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Story of aunt and nephew visit Goa as last of the human race

Story of aunt and nephew visit Goa as last of the human race

Previous Part: My Aunt And I Are The Last Humans Left At The End Of The World – Part 2

We were in a hotel on our way to visit Goa. Maasi slept before me. I did not have any feeling to check her out or try to see her boobs. I was just staring at her face, which was lying beside my chest. Her warm, soft hand that was on my bare chest. I was in love with her and could not take my eyes off her. I fell asleep while looking at her as well.

The next morning I woke up and found that I and maasi were in a close cuddled position, and I was so happy. I just lay there in that position and let her wake up herself. When she started to wake up, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She woke up, slowly removed my hands off her, and then kissed me on my cheek. I loved her soft lips touching my skin but was also sad since now I was not cuddling with her. She slowly talked to herself, “My tiger looks so cute while sleeping.” I pretended to be waking up and opened my eyes.

She was standing in front of me. Behind her were the open window and a sunny sky which was looking very beautiful. I decided to play with her and said, “Wow! So beautiful!” she blushed and said, “Aww, thank you,” I said, “Not you! The scenery behind you.”

She made an angry face and said, “Beta, that’s a bit harsh.” I laughed and said, “Haha, maasi! Don’t be sad. You’re beautiful as well.” She was happy again and laughed with me.

She said, “Well, go have a bath, and let’s start today’s journey.” I quickly had a shower and then came out. I found out that she had already packed and was waiting for me outside in the car. I entered the car, and she kissed me on my cheek and said, “Let’s go!” Then she started driving.

After some time, we both felt hungry, so I picked out the cakes we had taken from the hotel. I asked maasi if she wanted to eat, and she said, “Yes, please!” I was eating and also feeding my maasi as she was driving. By afternoon, I fell asleep, and maasi kept driving.

I slept till the evening, and then we had finally reached Goa. Maasi stopped the car beside a beach and then kissed my cheek and said, “You woke up finally! Look outside! It looks so beautiful!” I woke up and was very happy.

She said, “I’m really tired, though. So let’s just go to some resort and sleep. We’ll go out tomorrow and have lots of fun!” I said ok, and then we went to the biggest resort in Goa. It was very beautiful, and we went to our beautiful room.

I was going to have a bath in the bathtub. The bathtub was very big, and I started fantasizing about having a romantic bath with maasi in it. Then I came out and found that maasi was already asleep. She was wearing her bra instead of her usual lingerie.

I decided that I would be awake the whole night and stare at her since I had already slept in the car. I removed my shirt and wore my boxer, and then lay down on the bed. I slowly moved close to maasi so that I could cuddle with her. Since it was a bit cold, her skin was very cold.

I touched my legs with her smooth, shaved legs. As she felt the heat from my body, she turned back and tightly hugged me in her deep sleep. This was what I wanted. I and maasi were sleeping tightly cuddled, and I started moving my hands around her soft pulpy skin.

I kept my hands on her stomach as she was not wearing her lingerie. She was wearing a very beautiful see-through bra. Though I could not see her boobs directly, I could see enough. Her hair was coming on her face, so I slowly moved it back with my fingers.

Her face looked so beautiful. I kissed her forehead, and she moved a bit. I got scared, but she kept sleeping on. Then I just moved my hands over her soft skin and also rubbed my feet with her soft legs to give her warmth. I did this for a few hours and then fell asleep.

The next morning was a bit cloudy. I woke up before maasi. We were still in the tightly cuddled position. I moved my hands over her back, and she slowly started to wake up. I said, “Good morning, sleepyhead.” She smiled and started looking at me, and then she kissed my cheek.

Till then, it started to rain a lot, and maasi jumped with excitement. We saw rain after so long. She tightly held my hand and said, “Hurry up! Let’s go out and dance.” I told her, “Yeah! but at least let us wear some clothes?” She said, “Leave the clothes. Let’s just quickly go out.”

We ran outside she started jumping in the rain. I was looking at her beauty. She hugged me and said that she was very happy, and I hugged her back. Then we laughed and played for a while, and then the rain stopped. We came back and sat on the chairs.

