Story About Losing My Virginity To My Distant Cousin, Mamta

Story About Losing My Virginity To My Distant Cousin, Mamta

Hi Readers, I have been lately off writing about my sexual fantasies. So, guys, be ready to hold your cock right, and girls get ready to wet down there to read the story about my distant cousin.

For the new guys, I am Sachin Sharma, 28 years old. I work in an MNC in Hyderabad, average built, and good enough to satisfy any women. (I don’t want to brag like everyone who claims to have a six-pack and 8” cock).

This story dates back to when I was a teenager of 19 years. The sexual urges hormonal changes overtake your body and jerking twice a day is the only way to calm yourself down. I remember those days we didn’t have Wifi. I used to download pics of sexy actresses over an MTNL connection.

The patience of downloading one pic in 2 minutes and the threat of getting caught by parents was the ultimate thrill which today’s generation will miss. So it was the time of summer vacations, and I was pretty excited as it is time we all cousins meet and play-watch movies the whole day.

My distant cousin Mamta (20) also came along with others. I haven’t seen Mamta for long. She has developed quite some great features, meanwhile. Having a lean sexy figure with good assets (36-30-38) having flesh at apt places makes her a bombshell, eye-candy. And for me, my new fantasy.

She was wearing a salwar kameez, and still, her figure was ravishing. I was admiring her beauty when she came to hug me. But I was lost in her thoughts, and then her huge melons crushing against my chest got me too high. I controlled my senses came back to normal.

At home, her real beauty was revealed when she changes into shorts and a loose tee. I was like no need to download any more pics. I have a real beauty in front of me. I masturbated 4 times that day thinking about her lips, hips, thighs, legs, and literally everything.

I scanned her from every possible angle to help in my imaginary hardcore fuck with Mamta di. She also noticed something absurd but always used to call me “Dumbo! What are you staring at!” and pass a naughty smile or wink. I guess she was aware of my naughty intentions.

One day we were playing run and chase (pakdam pakdai in Hindi). So whenever my turn came, I used to chase Mamta di and hold her tight. Or try to touch her, grab points like boobs and ass. That touch just urged my sexual tension to other levels and made me horny by the day.

But then the twist came. On her turn, she was also reciprocating in the same manner. She tried to touch my penis or rub her sexy ass against my hand and crotch, and I got the green signal. While returning home, I stayed at last to follow the lovely ass of Mamta.

I gently spanked her ass at the end. She looked at me with a little anger. I said, “You are welcome, babe.” She laughed and twisted my ear “You have grown up a little fast, I think, Sachin.”

I got my signal and invited her to watch a movie up late once everyone slept. Thankfully everyone was sleeping with the cooler on in the living room, and so no interruptions will happen. She came with a bowl of popcorn prepared. I had put on ‘Murder’ film (borrowed from my friend for special occasions).

She didn’t wear any bra as her boobs were visible and erect too. We were having a good chat until she brought the topics of girlfriends. I became sad and said, “I am still single, and this is my only friend (referring to my hand).” Then she hugged me.

While she was giving the feeling of consoling, I was getting excited breathing so near to her Silicon Valley. I just hugged her tight and savored every second of that blissful horny moment. I guess she was also enjoying the heat of the moment as her hold tightened on me.

After some time, the infamous scene came in the movie (Emraan-Mallika hot makeout scene). My hand automatically went around the hips of Mamta di and started caressing her soft, smooth butt. She asked me, “Hey, hey, what’s up, bro?”

I said, “Mamta, you are my Mallika Sherawat. Let me be your Emraan Hashmi.” She laughed, “Mamta didi se direct Mamta, kya baat hai,” and then passed on a naughty smile with a wink. That was my green signal.

I went near her lips, and she also tilted. Then came the most blissful moment of my life. Our lips met, and I became a crazy maniac. I sucked her lips dry and bit her in between. Her slow, soft moans just added flame to the fire. I started kissing her entire neck and ears.

She was so charged up. Her hands started scratching her nails on my back and making me stay tight close to her. She took off my tee and started putting love bites on my chest and neck areas. I loved every bit of horny Mamta.

I also tried to get her top off to see the softest thing in the world, but she hesitated. I got an idea and started pressing her boobs hard over her tee. I told her I won’t stop pressing until you let me see. She finally agreed, she was really impressed with the way I got her excited.

She asked, “Where did you learn all this at such an early age?” I said, “Sab Emraan sir ki kripa hai,” and continued. I was under a shock when I saw those huge melons up so close. Once I came out of the shock, there was no looking back. I started sucking them like a baby.

I rolled my tongue around her boobs and her navel area. Trust me, guys, you will get a great fuck if you know the touchpoints to make a girl hot before thrusting in. I also gave a couple of strong love bites over her nipples. It caused her to moan on top of her voice.

I quickly got on top of her and started smooching her hard to stop her from making loud noises. I was afraid someone might hear her moan and spoil our fun moment. So I went down on her, removed her shorts, and got a glimpse of a red lacy panty which blew my mind away.

I quickly got rid of it too, smelled it, and stuffed it into her mouth. I started exploring her milky white thighs, and those were silky soft. I started licking each and every inch starting from toe till her clitoris. She was getting out of control. She was constantly trying to push my head towards her pussy to suck it.

She was hungry for my dick inside her. I wanted to tease her to the maximum. So I started finger fucking her and started playing gently and slowly with her clit. Mamta was having the time of her life, and she couldn’t take it any longer. She got off the bed and, in 1 second, took off my boxers.

She started sucking my cock like a pro bitch. She was using her tongue to do magic spells on my cock. I was just grabbing her hair and trying to mouth fuck that slutty bitch who has teased me from the day she landed at my home. I just came in her mouth, and she swallowed it happily.\

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