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A story of surprises – a massage, lunch and a gold chain!

A story of surprises – a massage, lunch and a gold chain!

Previous Part: Threesome With My Neighbor And Her Ladies Tailor – Part 5

In the first part, you read how I was tricked into sex with my neighbor’s Muslim tailor. Then, in the second part, you read about what happened when we saw the video made slyly by my neighbor and tailor.

In the third part, you had read about my first experience in anal sex. In the fourth part, you read about my sex experience with two men at the same time. In the fifth part, you read about my double penetration experience.

Before I begin the sixth part of my story, I want to thank each one of you for your feedback and encouragement. I have already replied to you all by email. Your feedback made me feel proud. Thanks again.

Read all five parts again and then proceed, so that you get the flow of the story.

Life was a roller-coaster sex adventure. Every sexual experience was as good if not better than the earlier one.

Now I was comfortable with fucking both Naseem and Vinod. On the days that Naseem could not come, Vinod used to come. He generally used to fuck Meena first and then used to fuck me.

He, too, had great staying power. Within 10 minutes of cumming in one of our pussies, he would be ready again to fuck the other pussy.

Now let me tell you more about Vinod. I had told you that he was the manager of the flats that Naseem owned. I had kept you guessing what his real job was. I learned that the 2 flats had cubicles (I visited them as you will read later), and the flats were converted into massage parlors.

So now you know what Naseem’s main business was. Vinod was an expert massager himself and used to train new girls (women) like me. This is about the future.

One day, when Vinod came, Meena said that today he would give me a massage. I was excited but still feeling a little shy. Meena had a rubber foam mattress ready. She placed it on the floor and covered it with a blanket.

Then Vinod took over. He told me to imagine that I had never met him before, and this was the first time I was getting a massage. He explained that when he visits woman clients at their homes or at the hotel, this is what happens. I was told to undress and now was only in bra and panties.

First, I lay down on my stomach. Vinod told me that women are first shy to unhook their bras, but he has to convince them that it is a part of the massage. Many husbands who arrange for their wives to get a sexual massage, help to remove their wife’s bra themselves.

When the bra is unhooked, he lets it lie under them so that they still feel that their nipples are covered. Vinod had brought a bottle of fragrant oil. It was specially imported from Bangkok and had herbal properties that would soothe the skin. It could be used both on the skin and in the vagina.

He liberally poured the oil on his hands and rubbed his palms vigorously. He told me that this increases the temperature of the oil. He does not have to heat it so that it does not lose its fragrance and medicinal properties. He then applied it on my back. I could feel the heat as the oil touched my back.

Then he began to use both hands and palms to massage all the muscles in my back. He did it gently and sensually. As if he was caressing my body. It really was very relaxing as I kept both my hands on either side of me and lay on my stomach.

Vinod had done a course in oriental massage and knew the science of giving a good massage. He used short strokes first on my neck and then long strokes on my back to the end of my tail bone.

All the strokes were in a circular motion. He explained to me that he was not applying a balm or some ointment for pain, which you have to rub into the skin. He kept talking to me, explaining all the nuances, asking me if there was any pain. Remember, he was teaching me how to do it.

This he did for more than 15 minutes. It was relaxing and soothing as it drained all the tension in my muscles and body. He seemed to be in no hurry, and neither was I. Then he asked me to turn around. Though he had seen me nude so many times, I was feeling shy and tried to cover my boobs with my hands.

He laughed and told me to close my eyes so that I will not feel self-conscious. I did as told. There is a different thought in mind during the massage and during sex. Though the body slowly begins to respond in both cases.

He was using circular motions around the base of my boobs and very delicately pulling out my nipples. By now, you all know how sensitive my nipples are. This motion was sufficient to trigger sexual sensations to my pussy, which slowly began to get moist.

I thought that he will suck my nipples with his mouth. But he was like a real professional concentrating on his job to provide muscle relief. He was aware of my sexual awakening as my body used to twitch in between when he pulled my nipples.

Then he poured some oil into my navel and began massaging my tummy muscles. He was using circular motion all along. Then he went down to my thighs. I was now embarrassed that he must be able to see the wet patch on my panties.

I had tried to hold my legs together so that the juices would stop oozing, but it did not help. He lifted one leg and kept it on his shoulders. He began to massage my inner thighs, starting from the soles of my feet and going up to my vulva.

I can tell you that massaging the soles of the feet is like having an orgasm. It is so relaxing. I could get the smell of my own pussy juices and wondered what he thought as his nose was close to my pussy. Now the feeling was getting unbearable, and I wanted him to touch my pussy.

I think he recognized my feelings and started pulling down my panty. I tried to pretend and caught my panty but with no real conviction, and soon he had removed the panty. I was now fully naked before him. This time he did not have to use any oil to moisten my soaking cunt.

He placed one palm of his hand on my vulva and the other palm on my heart and asked me to breathe slowly and deeply. He explained that this builds a bridge between the heart and the genitals. My pussy was flowing with my juices.

He parted the cunt lips and with his fingers, and started massaging my inner lips. He bent his middle finger and, together with his thumb, got hold of my clitoris, which was now swollen like a mini penis. I was now at the peak and wanted his cock in my pussy.

It was more than 45 minutes that he had been massaging every part of my body. He sensed my feelings and took my hand and kept it on his penis. I had not noticed when he had freed his penis from his trousers. He had not removed his trousers, but his swollen cock was now in my hands and pulsating with life.

