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Virgin boy seduces and fucks his tenant aunty – Sex story

Virgin boy seduces and fucks his tenant aunty – Sex story

Hello guys, this is my first story here. My name is Kishore (name  changed).

I am writing this story while in France on a business trip. I am going to tell you about how I fucked Anitha aunty (name changed) before coming to France. I lived in Pondicherry before moving to France.

This happened in December 2019 but only now, I got some time to write the story as I have more time due to this Corona virus problems. I am 24 years old and working in a private company in Pondichéry. We have our own house and we rent the first floor to tenants.

This how I met Anitha aunty who came as a tenant with her husband. At first sight I liked at her looks and her body structure. I thought she should be in her 30’s (and later found out that she was 36 years old). I did not have sufficient time to estimate her assets as my family members were around.

I have a private room on the top floor where I have kept my own TV and PS4. One has to go through first floor entrance and balcony to reach it. As I spend most of my free times there, I got a chance to look at aunty who sometimes sat in the balcony, as there was swing chair there.

Aunty’s husband works in a bank (profession changed to hide his identity) and mostly returns by 8 p.m. They don’t have a child.

It took me nine months to get to know aunty and start casual speech. She also got attached to my mother as both of them liked Tamil serials. By this time I had many opportunities to check Anitha.

She is little chubby, around 150 cm in height. She has medium sized boobs and a good booty. Her face is very innocent and she is fair in complexion. Slowly the idea of fucking her grew in my mind and I spent loads of cum thinking of her. I thought of various ideas of seducing her and that’s the time, I started to read sex stories in ISS to execute my plan.

As I had my private room on the top floor, every evening I would go there but before that I would check if aunty was there on the balcony.  We became somewhat close after some time and I came to know about her worries about not having a child.

She told me that they taking following some medical procedures. But, I knew that she was not happy with her husband. We shared our WhatsApp numbers in order to forward some casual memes.

I used this idea to get close to her. Once, she visited my private room and was amazed with my movie collections as DVDs (most of them are games for PS4. But she doesn’t know that).

Anitha soon started asking me for some Hollywood movies to pass time. I made a plan to seduce her and started giving her dubbed movies which had sexual scenes.

One day, I replaced a DVD with one I had created myself with porn and it would immediately start playing sex scenes. Later she returned the DVD without saying anything. I also kept silent and acted as if it got mixed unknowingly.

That night she messaged me and asked whether I watch blue films. I acted like I was shocked and asked her why she asked this. She told me everything about the DVD. I apologized saying that somehow it got mixed.

Aunty: You look like a good boy but you are doing these activities?

Me: Please don’t tell my parents. That was my friends DVD.

Aunty: (With a naughty smile). Then you don’t watch these things?

I told her that sometimes I watch. She asked me whether I have tried any girl or not. She told me that she will not tell anyone and I should think of as a friend.

I told her that I never had any girl-friend. (which was true as I was a virgin at that time). Then she asked me, “how are you managing your urges at this age”. I answered, “I watch porn and masturbate”.

Then I got an “ok” for the first time sex of my life. (I have deleted out many chats we had and shall narrate the sex part). She asked me whether I will fuck a lady if I get a chance?  I said,”yes”. She replied that she is ready to take my virginity. That’s when she revealed her bad sex life with her impotent husband.

We planned it for a day when my family members and her husband were not there. My house is lonely in that area as it was a newly developing area. I bought some condoms the previous day far away from my home. Finally the day came.

After her husband left, I went to aunties floor. The door was open. Aunty was already waiting in a saree. (I had asked her to wear a saree that day). I locked the door and we entered the bedroom.

She asked me how to start? I sat next to her and told her, “I will start slowly and just to do what I say”. (I had prepared well on how to satisfy a woman).

I started kissing her hands and she also responded in the same way. Then I slowly kissed her cheeks and bit them a little. She immediately turned toward me and started kissing my lips passionately.

I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and bit her lips. Aunty started enjoying it and began smooching near my stomach. It felt like I was in heaven.

I slowly kept my hands on her thighs and gently pressed them. She moved her hand to my pants and unzipped them to release my monster. I have a decent black cock of 7 inches. She started jerking it.

I removed her top and started massaging her boobs. At this point I felt that she is not wearing a bra and her nipples are super erect. I suddenly unhooked her blouse. Two melons popped out immediately and I got to see her wonderful erect nipples.

That was a surprise for me as I was seeing large erect nipples of half an inch. They were brown in colour. I started sucking her nipples and she was moaning. She stopped jerking and lay on her back.

I removed her blouse completely and lay on her to suck her melons. After sucking those juicy melons for some time, I wanted to do a booby fuck.

I got over her and put my dick in-between her boobs and held them tightly together. Every time I give a thrust she was trying to suck my cock head.

After some time she asked me to get down and started blowing my penis. I came in her mouth and we rested for some time. (I came early that day because it was my first time real sex).

After discharging, I thought of doing some foreplay to get back in the mood to fuck her. I slowly went down and lifted her saree till her thighs. Anitha’s pussy was completely shaved. (I had asked her to do it the day before).

I was able to see her pussy lips and her thighs were super glossy. I sat down and started smooching her knees, then thighs and reached her pussy. She kept apart her two feet to give more space .

I started doing a tornado type of thing with my tongue. She wildly mourned when I kissed her down there. I alternatively used finger and tongue to satisfy her. I literally pushed inside my tongue to touch the pussy walls. I could see how she was enjoying in her moaning.

Finally she asked me to fuck her hard. I stood up and tried to insert my penis into her vagina. She held it and helped me to insert it. As it was my first time it was a little uncomfortable for me.

I gently started pounding her and after some time I got the feel of it. She was moving her hips in rhythm with my push. I held both her hands and started kissing and at the same time fucking her.

I was fucking passionately and could see that with every stroke, her boobs were jumping up and down. After fucking for 15 minutes, I came inside her (with my condom) and lay over her.

She told me that she really enjoyed my fucking and appreciated the magic I did on her pussy with my tongue.

Hope everyone liked my story. I am looking forward for feedback. I am interested in sex chats from unsatisfied aunties who want a secret sex life. I can fuck when I come back to India. If by any chance there are any Indian aunties reading this in France, I can help you too if you really want a one night stand.

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