Breaking the ‘seal’ of slutty Bangalore neighbour girl – Sex story

Breaking the ‘seal’ of slutty Bangalore neighbour girl – Sex story

Hello all, my name is Sultan from Bangalore and now I am 24 years old. Well, I am a horny type of a boy with a 6.5-inch big fat dick (it is circumcised). So, sweet little girls have your fingers in your juicy and ummm tasty pussy and guys, hold your shaft in your hands and stroke it. Bahut maza aane wala hai. Names are changed for privacy.

The heroine of this story is my neighbour girl, Aarifa – a perfect bombshell with sexy figure and cock-raising beauty.

Aarifa used to stay right in front of my house and I had become good friends with her by smiling at each other, talking and exchanging chocolates and gifts during our birthdays. I had a major crush on her.

So, one day while I was playing cricket with my friends for fun on the street, she came out of the house. I was so excited and I was so happy that I scored 22 runs in that over to lead my team to the victory! Later, while was just sitting on the bench outside our house, she called me.

Aarifa: Sultan, kya kar rahe ho?
Me: Kuch nahi yaar bas baitha hoon.

Aarifa: Accha, suno mera ek kaam karoge?
Me: Haan bolo Aarifa.

My neighbour girl called me up (she lived on the first floor) and told me to recharge her mobile number. To my surprise, she held my hand and wrote her number on my hand. I was on cloud nine and my naughty shaft began to rise. I recharged her number and then we used to talk for hours day and night daily.

One day she confessed that she was having a crush on me and told me that no one will be at her home the next day as all are going out of station for some family gathering and she will convince her mom to let her stay. I was overwhelmed and said okay.

In the night, she texted me saying, “Soldier you are clear.” I happily responded, “Copy that, major.”

The next day at around 12 in the noon, Aarifa called me and told me that there was no one and she was all alone and asked me to come in such a way that no one can see me.

I told, “Pagal, mein dekhloonga woh sab. Don’t worry.” To which, she responded, “I trust you, baby.”

I was happy to hear ‘baby’ from her mouth and replied, “Thanks, baby.” She said, “Jaldi aao jaan” and disconnected the call.

I told mom and dad that I was going out to play (you know what I mean!) and carefully entered my neighbour’s house. There she was, in her t-shirt and shorts. I looked at her from top to bottom. She smiled and said, “Andar aao.”

I entered her house and sat on my knees and confessed my love for her. She accepted it and then we hugged and started kissing hard and wild like hungry wolfs! I was feeling Aarifa’s whole body while she was running her hands on my hairs and neck. Oh god, I was in heaven!

After 10 minutes of kissing and gulping tons of spit, we broke the kiss. My neighbour girl then held my hand and took me to the bedroom and said, “Aaj mein tumhari hoon baby, aaj besharam bante hain.”

I pounced on Aarifa and quickly removed her top. She had no bra inside and when I asked why she was not wearing a bra, she said, “Jab kapde utaarne hi hain toh pehnein kyun” and winked at me.

I went down and started eating her boobs and fondling her nipples with my tongue while taking off her shorts (contained no panties).

My horny neighbour was moaning and saying, “Aaaaaahhhhh.. saale chus mere boobs aaah..”

I now undid her shorts and went down to smell her pussy. I looked at her and said, “Your pussy is so sexy and it is just the way I like it – clean, shaved and delicious!” She responded, “Yeah, I cleaned it yesterday just for you, darling” and pushed my head onto her pussy and smothered me!! I was eating Aarifa’s pussy and fondling her boobs.

After 15 minutes of pussy-eating, my neighbour girl lifted my head and asked me to fuck her face. “Sure, my dick is yours, baby”, I said.

Aarifa undid my pants and my hard dick popped out. She said, “Aaaahhh..mast bada hai, baby.. Aaj toh khoob chodoongi isse meri jaan..” and started sucking it hard and wild while playing with my balls. She was also sucking my balls.

After 8-10 minutes of sucking, my young neighbor lied on the bed and asked me to fuck her pussy.

I placed my dick on her pussy and thrust it in. But her pussy was tight! After a few thrusts, my dick broke Aarifa’s virginity seal and she cried, “Ahhhhhh… Aaaajjjj mar gayi mein..”.

I was fucking her slowly and then increased my speed to fuck her like an animal. She was crying in pleasure, “Aaaaahhhhhh chood mujhe saale.. I am your slut, baby. Fuck me like a randi..Aaaahhh…”

After 15-20 minutes of fucking, I told her that I was going to cum. She quickly stood up, kissed me, and sat on her knees and opened her mouth like a slut to gulp my juices. Soon, I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it and said, “I love your juice, baby.”

“You are fabulous”, I said.

We hugged and slept on the bed. I woke up after 2 hours and she again served her pussy to me for lunch and had my dick for her lunch. We fucked again and then I left.

We fucked a lot after that until she vacated her house and lost my number. (my expression now: sad and crying face) Yeah, I still miss her a lot.

Thank you guys for reading and enjoying my story.

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