Young son seduces and fucks his innocent Indian mom – Desi Tales

Young son seduces and fucks his innocent Indian mom – Desi Tales

My name is Aditya. I was 20 years old when my life took a great turn. My mom was of 45 years at that time. But she had a great and appreciable figure even at that stage of life. She had perfect legs and perfect shaped stomach and sexy boobs. Yes, the main thing which turned me on was my mother’s loving boobs. They were perfect sized melons.

My father was a businessman and pretty good at his work. He was very innocent and a hard-working guy. He was very intelligent but in his sex life, well, he wasn’t interested much in sex.

I had been sleeping in my separate room since I was 18. So, getting to the story. The main story started when my uncle was diagnosed with a spinal problem and was advised for surgery. It was winter and the weather so much cold.

When my uncle was advised for surgery, my father also went with him to the hospital. He had to stay out of station for 5 days.

Our house had 2 floors and my family lived upstairs. My uncle’s family and my grandparents lived downstairs. For the surgery, my uncle’s family and my father went out of station. The house was left with me and my loving mom upstairs and my grandparents downstairs.

I had to sleep with my mom for those 5 days. Initially, I was frustrated as I was used to sleeping alone in my room with total privacy. But now I had no privacy as I was sleeping with my mom. I couldn’t masturbate and couldn’t use my phone much.

On the first night, nothing vulgar happened except one incident. When my mom was asleep, she accidentally pulled her t-shirt up to her chest and I could clearly saw her melon-like boobs which turned me on instantly! I was thrilled.

I picked up my phone and turned the flashlight on. I was keenly observing my mother’s tits from so close, maybe the first time ever since my childhood. Suddenly, she turned to the other side and the heaven-like scene was gone for me. But I decided to make love to my mom at least once in the remaining 4 nights!

The next day was going pretty normal. I was all day thinking about ideas to get in bed and make love with my mom. But I was so scared.

On the evening of the second day, I asked my mom to watch a movie with me. My mother said yes and asked me which movies did I have. I thought of an idea and asked her to wait for 1 hour.

Then I added some adult movies in my pendrive and gave it to mom. I said, “I have some movies in my pendrive. Please select anyone”.

My mom was unaware of the sort of movies that I had brought. She chose the “Fifty shades freed” movie. I was so excited.

We went to our bedroom. I connected my pendrive to the TV and played “Fifty shades freed”.

I watched for 20 minutes till no adult scene came and then I pretended to sleep. I covered my face with the blanket and was noticing my mother’s reaction to the sex scenes. She noticed me sleeping.

My mom turned the volume down but kept watching every scene so deeply. I was sure that my mother craved for love. She wanted sex! But I couldn’t dare to ask her.

When the movie ended, my mother switched off the light and started masturbating quietly! I was excitedly watching her. She put her finger inside her pussy and started moaning.

After she slept, I thought of kissing her. I went near her but she was turned to the other side. There was only an inch distance between my mom’s lips and mine.

Another night passed and I was left with 3 days only. The next day was the coldest day of that year. Everyone was shivering.

That day, Shruti (my mom) and I completed our work so early and just went to the bed. It was so cold.

My mom asked for some hot water. I brought water for mom and intentionally dropped some water on her. The water so not so hot. While dropping the water, I pretended to fall too. I put the glass aside and slid onto her. I lay on the top of her holding her stomach. We had eye contact for 10-15 seconds. I noticed the lust in her eyes.

I was so determined that day. Time passed and it got more cold by the night. Mom told me to sleep closer to her to prevent cold.

I said, “I think we should hug each other tightly, mom”. Mom was shy but she said okay.

I hugged my mom tightly and her boobs were pressing on my chest. I held her more tightly and started caressing her back. She was uncomfortable and she pushed me away. I didn’t listen to her and got more close to her. I was almost about to kiss her.

Mom – Adii! What are you doing? It’s wrong!

Me – Come on, mom! It’s too cold. Let’s get some heat, please. Please mom, let me hug you tightly.

Mom – Ok, but only hug. Not anything else.

Me – What else is there, mom?

Mom – Nothing, just hug me.

Me – Can I hold your boobs, mom?

Mom – What the hell?! Are your out of your mind? What are you saying!?

Me – Please, mom I read in an article that holding a girl’s boobs gives heat to both boy and girl. Please, mom. I am feeling extremely cold.

My mom was confused. She didn’t reply and turned around. I became sad. I didn’t know what to do next. I was heartbroken. I was ashamed. Yet I took the courage to hug her from behind.

I slowly grabbed my mother’s boobs also and to my shock, she didn’t said say anything! So I squeezed them a little and this time, she moaned.

“It’s really so cold, son. Give me some heat also, please. Let’s help each other” she said.

It was a green signal for me. I hugged her so tightly and started squeezing her boobs. I covered both our bodies with the blanket and started playing with her boobs inside it. Then I took off my mom’s t-shirt and leggings. I put my arms around her chest and pulled her near me. I started kissing her and she did the same.

We kissed for 10 minutes and we could both feel the heat. I then went near her pussy and started fingering it! Mom so aroused by then and couldn’t resist anymore. She started moaning. Our heartbeats were getting fast.

I placed my hand on my mom’s pussy and started rubbing it. Her pussy was clean shaved and so tasty. Yes, so much tasty!

I licked my mom’s pussy for 20-25 minutes continuously. She held my head near her pussy and she was enjoying it too much.

We both played with each other’s bodies for 3 hours and we both became tired. The heat generated was so much. We took a break for half an hour and then started cuddling again.

Then I brought a condom from my almirah. My mom was shocked to see that. She was scared of the thought of her son actually fucking her.

But I grabbed her body and didn’t give her the time to think. I just pulled her near me. I wore the condom and started fucking my confused mom so hard. After a few minutes, she was moaning so loudly. I kept my fingers in her mouth and fucked her continuously.

“Aaahhh…Aaahhh.. Aahh Adiii Darling… Yes.. Yes.. Fuck me please baby. More heat.. yess baby… fuck me fuck your mother!!!”

I fucked her so hard for half an hour and slept on the top of her covered with the blanket. That was the best night of my life.

I slept while my lips were touching her lips. My hands were holding her hands. We shared an intimate moment.

I had 2 nights more. I fucked her everywhere in the home for 2 days. She was cooking and I fucked her in the kitchen. We took a shower together.

We kissed in the bathtub. We fucked in the bathtub. Even after my father’s return whenever we got privacy in the day, we fucked like mad dogs. I kiss her a hundred times daily. I and my mom are true love birds now.

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