Affair With My Cousin When I Went To Her Place To Help Her

Affair With My Cousin When I Went To Her Place To Help Her

Hello to all readers. This is Mr. K again from Bangalore and I am working in the field of IT. I am here to share another of my interesting experiences today. This incident which happened sometime before involves my cousin Kiara (name changed). She is three years elder to me.

Kiara is of medium built standing at 5 feet 6 inches with assets to die for. Though I had some feelings for her because of her beautiful figure I never thought of having an affair with her. She got married two years back and has a baby girl who was born a few months ago.

Once I was told by my brother in law that he is having to go out of station for a few days due to important work. He asked me to stay in his place as my sister was having a mild fever. I was initially hesitant as it would take even more time to commute to the office from my cousin’s place.

But I agreed since it was critical for my cousin and not to forget that she has a toddler to take care of. After informing my folks at home. I set out at my cousin’s place and reached there by afternoon. Kiara was looking like a temptress in a t-shirt and shorts.

I was lost in her beauty but came back to my senses. She greeted me and asked me to have lunch. I got to know that her husband already left yesterday to catch the night time flight. After finishing lunch, she took some tablets for the fever and went to sleep. My niece was already sleeping in the bedroom.

I started to watch TV and pass the time. Around one hour later, my niece woke up crying and I rushed to her and tried to pacify her but she would not stop crying. And I was clueless whether it was due to hunger or something else.
In the meantime, my cousin woke up and came to pacify her daughter.

Kiara told me that the baby might be hungry and needs to be fed. I understood the situation and went to the hall to resume watching TV. Kiara came outside after some time and the baby seemed to have gone back to sleep again. But my cousin was not looking comfortable.

I enquired if the baby has still not slept. That was not the case as she told me. Then I asked what was bothering her. Kiara was hesitant to talk about it. I told her that I am there to take care of her and make sure she is fine. She finally opened with a low voice that the baby has not drunk all the milk.

She is drinking very less these days. And her husband was not bothered when she had told him the same. I was not knowing what to say but only told her that I am feeling sorry for her. She made a request to me and demanded that it should be only between us.

I assured that I would whatever I could do to make her get better. She asked me to drink her breast milk. I am the only person whom she could trust and who can help her with the problem. I pretended to be hesitant even though I was already pumping with joy from the inside.

Kiara held my hand took me to the other bedroom and sat on the bed. She removed her t-shirt and black bra which now revealed her 36 size breasts. She asked me to rest my head on her lap which I readily agreed. First she made me suck her right breast.

After placing her juicy nipples over my lips lovingly, I sucked it hard and drank all the milk. I was getting hard on already and also Kiara started to moan. It indicated that she is also getting aroused. Then she guided me to suck her left breasts. I sucked this one also nicely.

I drank all the milk and made her breasts fully dry. She then let out a huge sigh after she was feeling relieved. I got up from the bed and our eyes, as well as our lips, were facing each other. I gave her a quick kiss as her looks were tempting enough.

As expected, there was no sign of resistance from her since she was fully aroused. I assured that everything will be between us only and not a single person from outside will get to know. She removed my t-shirt and were kissing each other madly all over our faces and neck.

She told me that she cannot control anymore and asked me to enter her immediately. I pulled down her shorts and panty to reveal her already wet pussy. I fingered her pussy for a few seconds and she scratched my back hard with her nails. I was too busy to be bothered by it.

She held my face and threw up her love juice which I finished up quickly. Then she pulled down my pant and underwear to make me fully naked. I was about to enter my dick in her pussy. But she asked me to put on the condom which was in the room luckily.

Once I had put on a condom, I slowly glided my dick into my cousin’s pussy and she held my dick to make it enter smoothly. I started to pound her and she started to moan loudly. I had to kiss her lips to stop her from waking up the baby sleeping in the next room.

I had my orgasm after a few minutes but she was still not yet done. So she sat over me and my dick slowly started to become hard again. She was bouncing up and down on me. Kiara had her orgasm after quite a while and I also came with her.

We had another round of sex later that night after her baby went to sleep. This time, I made her stand on her hands and legs. I screwed her in doggy style which was the first time for her nevertheless she enjoyed it a lot. I was at her place for two more days.

After I came back from the office, I would drink up her breast milk and then fuck her in different positions once the baby went to sleep. In the meantime, my cousin’s fever went away and she was healthy as well as happy courtesy me. She wanted to repay my help.

Hence we did meet up a couple of times and went on crazy lovemaking sessions whenever the time and situation permitted. At the same time, there is no clue among anyone in the family as we maintained the secrecy and trust upon each other.

I have not met her for a few months as my cousin moved to a different city. I am waiting for her to visit Bangalore again.

That’s about an interesting episode of my life. I would like to hear the comments or feedback from the readers that can be sent to I hope you all enjoyed reading the story as much as I did while writing the same.

Note: I won’t be sharing information about the people involved in my affairs.

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