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Story of sex with my gymnast cousin sister

Story of sex with my gymnast cousin sister

I am Nikhil. This is my first story here. This story is about sex between me and my 25-year-old elder cousin sister Nitya (name changed). I am 4 years younger than her. She was doing a Ph.D. I recently joined an MNC in Bangalore.

Nitya called me one day and said that she will be coming to Bangalore for one month as part of her research program. Hearing this, I was very happy because my life was so boring here. It’s just working, eat, sleep and repeat. I asked her to stay in my rented flat, as I stay alone in 1BHK. She agreed to it as well.

Day 1
So the day has come, I picked my sister Nitya from the railway station to my apartment. She went inside and did a house tour.

Nitya: Being a bachelor, you have kept your flat so neat and clean.

Me: Ha, I like to see everything clean and tidy.

Nitya: I am the opposite. I may make your house worse.

Me: I will throw you out then, anyway. You just take a rest. You must be tired after the long journey.

Nitya: Idiot, Yeah, let me unpack some stuff and don’t bother me. You have office today, right? Get ready.

Me: Yeah, too much workload is there. Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend we can go somewhere.

Nitya: No worries, I am here for a month. Before that, you should not ask me to leave.

Me: Hmm, I will try my best not to.

Nitya: (punched my arms) Idiot.

That day I went to the office, came back early, and we went outside for dinner.

Day 2
From morning till midnight, we were completely outside, went to Nandi hills, MG Road, Lalbagh, etc.

Day 3
Sunday, and we thought of staying at home as the day before, we were completely outside. She made breakfast, lunch and by evening, she went to take a bath. She came out from the washroom wearing pink with printed white flowers knee-length skirt and a white sleeveless shirt tied above her navel.

And hair tied on the bath towel. She was very sexy. Later she dried her hair. It was the first time I had naughty thoughts about her. My dick became hard, seeing her armpits, jiggling boobs while drying her hair. Later, she lay on the bed, engaged on the phone.

I could see her cleavage and sexy ass. We never used to talk dirty or even about love matters as well. But I somehow felt to touch her boobs. I am not sure if she wore this dress purposely. I wouldn’t have cared if she wore something else. Suddenly some thought came to my mind.

Me: Sis, I am getting bored, what about you?

Nitya: Me too, that’s why I started using my phone.

Me: Shall we play something?

Nitya: Shall we play ‘truth or dare’?

Me: Ok, fine (I had a different game in my mind. But I thought through truth or dare, I can read her mind.)

Nitya: And we keep a rule Truth and Dare has to be chosen alternately. No excuses.

I took a coin. I was almost sure that she was expecting something naughty from me, as I got 2 signs, 1 sexy dress, 2, playing truth or dare. I flipped the coin, and it was my chance to ask first.

She chose: Truth.

Me: Do you have a boyfriend?

Nitya: I had, but not now.

Me: How many?

Nitya: Hello, It’s my turn. What do you choose?

Me: Of course, I choose truth your question will be about my girlfriend. Then I don’t have a girlfriend. But I do have a friend who is a girl with benefits.

Nitya: Benefits? What do you mean?

Me: Like just we go outside together, chat, host party and … (shy)

Nitya: And what?

Me: And nothing…
Nitya: C’mon, you mean sex?

Me: (shocked to hear, my sister is asking me all these) Sometimes.

Nitya: Oh, you look like a very good boy, but you have such hidden activities. And you host a party? For that, when did you start boozing?

Me: I still don’t drink, but I invite my colleagues. That girl prepares food. I buy drinks for them. We drink and bitch about other people, dance, and they leave.

Nitya: So are we playing truth or dare?

Me: I forgot, so it’s a dare for you now. You know gymnastics, do headstand pose for me.

She tried to do a kind of headstand but failed, as she was wearing a knee-length skirt.

Nitya: Sorry, I won’t be able to do it wearing a skirt. Any other dare?

Me: Do headstand wearing this skirt.

Nitya: You idiot, firstly I won’t be able to do it with the skirt, and second it’s short.

Me: That’s fine, it’s just you here and me. I can help you.

Nitya: No brother, it’s awkward, it’s short.

Me: Don’t you wear anything below it, shorts something?

Nitya: No, just my panties.

Me: See you wear atleast that, try then.

Nitya tried to do a headstand, and as expected, her skirt came down, and she was wearing a pink lacy panty. She did it, and she noticed me looking at her panties. She then came back to normal position.

