Corona Virus Led To Sex With Bhabhi – Indian Bhabhi Story

Corona Virus Led To Sex With Bhabhi – Indian Bhabhi Story

I’m Vihan back with another story. This is a story about the Corona Virus and how that led me to have sex with my bhabhi.

The protagonist of this story is my Bhabhi, Sukanya. She was around 35 and was living with her husband, my cousin in Pune. She was living in the Peth areas. Bhabhi and I had a very friendly relationship. We both use to love each other’s company.

My cousin, Jai, was a very lucky guy to have his wife. I always used to tell Sukanya bhabhi as to how lucky my cousin was. Whenever I used to tell her that she used to blush and used to slap my arm. But I knew, she was in love with him.

Bhabhi was beautiful looking. She was not fair. But wheatish. Not slim but a bit on the bulky side. Not big boobs but just the right size. Her ass was just pure juice. But I never had any sexual feelings towards her.

All I had was love for her. I always used to think that I want a wife like her. Caring, sweet, beautiful, well educated, etc. Little did I know that God was going to fulfill my destiny.

So this story starts in March. We all were working from home. Everyone was enjoying their summer vacation. Since it was a lockdown in Pune, I couldn’t travel to bhabhi’s place.

But bhabhi was a bit tensed as my cousin had gone to Delhi. He was supposed to fly back just before the lockdown.  I called her up to reduce her stress and to make her feel comfortable

Me – So, bhabhi, what’s the plan for tonight?

Bhabhi – Nothing, da. Just waiting for your bhaiya to come.

Me – Must have planned something special for him. Now that you have a month to yourself.

Bhabhi – Stop it, you naughty boy. (She said with a blush). I’m a bit stressed, Vihan. I hope your cousin is all right.

Me – Chill, bhabhi. He will be fine. You just be ready to enjoy the days to come.

Bhabhi – Stop it V. ( She used to call me V. I used to love that)

Me – Ok bhabhi. Chill. He’ll be alright trust me. And if you need anything I’m here for you. Give me a call

Bhabhi – Thanks, V. I’ll call you back.

She did call me back after 5 days when my cousin was admitted to the hospital due to coronavirus. She asked me to come and help her. All my family went to be there for her.

We were not allowed to go to the hospital and see him every day. But we stayed at Bhabhi’s place.

At night bhabhi and I were sitting on the terrace. Just looking at the stars. It had just rained in Pune, so it was a bit cool and breezy. We were talking and bhabhi started crying

Bhabhi – I’m so tensed for Jai.

Me – Don’t worry Bhabhi, nothing will happen to him.

Bhabhi – If something happens to him I won’t be able to survive.

Me – Don’t say all that bhabhi. I’m here for you.

Saying this I put my hand across. I held her shoulder and started caressing her. She closed her eyes and laid her head on my shoulder. She was wearing a Punjabi dress and over that, she was wearing a shawl. She closed her eyes. Tears still flowing from her eyes.

I brought her close to me and kissed her forehead. She got further close to me. I kissed her again. This time not just the forehead but her cheeks too. It was not out of lust that I was doing this. It was love for my bhabhi. Even she got a bit comfortable and cozied up to me.

I was looking at her. She realized that opened her eyes and she looked up to me. I don’t know what got into me but I kissed her lips. It was a small kiss. We ended the kiss. We didn’t say anything to each other. Looked at each other. And she went back to keeping her head on my shoulder.

I kept my head on her head. My hand was still caressing her other shoulder.  We were sitting like that and my mom called her from downstairs. She said it’s a call from the hospital.

We got back to reality. Bhabhi realized that she was in my embrace. She got up and adjusted her dress and hair and went downstairs.

She got on the phone. There was some emergency and we were called to the hospital. We got in our car. We decided bhabhi shouldn’t drive. I got into the driving seat and started driving to the Naidu Hospital.

She was so stressed out and had tears in her eyes. I was driving with one hand and took her hand in my other hand. We were holding hands the entire time until we got to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital we got to know that we were too late and we had already lost him.  Bhabhi fainted in my arms.

We finished all the formalities and the funeral. We came home. Bhabhi hadn’t said a word the entire time. It was the 5th day after he had gone.

The police had come to our house and told all of us to go back to our respective houses and quarantine for 14 days. Since I was had a very friendly relationship with bhabhi, it was decided that I’ll stay back with her. The rest of them returned home.

It was just me and bhabhi in the house now. I went to her. I told her, “It’s you and me in the house. Please talk to me. Please cry.” She was looking like a ghost. She hadn’t said a word the entire time nor she had cried. I was worried about her.

I sat beside her. I tried talking to her. But seeing no response and her state of mind I started crying. I couldn’t look at her in this situation. The moment I started crying she looked at me. It was as if she had gotten back from the dead. She looked at me and tears rolled down her eyes.

And with all the strength she had left she screamed, “Vihaaan, he’s gone,” and started to cry. She was crying on top of her voice. She was becoming breathless. While I was relieved that she was finally expressing her grief I still couldn’t see her like this.

I hugged her tightly. She hugged me back.

Bhabhi – I’m destroyed, V. I don’t want to live anymore.

Me – Don’t say that bhabhi. You’ll have to live.

Bhabhi – What will I do, V? I have lost my husband. What will I do?

Me – Bhabhi I’m here for you. You can’t say all these things. I’ll take care of you. I’ll look after you as bhaiya did. I’m here Bhabhi. I love you.

Bhabhi was looking at me all the while. She had tears. I don’t know if she was crying for her fate or crying because she had someone to look after her.

We were crying. Looking at each other.  Again I said, “I love you, bhabhi.”

Bhabhi – I love you too, V. I love you, too.”

And we kissed. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues were fighting each other. We just couldn’t have enough of each other.  We kept going at it. I kissed her lips. Her cheeks. Her eyes. Her forehead.

I couldn’t stop. I came back to her lips. That’s when she realized that it was a mistake. And she pushed me away.

Did we do it? Did our lust overtake her grief?  Stay tuned to know more.

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