Apni friend or us ki bahen ko ghar main choda desi kahani

Hello to all iss readers, this is Varun back with my next experience. This incident happened only a month ago. The sex angel her name is jaya and she was my class mate. Describing her she was a 34-24-34 her boobs was so firm and big and ass will make any one slap it she was 5.10 in height too.
Lets get with the story she was my classmate and not so beautiful but her structure will make anyone go hard. I didn’t any intention for her at first were everything was going normal and we were given a group project by that I got her number and we speak about the project every day after the completion of the project also we started to speak continuously. We used to talk on phone every day and we came to second year and there is a new girl joined in first year.

All boys were going crazy for her she was damn hot and jaya was a became a friend to her and one day when we were talking I asked her phone number to jaya and she asked why and I said to speak with her and she asked what is so special about her . I replied she is so beautiful and she replied that she doesn’t even have a good structure at all. From that moment our relationship gone to next level and I replied what you mean by good structure and she said her front is too small and I asked what do you mean by front she first didn’t say boobs directly but I pushed her so she said my boobs is bigger and attractive than her and I asked what made you think that. Every boy in the class used to stare at my boobs even you to stare at mine.
Then our conversation gone to next level we started to have sex chat till midnight and she asked me about my sex life and told about Cynthia and my boss, her daughter my previous experience and shared my video of masturbation and other sex video’s and she was a virgin so she started to ask lot of questions about sex like what is the feel and all but she never speaks about me as a sex partner and I was so fed up with having sex chat with her a with her and wanted to practice with her and one day I went to her home unannounced were her mom went to the market nearby and she was shocked to see me, she was wearing a white tops and blue tights and she asked what are you doing her and I said just simply came and she said I will bring you tea.
I tried to control but I can’t and followed her to the kitchen and placed her hand in her shoulder and she was confused and said varun keep it together and turned around and I hugged her behind the back and grabbed her left boobs and all in sudden she turned and I thought she is gonna slap me but she kissed me in the lips and she is going wild and I was tasting her lips and started to un button my pant and suddenly someone knocked the door and she gained the consciousness and went to open the door.
It was her neighbor small kid and she came to play with jaya and window of opportunity is wrecked and I went to home and she called and said tomorrow my mom is going to my aunts home so come tomorrow.
I was completely out of fucking mind and floating in cloud nine and tomorrow came and I went to her home and she was wearing a red color nighty and when I entered into the house I saw that neighbor girl is still sitting in jaya’s house and that little brat was not leaving and she went to kitchen and suddenly the kid’s mom called her and the kid left and closed the door and locked it and went into the kitchen and she didn’t know that the kid left and I again hugged her from the back and she resisted and told kid is still here and but I lifted her in my hand and moved to the bedroom and she realized that the kid is gone and I entered into her bedroom and dropped her in the bed and she looked so nervous and tensed and I just jumped on her and kissed her all over the face and she is a virgin and she too started to do her fantasies and she turned me around and sat on me and started to unbutton my pant and removed it.
She stared at my underwear and started to massage my balls and penis with my underwear’s on and she slowly removed my underwear and my penis is fully wet and erected. She started to lick my balls instead of my penis and that was a first time I have my balls sucked and she turned her attention towards the penis and she grabbed it and inserted into her mouth and she was so good on that. Then it is my turn to do and I turned her down and removed my shirt and slowly removed her nighty and she was wearing and white bra and I removed it and the boobs was so big and firm. I have never seen that much big boobs stand firm like her and I can’t control myself and I started to suck her boobs and started to go nuts and started to bite her boobs and she started to suck my nipples and bit mine and I started to massage her boobs omg it was a massive feeling I have never had a feeling like that.
Then she was wearing a black color underwear and she had a cleaned pussy and it was so white and clean and I started to suck her pussy and was mourning so loudly were she couldn’t control her feeling and she was pushing my head towards her vagina and closed her legs and she wanted more and I was doing it for almost 15 mins.
Then it is finally time to insert my penis into her vagina and she said she will bleed in bed itself and we went to the bath room and made her lie down in floor and lifted her legs and inserted my six inch tool in to her pussy and it was so tight and the first four push is really hard and she was bleeding and screaming in pain and I stopped but she said to continue and after sometime it has became a pleasure to her and she was enjoying it and after a 10 mins the white horse was released and she was so fulfilled and we did it for 2 more times in the same day.
I hope you enjoyed my experience all ladies in tamilnadu and bangalore drop me your comments onvarunvking@gmail.com.

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