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Story of starting a romantic relationship

Story of starting a romantic relationship

Hello guys, this is my first story here and it’s about a romantic relationship. I am currently 21.

The story is one year old when I was in my graduation. I was a super social creature and worked with practically every NGO. One such NGO introduced me to Pavitra (name changed), the heroine of the story.

About myself, I am 5’8″, dark, athletic, and semi-rich. About Pavitra, she was slim, dark, 5’5″ and with 32C breast size as I got to know later. Her main attractions were those pouty lips that anyone would love to suck upon. And also those wonderful and tight tits.

We were as normal as colleagues initially. It all started with heavy rain during one of our visits. At the scheduled place, only we two could reach due to heavy rain. Everyone else backed off. So ultimately, we called off the plan and waited for the rain to subside.

That wait sparked a conversation between us as I already am an over-social guy. I asked about her, her college, her interests, etc. Slowly I could see her interested in me. Then the rain stopped, and we got ready to depart.

She was waiting for the auto-rickshaw. I offered to drop her on my motorbike. On the way, we had small chats on various topics. Before reaching her place, she asked me for my Insta id, and I gladly gave it to her.

That night she messaged me, and we had a long, long chat. That resulted in the exchange of our WhatsApp numbers. After one month of regular chatting and interaction, she asked me to meet her out of the blue. I agreed and met her in a local restaurant.

There she started crying and told me about her breakup and how her BF double cheated on her. Till then, guys, I never had any bad intentions for her. But that day, she hugged me, and I felt the softness of her breasts and her warm breath on my neck.

Thanks to my jeans, I managed to conceal my hard-on. After that, our chats became prolonged, personal, and filled with double meaning jokes. We used to joke freely about anything and became very frank.

Then one day, casually talking about relationships at my place, she suddenly said, “I am too alone now, buddy. I have no one to share my feelings and urges with. I have no one to satisfy my needs too.”

I felt a bit uncomfortable hearing this as I was alone at home. I knew where this was leading. She stood up and seductively walked towards me, swaying her voluptuous hips, and gave a naughty and seductive smile.

Then she reached very close to me and asked, “Will you satisfy me?” I was too shocked to react and just kept on blinking my eyes. Now she took the lead and gave a peck on my lips, followed by a small smooch. Then she tried to enter her tongue into my mouth, to which I involuntarily opened my mouth.

Then I regained my senses and held her face in my hands and kissed her back. We kissed like mad for around 5-10 minutes. Our entire jaws were drenched in our mixed saliva. Then she took my hand in hers and placed them on her tits. Meanwhile, I switched from licking her lips to her sexy long neck.

She started moaning and wriggling out of ecstasy. We were lost in our own world for around 20 minutes now. We then moved towards my bedroom. I switched on my cooler as the noise will drown her moaning.

I laid beside her and started licking her neck, earlobes while playing sex games with her. Then again I passionately kissed her on the lips. Then I proceeded to remove her salwar. So, there she lay in her sexy black bra smiling and inviting me with open arms.

I pounced on her and started kissing and biting her body all over from her neck, lips, and to her upper breasts. She hastily tore open my shirt and dug her nails deep into my back while kissing and biting me all over.

Mauling her tits over her bra, I ripped open her bra in one go. I directly pounced upon her already erect nipples and then sucked, bit, and pressed them all simultaneously. We both were now hot and wild with lust and had transformed into sex-crazed animals.

She then unzipped my pant and looked at my 6″ dick in awe, slowly taking it into her mouth. It was the best feeling for me as I was a virgin till then. I had not experienced a girl’s touch on my body. She sucked my dick for around 5-7 minutes.

I could feel my pressure building, and I told her so. She stopped sucking and kissed me wildly, to which I responded with equal vigor. Then she removed her leggings, and I saw the smoothest and the cleanest brown pussy I could see.

I instinctively inserted my middle finger into her twat and started vigorously fingering her. She was moaning uncontrollably. Now she faced me and kissed me again and asked me to fuck her then and there.

I pounced upon her, positioned myself upon her soaking wet pussy, and gave a slight push. Initially, it felt too tight for me. But I kept pushing, and it finally went in fully as it wasn’t her first time.

Slowly I started thrusting in and out while kissing her and sucking on her breasts. Slowly I picked up the pace and started thumping her very fast. My athletic background gave me stupendous stamina and strength.

I kept on banging her pussy very hard and fast with her nails deep in my back, drawing blood all over my back. I gave 20+ bite marks across her neck, tits, all mildly bleeding.

Suddenly she wrapped her legs around my hips and jerked violently. I could feel a dam worth of her juices on my dick. But I relentlessly kept ramming her hard. After about 20 minutes, I could sense the feeling welling up in my balls, and I told her about it.

She told me to cum inside her pussy. So I used the last drop of energy in me and rammed her pretty hard, ejecting all my semen into her pussy. Then we collapsed on each other.

After 30 minutes, we came to senses and started kissing and cuddling. We then went to the bathroom to clean up and ended up having one more session in the shower. All our wounds were fresh and painful yet pleasurable.

We got dressed up, and I dropped her back at her hostel. The next day, I proposed to her, and she accepted. Now officially, she is my GF, and we fuck once every week whenever we get the time and appropriate place.

And the wildness is even more now. I will narrate in the upcoming stories. So this is how I lost my virginity to help and satisfy my current girlfriend.

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