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Story of my hot encounter with a foreign client

Story of my hot encounter with a foreign client

Hi readers, Rahul is here with yet another story to tell. This one happened a week ago and is simply exciting as it was in another country. Yes, guys, I was lucky to mate with a foreign lady and that, too, in her farmhouse.

I will narrate the entire story, and as you guys know, it’s me, Rahul from Bangalore.

Last year, it was scheduled for my team to visit our client site in Germany. It was a 2-week program, and we reached there before Christmas. Our team of 4 was in Germany and visited the client’s place on the same day.

A full-day meeting was held, and all of us were tired.  We reached the hotel and had some beer, and slept off. The next day also we had a meeting and some client debugging sessions. The day after tomorrow was Christmas, and they had to leave for a week to celebrate.

We were also asked to stay for Christmas, and we got a week’s leave to enjoy the trip. Our client co-coordinator is a lady named Nicole, aged around 33+. She is married and has 2 kids. She was instructed to guide us the week after Christmas.

On 27th, she joined us and took us to various tourist spots, and we enjoyed the place and climate. For 2 days she was with us, and we spoke a lot about family, friends, work, etc. She was a little friendly to me than the others. We used to talk over the phone and skype when I was in India too.

She said she is going to her farmhouse, and we will be on our own for the rest of the days. On the 29th night, there was a call from her. I didn’t it pick, as we were roaming on the streets and enjoying the views. At 12.30, we reached our room, and I messaged her.

Me: I was on the streets, and I didn’t her phone ringing. What’s the matter?

Nicole: Tomorrow I am going to my farmhouse for the leave, and I thought of inviting you alone.

Me: I am free till the office reopens and am ready to come with you.

Nicole: Ok, meet me at the railway station sharp at 9.

Me: Fine. I will be there.

I informed my manager and team that I will meet my cousin living in another city and return before office. The morning I got up and got ready and moved to the station. I reached there at 8.45. The train was at 9.15, and she was waiting for me.

To my surprise, she was alone and said her family went to a theme park. They will join us on the 1st of January. We will return along with them. We boarded and reached our destination in 4 hours. From there, we booked a cab and reached her farmhouse.

It was a big house and wide farm extending to many acres. It was her father’s farm, and he passed away 2 years ago. Now she is taking care of it, and monthly once they will visit the farm.

It was around 2 when we reached. She prepared lunch, and we ate and had a short nap. At 4, she woke me up and informed me there is a small village festival held nearby. We drove there, and it was a pleasant surprise. All the villagers gathered together and were celebrating it.

We both enjoyed it, and I had a lot of food varieties which I never ate before. Night at 10, we reached home. After that, we had some drinks, and we were talking about her marriage and mine.

It was 1 at night. I went to my room and changed into my shorts, and got on to my bed. The climate was very cold, and I covered myself completely. I was thinking about the festival. Suddenly I heard knocking at my door. I opened it, and it was Nicole standing there with a mop in her hand.

She was wearing a maroon color transparent robe, and she was heavenly gorgeous. I was shocked, looking at her like this, and didn’t take my eyes off her boobs. It will be definitely 34, and I can see her nipples in that dress. She called my name.

I came to my senses and asked her what happened. She said there is a lizard in her bathtub. We both went to her room, and a lizard was cringing on her tub sheets. I got the mop from her and caught it using her bathing towel. I threw it off the window. She was seen relieved and thanked me a lot.

I made her sit on the bed and gave her water to feel relaxed. She said, “Why you don’t sleep in my bed? I have not slept alone, and I feel afraid to do so.” I said, “I will sleep on the small couch nearby.” Instantly she said, “No problem, we can share the bed.”

We turned off the lights, and I got into the bed with her. I knew something is gonna happen, and it is what I wished. As I saw her in that robe, my dick was already aching. As I am with her in bed, it is out of control. She was facing that side, showing her back to me. I don’t know how to proceed.

I immediately planned the steps to fuck her. I coughed hard twice and got up and asked for water. She extended her hands to a side table and took the water jug. I accidentally slipped the jug, and water fell on her, and she got drenched. I acted like I was sorry and took the towel and wiped the water on her.

I intentionally took my hands near her neck and top of her breasts and wiped the water. As she was wet, the robe got stuck to her body, and her shape was completely visible. I slowly touched her side of the breasts, and she looked at me with dark eyes.

I was afraid of what’s gonna happen next. To my surprise, she let her hands inside the bedsheet and held my dick. I was too happy she responded, and she too had thought to fuck me. I grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed me deeply, and our tongues clashed on each other.

I bit and pulled the lips, and she, too, gave her lips for me to eat. We kissed deeply, and our lips were glued. We kissed for about 10 minutes, and we parted and breathed heavily. I pulled her closed and started kissing her neck, ears, forehead, and all over her face.

She was holding my dick over the shorts and shaking it. I slowly removed her robe lace on her shoulder, and it fell off her hands and slid down. Now she is naked on the top, and I can see her big juicy boobs. Her nipples were pink and hard.

I gracefully cupped her breasts and kissed them softly. They were like big marshmallows and very soft. I bit one nipple and sucked it hard, and my other hand was crushing her other melon. She closed her eyes and moaned in the pain plus pleasure. She was still shaking my dick, and I was oozing my pre-cum.

I tasted both her boobs, and my hands were busy pressing, pinching, gliding, circling, etc. I played with her boobs for about 20 minutes, and it was red due to some hard pinches. She was completely under my spell, and she enjoyed the foreplay activities.

