Unsatisfied Bengali Landlady In Kolkata – Indian Sex Stories

Unsatisfied Bengali Landlady In Kolkata – Indian Sex Stories

Hey guys, this is Nikhil, and I am back with a new story. This one is a real story that happened 3 months ago. For those who don’t know me, I stay in Kolkata and have written many stories on XIS.

Coming to this story. I was staying in the house of this couple on rent. They’re married and 38 f and 42 m. Let me introduce the landlady to you guys. She’s milky white, 5’8 tall. Her stats would have been somewhere around 38c-30-36. Their children stay in the hostel and hence visit then very rarely.

Seeing this lady, no one can ever say that she’s 38 years old. She has maintained herself so well. She hardly looks 30 years old. As I became more familiar with them, I realized that they had a very good relationship. The lady, let’s call her Rupsha, is a very jovial, happy-go-lucky person.

She always had a thing to try new things and new ways. Rupsha is a lady that none can remove his eyes from. All men from the colony used to state at her so desperately. I even heard teens talking that they’d like to fuck her black and blue.

But she didn’t pay heed to anything. She was cordial to everyone and never depicted any such egoist or proud behavior. While usual chatting, I had realized that she is a woman of desires. She’s quite abrupt in fulfilling her wishes, although always thinking about what the society would think.

I had a habit of walking on the terrace after having dinner. I guess it had just been a month. So she probably didn’t know it or hadn’t noticed it yet. Their terrace had a separate raised room, and the view from the top of that room was incredible. Usually, I never climbed it.

But that particular day when I went to the terrace to walk, I heard a strange voice. It was like someone was crying. Initially, I thought it must be a child. But as I continue, it didn’t stop. I being a pro in giving orgasms, didn’t take me long to recognize that a woman was moaning.

On enquiring closely, I saw that she was Rupsha, my landlady. But I was awestruck with what I saw. She had removed all her clothes, put on a pillow on her boobs, and was enjoying a vibrator. I was enjoying the sight, but then couldn’t resist the view and went near her.

I had planned just to touch her nipples and nothing else. But as I went near her and touched her nipples, she didn’t respond. She wanted to, but she was on the verge of an orgasm. And you all know how strong a vibrator orgasm is. I just wanted to tease her.

So I pulled out the vibrator the very moment when she was about to cum. She was in dire need to put something there. I held her hand and the vibrator. She desperately wanted anything near it.

And that very moment she screamed, “Please leave me or fuck me. Fuck me to death, today, tear my pussy apart or put that back.” I let that moment go and didn’t oblige. She lost the verge of orgasm and tried to cover herself with whatever she found.

The conversation between us-

Rupsha- What are you doing here?

Me- I should be asking that! (wink)

Rupsha- This is my house, and I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Me- Sure. I should leave now.

She held my hand and stopped me.

Rupsha- Please don’t tell anyone what you saw today. I hope you haven’t made any videos.

Me- I am not that cheap.

Rupsha- Thanks a lot, Nikhil.

Me – Is that all I get for it?

Rupsha- What else do you want? Look, I’ll fuck with you only on my terms and only if I like you.

Me- Why were you doing it here, and that too, why completely nude?

Rupsha- I had a fantasy of being brutally fucked on the rooftop, completely naked!

Me- Then why were you using the vibrator, why don’t you do it with hubby?

Rupsha- At this age, all he cares about is money, plus he doesn’t last more than 2 minutes.

Me- So, your fantasy would always remain a fantasy? (wink)

Rupsha- Perfect time to check you.

Me- But I don’t have a condom.

Rupsha- I’m operated, you can cum inside me.

I just pounced on her with my mouth near her earlobes, breathing heavily and every bit of my breath passing through her swiftly. Then I bit the earlobes and moved down kissing around the neck. Her round milky white soft fleshy boobs were my next destination.

I started biting her nipples and sucking and squeezing her boobs. She could hardly control it. My tongue kept licking her nipples circularly, occasionally stroking it. All throughout this, my fingers kept fucking her. After destroying her boobs, I moved down, licking all around her belly.

It completely became uncontrollable for her. I licked around her navel in circular motions slowly while caressing her nipples. She pulled my hair and pushed my face against her pussy. I started eating her. Though she suffocated me with her thighs crossed around me, I continued to eat her.

My tongue was stroking and sucking her clit while my fingers fucked her. She had a wriggling orgasm then and there. The next thing I know is she hastily pulled and towards, and I was pumping her pussy like anything. While I fucked her in missionary, my hands squeezed her boobs and chocked her occasionally.

She was scratching my thighs and chest. After fucking her for a good time in this position, we switched. This time I took her from behind. Pulling her hair, bending her back by her neck, spanking her ass, and making it blood red. She was a pro at it.

I could say this by the way she took the position and moaned. “Ahh, yes. Fuck me. Deeper, babe. Go deep, tear my pussy today. Make me your slut. Fuck me dead today,” she moaned. I wasn’t sure if she likes it or not. But then she said, “Abuse me, idiot.”

I slapped her ass brutally and said, “Shake your filthy slutty ass bitch, get up and take my dick completely in.” After this, she started riding me. It was an exquisite sight!

Her boobs jiggling and me trying to maintain it by squeezing and slapping it. Her hair and the fragrance of her body was carried by the cool breeze. It strikes her body, making me hornier. I held her up, held her ass stable, and started fucking her in that position.

She couldn’t resist and instantly came all over my dick. What happened next was unexpected.


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