Me: That’s great. You have nice flexibility, sis.

Nitya: Hehe, but did you look at my head? Next is your dare, but I’m hungry order something.

I ordered some Pizza and choco lava cake from Dominos.

Me: So done, and next is your truth. Are you a virgin? (I asked in a flow as I got a boner after seeing her panty.)

Nitya: No, I had my first sex with my ex during my PG. So next is your truth, what on a girl turns you ON?

Looks like she was horny, and yes, I was correct. She is seducing me now.

Me: Her inners and bum.

Nitya: Oh, I saw that when I did a headstand. You were looking somewhere else, and you had a boner.

Me: I am sorry, sis, I was not able to control it.

Nitya: Hmm, don’t you think it’s good that we can talk all these openly?

Me: Yeah, so next is your dare.

Suddenly the delivery guy rang the bell, and he delivered pizza and lava cake.
Shit, I lost my mood. Everything got ruined. We ate the pizza, and then she asked me to continue the game. I suggested a different game intending to do something.

Me: We will play another game (I took one door key). I will hide the key somewhere on my body and will lie on be. The other has to find it out.

Nitya: (winked) Looks like you play this with that friend with benefit?

Me: No way, it’s my first time. Shall I start first? You have to find out (Now, I am almost sure that she is in a horny mood now.)

Nitya: Ok, so I have to stay here in the hall, and you will lie in bed?

Me: Yeah, once ready, I will call you.

I hid it in my shirt pocket first and called her. She came inside and took keys from the shirt pocket easily.

Nitya: Too easy. Ok, so now you will go out?

I went outside, then in a minute, she called me. I went to the bedroom, looks like the dress she wore doesn’t have any pockets. I had a thought that usually girls hide stuff inside the bra. But will it be too much? Opening sisters shirt?
I got some guts and tried to open her first shirt button.

Suddenly she held my hand. I was shocked. I felt like she will slap me now.

But she told me: do you think that I keep it inside on the very first attempt?

Wow, I got a green signal! I raised her arm, saw nothing in her armpits. And searched almost everywhere outside, and intentionally I pressed her boobs.

Nitya: I told you right, that it’s outside, and then why you were squeezing my tits?

Me: Sorry, I lost.

She took keys from her earlobes. She had hidden it with hair. Next was my turn to hide the keys. I badly wanted to stop this and fuck her. So this time, I kept it inside my briefs. I called her, and she came.

She started running her hands all over my upper body and put her hands inside my pant pocket. She didn’t get it. Then she searched my back as well.

Nitya: I lost. Tell me where it is.

Me: I will give a clue. It’s inside.

She was a little shy and asked me to remove it. But I didn’t agree to it and asked her to remove it. She unhooked my shorts and searched near my thighs.

Nitya: Nikhil, don’t tell me that you have hidden it inside.

Me: I can’t tell. If you have guts, you will get it.

She closed her eyes and opened my black briefs, and my dick was very hard. I guess she purposely held my dick. She was supposed to search the key. I kept keys just above my dick, a little below my stomach. But she went down to hold my dick. Her face was like ‘Woah!’ And within seconds, she found the key.

Nitya: You have a nice cock, brother. So, it’s my turn next.

I removed my shorts and started playing in my briefs and shirt. She called me after 5 minutes, I was sure that she would have kept it inside. That too inside her bra, but somehow I wanted to end this game. So before searching, I went to the washroom to clean my dick using park avenue soap. It had a manly fragrance.

Seeing this, Nitya shouted: Brother, don’t jerk it off.

I came back from the washroom. I thought of seducing her, so I pulled her pink skirt down to her knees. She was giggling, as she knew that I am not going to find it from her panties. I inserted my hand inside her panties, omg! It’s wet there. She’s enjoying it. I rubbed her pussy 2-3 times.

She said in a lusty tone: Nikhil, you’re so crazy!

Then I even searched in her ass, pressed her ass as well. Then I came on her top and started unbuttoning her shirt. And purposely, I sat in a position where my dick rubs her pussy. I started opening her shirt buttons and could see her pink lacy bra matching her panties. I moved her bra above boobs using my teeth.

Omg! She had very perfect shaped pointy boobs. It looked like water droplets. I saw the keys in between her boobs. But I started squeezing her boobs and licked her nipples like a baby. She was moaning. Her vanilla kind of scent was adding up to my mood. I kissed my sister’s lip, which tasted like strawberry.

