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Story of steamy sex with my colleague during lockdown

Story of steamy sex with my colleague during lockdown

Three months into the lockdown and I was getting restless. My boyfriend of two years had shifted to Chennai due to work, and he was unable to return because of the lockdown.

On the other hand, I had needs. And I was going to get that fulfilled one way or another. The only person I felt comfortable around at the office was my colleague, Hrithik, a tall, dusky Mallu. I knew that my only chance of having safe, secretive sex would be with him. I also knew that he would understand.

However, I was extremely scared of approaching him regarding this. I had to do it slowly, but at the same time, my groins were on fire. I started spending more time with him at the office, making him laugh and gently touching his hand once in a while, casually.

I also made it a point to reveal a bit of my cleavage. I had to get him excited without putting out too much. Luckily for me, the perfect opportunity presented itself. One of our colleagues had resigned, and so, our team threw her a farewell party.

It was a small party with 10 people at her house. However, there were many drinks on offer, and I had a couple to build up the nerve. Hrithik was visibly drunk, too, and was having a few laughs in another corner of the room. I knew if I wanted him, I had to get some alone time with him.

After a while, I told him that I needed some fresh air and asked if he would join me out on the balcony for a smoke. I was wearing a yellow dress with mini shorts. I tugged my top and adjusted my bra to make my cleavage appear deeper. Then, I lit a cigarette and waited for him.

He joined me after a few minutes. I offered him a cigarette while I lit another one myself. As we were talking, I noticed that he was trying hard to not gaze at my cleavage. I became extra flirty now, touching him every now and then and laughing at his jokes.

I brushed my hair with my fingers and kept adjusting my shorts. I could feel my panty get wet under my shorts. There was a light breeze. We looked at each other. Our eyes met.

And just as both of us leaned forward, the sliding door opened, and another colleague joined for a smoke. We leaned back, feeling awkward at the intrusion.

A couple of hours later, everyone was tipsy and ready to leave. I asked Hrithik if he was willing to share a cab. He readily agreed. We got into our cab. The AC was strong, and I was starting to feel cold. I put my legs closer to Hrithik’s as his jeans gave me some warmth. And soon enough, our bodies were extremely close as well.

Wanting to try out my luck once again, I gently placed my hand on his thighs. He put his hand on it, and we clasped our fingers. I slowly took his hand and guided it towards my bra.

He pulled back for a second, “Hey, are you sure you want to do this?”

I didn’t say a word. Just took his hands to my breasts, and he started squeezing them lightly. I turned towards him, and he took my lips in his. His hands felt warm on my boob, his fingers circling my nipple.

We kissed. I let my tongue explore his mouth. Then, I took his hand and guided them to my shorts. He felt the wetness and smiled at me. I just wanted to pull his pant down and suck on his dick. But we waited patiently until the cab reached his apartment.

He asked if I wanted to stay at his place. But that was more of a formality. He already knew the answer. The moment he unlocked the door to his room, my hand was busy stroking his huge dick. My boyfriend was probably half the size. I knew tonight would be amazing.

I pulled down his pant and licked the tip of his cock. I had been waiting so long for this. It was as amazing as I had imagined it to be. I took it deep inside my mouth, letting him gag my throat.

With my mouth surrounding his cock, we slowly walked to his couch. He sat down and let me do the rest. I stroked his long, thick cock, licking it and cradling his balls like a sex hungry girl. His hand was playing with my nipple.

I sucked his tip while squeezing his balls. I used his precum to rub on my lips and then put his ball sack in my mouth. I held his nipple. Grabbing me by my hair, he nudged my head up and down.

My pussy was craving him. And so I obliged. I bent on all fours and turned to him, my ass to his face. He slapped my chubby ass. I liked it. I wanted more. And he gave me more. I removed my shorts.

He clenched my pussy over my panty as he took turns, spanking both my ass cheeks. And as I unhooked my bra, he let a finger slide inside me. I begged him to fuck me. The wait was unbearable.

But he enjoyed my dilemma. One finger became two, and my ass had turned red. He got down on the floor and licked the sides of my ass. And he ran his tongue along my ass line, down to my pussy.

My thighs were shuddering. I let him play around with his tongue while playing with my breasts, slapping and squeezing them. It was erotic how deep inside my fuck buddy’s tongue was. My lack of sex for the past several months made this all the more enjoyable. However, I could not wait any longer.

I turned around and sucked his dick again. And begged him to shove his big cock inside me. He did not have a condom. It did not matter. I was on birth control, and I desperately wanted him inside me.

He made me turn around and then teased me with the tip of his dick. He then slowly pushed it deep inside me. I moaned. He took his time to go in and get out of me. I wanted to pace. And as I turned around to ask him to speed up, he grabbed my waist and started riding me.

His dick felt like a new lease of my life in me. And it went to places that had been previously unexplored. He slapped my ass as he fucked me. My 36C breasts flopped around, crashing into each other.

I sensed that he was slowing down. So I paused, sucked his dick, and then lay on my back. I wanted to see his face as he fucked me. He slid inside me, and we started kissing. His fingers held my nipple. And then, he took one in his mouth while holding the other in between his fingers.

The sex lasted a good thirty minutes. I had to plead with him to climax as I felt that my thighs would explode. He dropped his entire load inside my pussy. The warm cum was oozing out, and I spread them using my fingers.

We kissed once again. I went to his washroom to clean up. We lay on his bed, naked. I stroked his dick as I thanked him for the best sex of my life.

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