Story Of How He Banged A Lonely South Indian Neighbor Aunty

Story Of How He Banged A Lonely South Indian Neighbor Aunty

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Continuing from where I left last time when my graceful lady neighbor came to my home with the delicious biryani.

The aroma of biryani was fantastic, and it was delicious since Sandhya (real name changed) had prepared herself with loads of her love. She sat with me as I was having the biryani. I asked her what her son was doing?

She: He has already slept since he gets up early and leaves for college at 5:30 am. How is your job going on?

Me: It is stressful, and sometimes I am frustrated and depressed. Then I watch porn at night to release my stress and tension.

She: From now on, you are not going to watch porn at night.

Me: How will I release my stress and sexual tensions?

She (softly said): I have already told you that I am there for you to release your stress and sexual tensions. You have emotionally supported me. Can’t I support your emotional needs when you need it? Talk it out to me and tell me all your needs.

Me: But how can I talk with you at night, and how can we meet for sex at night when your son is there?

She: What are you doing now to release your sexual tension?

Me: Watching porn and…

She (softly): And what? Watching naked women playing with their bodies? Then I don’t have to say further what you do watch them play with their bodies and their private parts?

I was silent.

She (softly): There is no problem if you call me once my son has gone to sleep since he sleeps in another bedroom. You can call me once you have finished your dinner. I know we cannot meet at night. But during the daytime, before you go to work when we both are alone. I will try to satisfy your sexual desires.

I looked at her, and I had no words to express as random thoughts ran across my mind.

She: If you feel the emotional connection with me, you can tell me all about the tensions that you go through during the day. I am ready to listen to whatever you want to say, and you can also confide in me about your sexual desires.

Me: Okay. I will henceforth call you and talk to you about the tensions I go through the day. But how will you satisfy my sexual desires at night? I like to see a woman’s body at night, and you know everything else after that.

She (softly): Okay. I will try if I can satisfy you at night also. I will make dinner for you and bring it for you every night, and then you can do whatever you desire. Will that satisfy you?

Me (looking at her in her eyes): why are you doing this for me? I know you are a conservative lady.

She (softly): I am doing this to stop you from visiting porn sites since I feel an emotional bonding with you. I am ready to do anything for your satisfaction since you have emotionally supported me.

Me: Have you closed your door? Did you bring the house keys?

She: Yes. I have locked the flat, and the keys are with me as my son has already slept. I came to give you Biryani and to sit and talk with you as I know you reach very late from work.

During this conversation, I finished the biryani. I washed my hands and shut the main door. Now it was just her and me in my living room, and it was around 9 pm.

Me: I desire you now, will you satisfy me now?

She (softly): Yes, I will satisfy you. You know my small conditions while making love.

Me: Yes, I know, you like to be the submissive one and no anal.

Sandhya smiled, and we hugged each other very tightly. I held her in my arms and started kissing her. Sandhya was wearing a nightgown. I lifted her gown and removed it. She was not wearing any bra or any pantie. She was fully naked in front of me.

Me: You are not wearing any bra or pantie

She: I usually wear, but I was anticipating this desire from you since I know you are attracted to me. You will not let go of this chance after meeting me alone in your house. Hence I didn’t wear any bra or panty.

Me: You read my mind very well.

I started kissing her and massaged her back and her boobs and belly. Then I went down and kissed her thighs and massaged her thighs. We were face to face. She closed her eyes as I raised her left leg and kept it on the sofa. I entered her vagina and started fucking her in a standing position.

She hugged me tightly while I made deep thrusts in her pussy in standing position. I continue fucking Sandhya, and she had surrendered herself to me completely while fucking her. I then made her lie down on the bed in my room.

I raised her legs, holding her big buttocks and starting fucking her vagina and stroking her clitoris. She just let out soft moans. I continued thrusting my dick in her vagina as she closed her eyes all the while when I fucked her. I then told her to turn and asked her if I can fuck her pussy from behind.

She shyly submitted herself to me for fucking her from behind. I penetrated her beautiful pink pussy from behind and started fucking her as I hugged her holding her waist. I climaxed after some time.

I hugged her and thanked her for helping me relieve my mental pressure and sexual desires. I hugged her, and she just held my arms. She wore her nightgown and was about to leave my place.

She: Good night. Hope you won’t watch porn tonight as you must be fully satisfied.

Me; Yes, I am fully satisfied.

She: If you are still unsatisfied, you know you have to call me and talk to me. I know you have a high sex drive.

Me: Thank you for understanding my desires and my sexual needs.

We hugged each other tightly for a long time, and then I kissed her on her lips and said good night. She went to her room. At around 10:30 pm, I received a message. It was from Sandhya.

She: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing, just thinking about you and all that had happened

She: Don’t think too much. You need to rest now.

Me: I am unable to sleep.

She: I know what you want.

Immediately she did a video call to me, and I was surprised.

She: Look at me and feel close to you. I cannot do what women on porn sites do, as you know, I am conservative. But I know seeing my naked body will satisfy you. I hope you will sleep well.

Saying so, she removed her nightgown while the video call was on. She was naked as she was not wearing any bra or panty. I was looking at her beautiful naked body as he lay down on her bed.

Me: Yes, I like to see your naked body. I want to sleep on your naked body and in your arms and lay on your breasts.

She: Come sleep peacefully in my arms and lay your head on my breasts. Good night.

Me: Goodnight.

I closed my eyes to the sensuous feeling of being in Sandhya’s arms and laying on her beautiful breasts. I cherish her memories and admire her for being such a lovely person in my life.

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