I then whispered in her ears: You have such hot boobs.

She smiled and suddenly stood up and removed my black briefs. Took my dick, and she kneeled down. I was like, in Cloud 9! What? Even my friend with benefits never gave me a blowjob. It was my first blowjob!

Nitya: I love my brother’s cock.

She kissed it and inserted it in her mouth, and started giving a blowjob. It looks like she had experience in all these. And I was a noob. That view where she sucks my dick with her tongue and top view of her jiggling boobs was really sexy.

Then she positioned her backside to me and removed her skirt. (I thought she would ask me to try doggy style). She kneeled down, leaned backward, placed her hands on the floor. She and opened her mouth upside to suck my dick. I placed it, she started giving blowjob in that weird position.

Seriously, what flexibility she has! I could easily squeeze her boobs. I squeezed her pointy boobs – an amazing blowjob, better than in a normal position. I have seen such things only in Kamasutra sculptures. Since it was my first experience, I was about to cum.

Me: Sis, enough, it’s about to cum now.

She stopped and lay down in bed. I removed my shirt and hugged her, and I could feel her heartbeat. I thought she would have been tired. I went to the kitchen, took her choco lava cake, and handed it over to her. I, too, started having it. The chocolate inside was hot, another idea!

I made her spread her legs, removed her panty. She was very wet. I cleaned it with her panties, took that hot chocolate in a spoon, and spread it on her pussy.

Nitya: What? From where are you getting all these naughty ideas?

I started licking her pussy lines, and upon licking the chocolate from her clitoris, she started moaning. I licked and made her wet, inserted my tongue inside her pussy, and licked. She held my hair and started pressing my head against the pussy.

I continued, and after some time, she was about to orgasm, she told me. I moved my head away from her pussy. And started fingering her, she orgasmed, and white fluid came out. I now wanted to insert my dick. But I didn’t have any condoms.

Seeing me confused, she asked me: Take me now! Do it! Or are you wanting to implement some other idea?

Me: Sis, but I don’t have a condom.

Nitya: Oh, you have a bag full of ideas and didn’t have any idea to store some condom? Let me see if I have any.

She started searching her bag and somehow found a pack of dotted condoms, she even saw its expiry. Looks like she is very professional and secure. I put condom and was ready to fuck her.

She placed the bed on the floor, placed her head above a pillow, and positioned her legs upwards, leaning a little forward. She asked me to sit near her pussy. I sat, but my feet were still on the floor (Later I googled and saw that it’s called Butter churner position)

I placed my dick near her pussy entrance and rubbed it. And I inserted my tip, she moaned, “Ah.” I took it out and inserted it again. Even though she was not a virgin, it was a little tight. I started fucking her, and she was moaning like hell.

After some time, I wanted to grab her boobs, so I asked her to change position. We stood up and then asked her to lie on the bed spreading her legs. I was standing on the floor (Tabletop position). I inserted my dick into her pussy again and fucked her.

Nitya: Fuck me like a bitch, brother.

Oh, she has a fetish for bad words.

Me: Your cunt is so tight, sis.

I could see her boobs jiggling. I humped towards her and sucked her nipples, squeezed her right boobs very hard. And I pulled her nipples using my lips.

Nitya: Oh! that feels so good!

Hearing this, I started fucking my elder cousin sister harder.

Nitya: Harder baby, harder, don’t stop.

I held her neck, bashed (beat) her boobs. It became red.

Nitya: That feels so good. Oh my god, I’m gonna come.

Me: Don’t stop me once you come, because I plan to give you multiple orgasms today.

She hugged me and scratched my back with her nails. She had another orgasm. She was moaning all the time. I slowed down, as I too was about to cum. I removed my dick, removed the condom as well.

Me: I wanna cum. Where should I cum?

Nitya: Wait, wait (she kneeled down) I need my little brother’s cum.

Me: Sis, wear your bra. I like to see you in that.

She wore a bra and started a blowjob. Seeing her boobies in sexy bra, red lips, and shaved armpits, I was about to cum. I loaded my cum on her mouth, I took it out and spread my next load on her face, on her bra.

I kissed her lips, and I whispered: I’m so lucky that the best sex I’ve ever had happens to be with you.

She winked at me, and we wore our clothes.

Guys and girls, comment and show your love if you liked my experience. Later we fucked every Sunday, but all were very different. I will share as per your responses.

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