He came to the side of my face. Since I had sucked his cock before, it was easy for me to open my mouth. Every cock has its own flavor and fragrance. I now feel that I would be able to recognize whether it was Naseem’s cock or Vinod’s even with my eyes closed.

I do not know if it is psychological. But because I knew that Vinod’s cock is smaller (only slightly), I can take his full cock in my mouth. To those who want to know whether the feel of a circumcised cock is different from an uncircumcised one, in the mouth, I don’t think so. It is the same.

After I took his swollen glans up to my throat, I licked the underside of his balls with my tongue. I could feel his balls full of his semen as I played with them. Now, we both had the same thought. He wanted to empty his load into my pussy, and I too wanted the same thing.

So he came on top of me and slid his cock into my inviting pussy, which had been waiting all along for this. I asked him, “Do all your women clients get so wet?” He said, “It is my job to prepare them with my hands. Since I do not kiss them first or suck their nipples. Most women end up begging me to fuck them, by the time I finish the massage.”

He then fucked me in all the different positions. However, he avoided sucking my boobs and nipples or sucking the clitoris. After fucking for more than 20 minutes, he shot his thick load into my pussy. It was the first but maybe not the last massage that I had.

It was heavenly and beyond description. Next time I will tell you how he taught me to give massage to a man. Today, I am going to tell you about the lunch date that I had with Naseem. Something different and what I had never imagined.

One day, my daughter had a holiday, and she wanted to spend the day with my mother. So the previous evening, I dropped her there, and the next day had the full day to myself.

I had decided to spend the whole day at Meena’s place, and Naseem was to come during lunchtime. Meena had told me not to eat at my place as Naseem had a surprise. So I thought we will all be eating at Meena’s place.

Then Naseem came, like a hero wearing a jacket and jeans and sporting stylish Rayban glasses. He was looking like a Bollywood actor. He had a gift-wrapped parcel for me. They told me to open it. My eyes popped out.

It was a beautiful black linen burqa. I had seen many women wear this, but I had never touched or felt one. I was shocked. Naseem told me that he is taking me out for lunch, and I had to wear the burqa.

This was a shock. But the bigger shock was when he said that I should not wear any undergarments. I was about to cry. But they somehow convinced me that since I would not want to be seen with him, wearing normal clothes, no one would recognize me in a burqa.

I, too, thought that this was a good idea. But imagine being nude under the burqa. I refused to dress in front of Naseem. We, women, are funny creatures. We will be nude while fucking, but at other times we will feel shame if our sex partner sees us nude.

Meena took me to her bedroom and helped me to undress from the salwar-kameez that I was wearing. She then helped me to wear a burqa. It was a strange feeling. I could see the world, but no one could see me. The feel of the garment touching my nipples, made my nipples get excited.

When I went before Naseem, I was too self-conscious, and this made my nipples stick out even more. It was so clear that I was not wearing a bra. I started crying.

Seeing me in tears, Naseem came and hugged me and said, “Theek hai, bra pehno magar panty nahin. Yeh hamara nude lunch date hai.” (Ok, wear a bra, but no panty. This is our nude lunch date). Hearing this, I was pacified and wore my bra.

Naseem lifted my gown, touched my pussy, and said, “Aaj tumhari chut rani banegi.” (Today your pussy will become a queen). I did not understand what he meant.

Meena waved goodbye and told us to have fun. I was nervous. Then we went down to his car – a Hyundai elite. I had to take careful steps as this was the first time, I was looking through the mesh of the burqa. I sat beside him on the front seat, feeling safe with him.

He then drove to a typical Muslim area, where many others were wearing a burqa. I looked just like them. Not exactly like them as I was nude inside. This made me feel comfortable.

We then entered a posh restaurant and were escorted to the family cubicle. It was beautifully decorated with a chandelier and candles. We had an enjoyable meal and spoke a lot. After we finished the meal, we washed our hand in rose petal and lemon bowls.

Naseem lifted the veil and gave me a long, lingering kiss. We then left. He then said that he would show me his flats. I thought that he will make love to me there. When I reached the flats, I was in for another shock. The 2 flats were converted into cubicles.

Each cubicle had a TV, an AC, a massage table, and a posh sofa cum bed. It was decorated with ceiling lights and had a heavy floor carpet with long thick curtains. It never occurred to me that one day, I would be expected to work here with rich clients, due to the video made the first time.

I also did not know that all the cubicles had built-in cameras, which captured all the live-action. I later learned that there was a special viewing room for clients who could not afford the massage charges and only wanted to watch the action.

Then Naseem spoke to someone on the phone and asked him to come over. When he came, Naseem introduced him to me and told me that he was his personal goldsmith.

He told me that he would be making a gold chain and would take my measurements. We, women, love gold, especially if it is gifted to you. But I was shocked when Naseem told me that he would need to take the measurements of my pussy, as that gold chain was especially to be worn decorating my pussy.

Today was really my day of surprises. I was very hesitant at first. But Naseem convinced me that this goldsmith specializes in making such chains and has seen many pussies of very rich clients.

I then lay on the massage table. They pulled up my burqa, and my pussy was visible to them. I covered my eyes in shyness. Then the goldsmith took measurements, quite professionally, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Naseem then dropped me home. After a week, I had the beautiful gold chain studded with precious stones.


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