He Fucked His Virgin Colleague In A Hotel In Hyderabad

He Fucked His Virgin Colleague In A Hotel In Hyderabad

Hi Readers. I am Ravi from Hyderabad. I would like to share with you my experience of how my colleague has become my sex partner. Lakshmi Uses Her Seductive And Sensual Skills To Get A Raise

This started when I was in Bangalore working for an MNC in 2015. I was new to Bangalore and also to my work location. It took some time to adjust to the people there.

The girl Sujatha (name changed) was talking to me as a colleague only. She was attractive, healthy, and active in the office. I used to look at her very often. Except for official work, there was no other interaction between us.

After a few months, I got to know that she too speaks Telugu and her ancestors were from Andhra Pradesh.  This gave me a chance to talk beyond office work. I started cracking jokes and she used to enjoy it a lot. Every day at least once, we used to have some interaction.

In 2016, I resigned from work. I was moving from Bangalore to Hyderabad as I got a new opportunity here, she was unhappy that I was leaving Bangalore. Before leaving we went to shopping and there I told her that I will miss her a lot. She said that she too will miss me.

At that time I thought of expressing my interest in her. But I was scared to get rejected as I don’t want to miss her. Then I moved back to Hyderabad. Post my arrival I used to talk to her over the phone. She told me that she doesn’t feel like to continue working there.

I asked her if she is interested to join my company if I recruit her and she readily accepted. I recruited her in my team. She was happy and joined immediately. Her work location was out of Hyderabad. I arranged accommodation for her and took care of her.

Then I allotted work and told her what to do and how to do it. That day she was wearing jeans and a short T-Shirt. There was a gap between her jeans and T-shirt and I could see her navel. During the process of explanation, I was teasing her. I poked on her hip and once in her belly button with my finger.

She was not serious and was enjoying this act. I got a signal that I can proceed further as she likes my touch. So during the process, I was running my fingers on her hands, hip and neck, and cheeks whenever possible. She was enjoying the tickling feeling.

After a week I had to go on a business trip to Mumbai. She came to the airport to send me off. After getting off the cab I was about to get into the airport. There I hugged her tight and kissed on her cheek and left. She was in tears as I was leaving. 3 days later I was back and she came to hug me.

There was an important tender we had to work on so I asked her to assist me in preparing the documentation. That night we stayed at a star hotel in Hyderabad. Once her check-in process was done, I went to her room. I was talking to her about general things and was behind her.

I was brave enough to hold her hand and turn her towards me and hugged her. My breath was touching her neck and then slowly I held her head and placed a French kiss. She responded and I inserted my tongue and tasting her saliva. She closed her eyes and enjoying the moment.

I unbuttoned her top and she was wearing a camisole. I put my right palm on her stomach and slowly it went up into her camisole and reached her boobs. I felt the bra covering her boobs. I put my palm on her left boob and pressed it.
I removed her top and she supported me in taking it off.

I removed her camisole and now she was in her jeans and bra. I tried to unbutton her bra, but she was hesitant as the transparent curtain was only covering the window. I closed the curtain. Now the room was dark but we could see each other. I put my hands back on the bra and pressed the boob.

She moaned. I slid my hand under her bra and touched her bare boob with my hand. Her breath increased and I felt the warmth of her boob on my palm. I was rubbing the boob and her nipple become stiff. I pinched it and pushed the bra up exposing her boob in front of me.

It was perfect 30 size boobs. She tried covering it with her hand. I slowly removed her hand and put my mouth on her boob and took the nipple into my mouth. It was damn good. For her, this was the first experience as she was never touched by any man so far.

She was breathing heavily and I pulled the other boob also out of her bra. I was sucking her boob and running my tongue on her areola. She was moaning loud and don’t know how many times she had her orgasms by then.

Then we got back to senses that our colleague was waiting for us in his room for tender documentation. She quickly put her clothes on and went to the washroom. We went there and did our work till 7 pm. We said bye to our colleague thinking he will be staying in his room so as we can go to her room.

But to our surprise, that guy said that he will come to the lobby to send me off. Then I winked to her and she told that she will leave for her room. I followed her saying that I have to take some documents. Still, this fellow was prepared to come with us.

Then I told him to give me a few minutes so that I can take the documents and join him back at the elevator. I dropped her in her room and took her room key She said that she will take bath by then. I quickly went to the elevator and my colleague was waiting for me there.

