between her legs, his tongue in her pussy. Ekta’s eyes closed and her hands were on her head.

Before I could react to anything, Karan flipped me, my front towards the wall, my ass towards him. He bent me down a little, used his hands to open my thighs, and stopped. I could feel him drinking something and then he passed me the bottle of tequila. I took a big gulp of it and sat the bottle down on the floor.

Karan said, “Behenchod, paer khol.”

This made me turn on and smile. I quickly opened my legs after which my sister’s lover suddenly pushed his dick inside my pussy. I felt it ripping my vagina, sending chills up my back. I tried to squeeze my butts but he was holding them and he pushed his dick little more into me. I slapped my hands on the wall which made a loud sound.

Me – Bhenechod! Araam se!

Karan – Chup! Bhut bolti hai tu.

I could feel his dick must be 4-5 inches thick and at least 8 inches long. He started fucking me and slapping my butt. The sex was so amazing. I was unable to speak. I just took deep breaths and was shaking my head in pleasure.

His dick was pounding my pussy. I was hearing his grunting and the wet sounds of my puss. The fluids were flowing down from my thighs to my ankles.

He smacked my ass and told me I was a good little whore. He then removed his hand from my waist. He removed my boobs from my bra and held them. He squeezed them, he squeezed my nipples, making me further uncontrollable. He was loosening the tension from my hands and legs.

I submitted to him, leaving on him to whatever he wishes to do to my sexy young body.

My sister’s boyfriend pulled his cock out and sat on his knees between my legs. He pushed apart my pussy lips and started licking them up and down, sucking my clit into his mouth.

Me – Mmmhhh! Karam rukna mat!! Aaaaahhhhh..

I help my head back, bent my knees so my desi sex stories  pussy can be closer to his lips. He ate my pussy, licking, sucking, and putting his tongue as deep as it would go causing me to push my hips in. I was so close to orgasm, I wanted not to stop, I wanted to scream in pleasure and then:

Me – Karan, fuck, don’t stop, fuck meeeeeee, rukna mat please, fuckkkkkkkkkk..

My legs shook hard and a stream of water exploded from my pussy. I leaned back, rubbing my pussy, the last thing I saw Sagar and Ekta were gone.

Karan sat on the floor, smoking and smiling at me. I slowly sat down by the wall opposite to him, gulped little more tequila which was a mistake as it made me more tipsy

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