I ate both her nipples, and it stood hard the whole time. She was in full mood. I moved down and kissed her belly button and circled with my tongue. I inserted and licked her button, and she couldn’t control her pleasure. She started moaning louder.

I kissed all over her navel, and her waist was soft like a sponge. She was an angel of sex. Now she pushed me down and came over me. She started kissing my face, neck, and she bit my lips hard. She kissed and inserted her tongue into my mouth and licked. We exchanged our saliva and kissed deep

For 5 minutes, she slowly moved down to the waist and kissed there. She licked all over my stomach, and I guided her tongue towards my armpits. She smelled there and started licking it. It increased her mood, and she went down. She pulled my shorts, and my dick was rock hard and swinging.

She grabbed it and pulled the foreskin on my dick down. She licked the pre-cum and sucked my dick head alone. She reached to the whisky bottle on the table and poured whisky onto my dick. Then she started licking and sucking my dick like a kid licks the candy.

She was a pro in oral sex, and I was in heaven. Her tongue was doing magic on my dick, and it is getting hard even more. She took the entire length and sucked it deep. It touched her throat. She sucked my dick for 20 minutes, and I couldn’t control more than that.

I was about to explode. She sensed that and increased her pace, and I exploded in her mouth. My entire load was inside her, and she drank it fully. She licked my dick clean without wasting a drop and sucked it dry. She had a sip of whisky and came to me and kissed and gave the whisky in her mouth.

We exchanged the drink, and it was a special peg. I grabbed her ass and pulled it to my face and went in 69 position. My office colleague from Germany and I were enjoying wild sex. I poured some whisky into her pussy and started licking her love hole. The taste of whisky mixed with her love juice was like an eternal love cocktail. She loved it and moaned loud.

The bottle had a wooden cork, and I poured some whisky over it. I inserted the 1-inch thick cork inside her ass hole and left it. I started inserting my tongue and reached her vaginal walls and licked rough. Meanwhile, she was sucking my balls and eating them.

I went deep in her pussy and played with my tongue. She was moaning and shaking her ass in sync with my tongue motion. I also inserted 2 fingers in her ass hole and was finger fucking them. She was in heaven, and she was oozing a lot of her love juice.

My tongue tasted everything inside, and it increased my mood. I was like a mad dog licking her pussy and exploring it. After 15 minutes of vigorous sucking, she reached her limit and entered her first orgasm. The juice was flowing heavily from her vagina, and I drank it.

Some fell on my face and rest in my mouth. She collapsed and was catching her breath. We both looked deep, and lust was growing more and more. I came over and placed my dick on her pussy walls and rubbed against them. She found I am teasing her, and she grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her.

This made my dick buried deep inside her pussy and got vanished. She let out a big gasp and closed her eyes. I could feel my dick was crushed by her vaginal walls, and they were gripping it very tight. I didn’t move for a minute, and we both enjoying the sensation down there.

She was smiling, and I slowly started moving my dick in and out. Each thrust went deep and touched the other end. Her body was rising like a bow for my blow. I increased my speed and pumped her hole. She, too, was adjusting her ass position to make my push comfortable and to go deep.

We both worked together, and pleasure was immeasurable. I fucked her like a machine, and she enjoyed it. I fucked her in a missionary position for 20 minutes, and I was tired. I fell on her, and she immediately went to cowgirl position.

She inserted my dick into her and started riding my cock. Her boobs were bouncing in rhythm, and I caught both her nipples and screwed them. Her eyes went up in pleasure. My dick was going deep into her, and she was gripping it firmly. Still, the cock was inside her, and she was moving her hips fast.

She was reaching her orgasm, and she exploded with my cock inside. I can feel and see her love juice flowing over my dick and wetting it. She rode my dick for about 15 minutes and fell off. Now it’s my turn to screw her. I made her bend in the doggy style and removed the cork from her ass hole.

Since my dick is wet with her juice, I placed my dick head near the ass hole and pushed it in. First, it was very tight, and my dick head penetrated a little. In the second hard push, my entire cock went inside her ass hole. She screamed in pain and scratched my butt with her hands.

Slowly I started ramming her, and she copes up with my pace. I started enjoying the act. I was ass fucking her, and she was moaning. I ass-fucked her for another 15 minutes, and I was reaching my limit. I expelled a huge load of my cum in her ass, and both fell on the bed.

My dick was slowly shrinking and escaped its way out her hole. My cum was oozing out of her hole and dropping on the bed. She whispered in my ears that she always wished to fuck an Indian guy and suck his dick. I said it was my lucky trip to fuck my coordinator. We both were very tired and slept off naked.

In the morning, at 10, we woke up and went to wash. In the tub, we had a session, and I fucked her in dancing pole position. Later we had breakfast and went to visit her farm. At noon I had another session of hardcore fuck with the hot sex bomb in her garage inside the old car. We came home and had a small nap.

In the evening, we went out shopping and reached back home late at night. She wanted me to fuck her in the grass behind her house. We went there and had spicy sex on the ground.

We fucked like animals as her family will reach the next day. We enjoyed each other’s company for those 2 days. The next day at noon, her family reached, and we all traveled back in the evening train.  I reached my room, and as usual, we went to the office the next day.

She came and said she wanted more. I said, “Come to india. I will show how it will be to fuck an Indian in India.” She said, “Be ready. I will come to fuck you in 2 months.”

The next week we returned to India. I am waiting for Nicole to visit, and I am sure to please her in every aspect she likes.

Folks, I hope you liked the foreign sex story. Please keep supporting me. Ladies and girls, contact me at [email protected] for having steamy sex with complete privacy and safety.

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