My masi’s see-through bra was wet now, and I could see her boob’s shape. I started smiling, and masi asked, ” What happened?” I pointed at her breasts, and she blushed. I got ourselves some towels, and we wiped ourselves dry. My aunt was looking very hot while she was drying her hair using the towel.

Then it became very sunny, and we got ready for the beach. I wore my swimsuit and applied some sunscreen. The cream made my abs appear sexier. I was waiting for my maasi to come out. (She had gone to the bathroom to change) and see her reaction.

She came out wearing her beautiful yellow bikini, and I was amazed. My mouth was open, and my eyes were stuck at her. She gave me a naughty smile and said, “How do I look?” I said, ” This bikini really looks good on you! ” She blushed and said, ” Thanks, tiger! Your abs look quite different as well! how so?”

I told her about the sunscreen. She said, “Oh, I forgot to apply the sunscreen. Beta, could you please help me with the cream?” I said ok happily since I was getting to touch her smooth skin. I took the cream and started applying it over her body. First, her neck, then her belly and back, and then came the best part!

Her legs! Her beautiful bulky legs, which I loved so much. I complimented her and said, “Your legs are really well maintained! And smooth as well.” She asked me if I liked them, and I said yes. She smiled and told me that she had shaved her legs.

She told me that her bikini was a bit too short and was trying to adjust her top. Her big breasts were not fitting in the bikini. I told her that it’s ok since bikinis are supposed to make you look sexy. She smiled and asked, “Sexy?” I blushed, and she laughed.

Then we went to the beach and played a lot. I even picked her up in my arms and threw her into the sea. She pulled me down, and I fell on her. That was a really sexy moment, but we kept playing. Then we got tired, and she even asked me to pick her up in my arms and take her to the hotel room.

I did as she told me to do and picked her up in a sexy manner. She was laughing. I took her to the room and placed her on the bed. She said, “Wow, tiger! You’re really powerful, aren’t you!” I lay down on the bed beside her. She turned towards me and put her hands on my chest.

She said, “Today was really fun, right?” I told her, “Yeah!” Then she said, “Oh, this bikini is so tight!” She went to the corner of the room and moved her back towards me so that I couldn’t see her front. Then she removed her bikini, and the bareback looked so sexy!

Then she wore her bra and came back. She said, “Phew, now I feel good.” She came and sat beside me and kept her hands on my lap. I sat down too and asked her, “Masi, should we go to some beautiful seaside restaurant and cook some food and eat there?”

She said ” Yes! That’s a really nice idea.” She asked me what I wanted her to wear. I said, “You can wear anything! You would look good in any dress. Our relationship had become open enough that we had started flirting with each other. She gave me a naughty smile and kissed me on my cheek.

I blushed, and she blushed as well. She dressed up in a very beautiful dress, and as usual, I was amazed and complimented her. Then we went to a restaurant, and she was holding my hand the whole time. Now I started having a feeling that my dreams might come true.

We cooked some delicious Italian food together and then sat beside the beach with a candle on the table. It was already dark. We talked a lot and ate together. After finishing the food, we just sat there looking at the ocean. Maasi held my hand tightly, and we were looking at each other.

I thought that this was the right moment and said, “I love you, masi.” My maasi got shocked and started blushing a lot. I blushed and smiled at her, as well. But she did not leave my hand. She was still holding it. Then came the best moment of my life.

Maasi stood up and kissed me on my lips. It was a smoking hot french kiss, and I grabbed her waist and kissed her back. After kissing for a few minutes, masi told me, “I love you too, beta. I was in love with you for so long. But I couldn’t tell you.”

I told her that I also felt that way, and we kissed again. She then told me, “Come on, my tiger! pick me up like you did in the afternoon and take me to the room.”

I said, “I love it when you call me ‘Tiger.’ ”

I tightly grabbed her and picked her up. I kissed her very hard, and she was very happy as well. We kissed the whole way to the room, and I threw her on the bed. I removed my shirt, and she removed her heels, and then we started kissing again.

After a lot of kissing, we both were already tired, and we both slept in each other’s arms there itself. That was the start of our hot relationship.

That’s all for this part, guys! I know I’m leaving you in a lot of suspense since you wanted more romance. But don’t worry! The next part will be a very big one, and you will love it.

Hope you loved the story till now. Please share the story so that more people can enjoy this romance! Also, give me your feedback at [email protected]

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