We chatted for some time and after smoking a cigarette he left back to his room. I left the place saying that I am going home. Reaching the main gate of the hotel I looked back and ensured that my colleague has taken an elevator to his room. I ran back to the lobby and went into the elevator and reached her floor.

I went to her room, opened the key, and went inside. She was looking fresh after taking a bath and was in her night suit (night pants and shirt on it). She felt happy looking at me. Without wasting time I went and sat next to her. I was running my fingers on her body.

This was tickling and she was losing control and her body was getting prepared for a fuck. Then I took her in my arms and rubbing her shoulders. I slowly started unbuttoning her top and within no time it was on the floor. She was again wearing a camisole.

I could see her nipples pointing out through it, which means there is no bra under it. I again put my hand under it and started to take it up. This time without any difficulty the top was removed exposing her boobs. I took my shirt off and was in my vest.

I sat on the cot and took the boobs into my mouth and started sucking them. Doing so I leaned back and pulled her over me and we rolled over the bed. I came on top of her and was busy exploring her body with my fingers. I unbuttoned her pants and started pulling them down.

She was jumping saying that her legs are exposed and she doesn’t want me to look at her bare legs. I forcefully removed them and she said that I am very stubborn and naughty. She pulled the bedsheet and tried covering her legs. I again went back to her neck and started kissing there which she enjoys a lot.

She forgot about her legs and was enjoying my move. She started moaning again. I was licking her earlobes. She was giving jerks as if there is some electric shock in her body. I understood that she was enjoying this. She was holding me very tight and her hands wrapped me around my body.

She pulled my vest and threw it aside. I hugged her. My chest was feeling the warmth of boobs and it was her first nude hug. She was enjoying every moment of it. I was rubbing my hands on her back and running my tongue on her ear lobes and sometimes inserting it into her ear.

Then running my tongue on her neck, reached her boobs, and sucked them hard. I was pulling her nipples into my mouth with pressure. It was passing current into her body. I could see the jerks in her body and she was scratching my back with pleasure.

My hand went down and put in over her panties and rubbing it. By then I could feel the wetness over her panty. She was trying to put her hands down to hold my hand. I inserted my hand into her panty and placed it over her shaven pussy. It was warm and the juices were flowing.

She tried holding me to stop pulling the panties down. My strength couldn’t be countered by her. I pulled it and was busy licking her neck and earlobes with my body on her boobs. She was confused about whether to stop my act of pulling panty or enjoy the pleasure.

She was busy covering the bedsheet so I don’t see her nude body especially her legs and pussy. During this time I quickly pulled my pants down along with my undies and become nude. When I hugged her completely nude she felt my dick touching her thighs and pussy.

The warmth of the dick was tempting her. I tried putting her hand on my dick but she hesitated to hold it. I didn’t force her. I folded her legs and spread them with my body. I was licking her neck and earlobes. We were in the missionary position and my dick was touching her pussy.

I licked for a few seconds and silently positioned my dick at the pussy entrance. I gave a gentle push, the dick tried entering in, immediately I gave a hard push. She moaned aloud. I immediately placed a kiss and kept silent for a few seconds. She lost her virginity.

I started moving my dick in and out, she was moaning rhythmically. I started slowly and increased my speed, simultaneously her moaning also increased. A few minutes later she hugged me tightly. She wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned loud. I understood she had her orgasm.

I too increased my speed. I didn’t want to release my semen in her pussy as it was unprotected sex. I was about to cum, so quickly I pulled my dick out and released my cum on her belly. She closed her eyes with her hands. We both were gasping.

I cleaned the semen with a hand towel and she ran into the washroom nude. She quickly had her bath and came in with a bathrobe wrapped. I went after her and I too had a bath. I came with a towel wrapped. We sat on the sofa and she rested her head on my chest.

She asked me to stay with her that night and not to go home. I said OK. We were talking and I was rubbing my hands on her shoulders. A few minutes later I slowly pulled the knot of her bathrobe and I too removed my towel. This time she cooperated with me compared to the first round.

We had good sex on the sofa in the missionary position. After sex, she again ran nude to take a bath. I enjoyed her running nude in the room. She was looking gorgeous. After I took a bath, we slept cuddling each other.


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