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How My Wife Became The Biggest Bitch! – Desi Tales

How My Wife Became The Biggest Bitch! – Desi Tales

Read my previous story here for some background.

My sexy Indian wife Soumya use to get fucked regularly by my two friends. I use to watch her porn videos on their mobile. By then, I had completely changed to a pure cuckold husband. I wanted to see my wife getting fucked by others.

Soumya did not know that I was aware of all the stuff she was doing. I requested my friends Rajesh and Sujith that I want to be a pure cuckold. I told them and I wanted my wife to know that I was a cuckold. Also, I expressed my desire to see my wife getting fucked by other guys in front of me while I spread her legs for that.

So, they set up a bachelor’s party of five guys. They asked my wife Soumya whether she was interested in becoming an escort in their bachelors’ party. My wife was more hungry for sex than me and she said yes.

The party was set up in one of the friends’ farmhouse. So it was going to be five guys versus my wife. I was there as a supplier wearing face mask.

In the past, whenever Rajesh and Sujith wanted to fuck my wife, I used to go out telling Soumya I had some urgent work. So, this time also, as usual, I told her I was having an office tour on that day.

Everything was set – drinks, the music system, one bed in the middle of the room, and a table and chairs around it.

Rajesh introduced me to the other 3 guys (Rahul, Preetham, and Manoj). All three were well built and gym trainer guys.

Then my wife came to the farmhouse. My friend Sujith greeted her with a box and showed her the way to the changing room. After 15 minutes, Soumya entered the hall in a sexy babydoll dress. Everyone welcomed her. All guys took their seats and my wife was standing there. I was feeling happy to see my wife like this.

Then Rahul ordered me to play a song. My wife started serving drinks one by one. I was standing near the music system with a mask on my face. Those guys were touching Soumya’s thighs and bums.

Soon, everybody had 2 pegs. My slutty wife was sitting on Rahul’s lap and drinking. Then Manoj got up and stood on the table. He challenged my wife for a deep-throat. Manoj said that if my wife took his dick completely in her mouth, he will lick her pussy for 15 minutes straight.

Everybody started cheering. My wife got on the table, removed his pant and underwear completely, and stroked the cock for a bit. I was surprised to see his cock – it was 8-inch long and very thick.

After stroking, it got harder. My wife applied her saliva on it with her fingers and made it wet. Then, in one go, she completely took it inside her mouth! The bulge was visible in her throat clearly. Everybody was laughing and cheering. Soumya gave Manoj a deep throat which lasted 2 minutes.

Then Soumya removed her pantie and took her pussy to Manoj. Manoj started licking my wife’s pussy. At the same time, Rahul came to them and pushed his cock into my wife’s mouth. The rest of the guys soon joined them.

Soumya was sucking every single cock there one by one. She was surrounded by 5 horny Indian guys and she was in the middle sucking their cocks.

All guys were enjoying their drinks served by me while my wife sucked them like crazy. I was happy to see Soumya like this.

Soon Preetham inserted his cock into Soumya’s pussy from behind. She was sucking 2 cocks at that time. I was standing near Rajesh.

Suddenly, Rajesh said, “Attention please, we have a surprise.”

Everyone looked towards Rajesh. He quickly removed my face mask. (silence everywhere.)

My wife with one cock in hand, one in her mouth, and one in her pussy was in a shock. She was looking at me with wide eyes.

Rajesh then said, “No worries baby, this is your cuck husband and he actually wanted to see you like this.”

But Soumya was still in shock. So I went to her and said, “I love you, baby. I like you this way.” Saying that, I kissed her lips.

Preetham started fucking my wife at that time and we kissed for a few more minutes. Soumya then went back to sucking the cocks of those guys. She was looking in my eyes while she was giving them BJs. The scene was too good.

The guys were taking rounds and fucking my wife. Then it was time for double penetration. Soumya was started getting fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time with another cock still in her mouth. She told me to lick her pussy while they were fucking her.

I got nude quickly and started licking my wife’s pussy while she got fucked by other guys. Soumya also told me to give her a rimjob while she gave a blowjob to Rajesh.

On the other hand, Rajesh was enjoying and telling me, “Gandu jeeb ko daal andar..”

My wife was smiling and sucking his cock. After some time, my wife asked me, “Will you drink their cum?” I said, “Anything for you baby.”

Firstly Sujith came inside my wife’s pussy. Then he removed his cock and made me suck his cock clean. I licked leftover cum from Soumya’s pussy.

Then it was Rahul’s turn. He too did the same thing. My wife’s pussy was full. Then Rajesh told me to lie down and Soumya came on me, placing her pussy right above my wide mouth. She made me drink each drop of cum.

After that, Preetham and Manoj were fucking Soumya in her ass and pussy. I was lying down with my mouth open just below her pussy.

Manoj and Preetham were pulling out their cock from my wife’s pussy/ass now and then and then pushing it directly into my mouth. Then someone said, “Let’s see where will they cum – in his mouth or in her ass or pussy?”

Everybody was laughing. The speed increased soon increased and both cocks were reaching till my throat and deep in Soumya’s ass and pussy. Preetham was near to climax everyone was watching curiously. Then Preetham came inside my mouth, deep in my throat. I could feel his warm cum going inside my stomach.

Manoj came in Soumya’s ass. Soumya was made to face-sit on me and I took all the cum from her ass. Then Soumya and I did cum-swap with our mouths and she swallowed the cum. Rajesh then came on her face and I licked it too.

After all this, everyone left for their home. I and Soumya decided to stay there. We talked about everything. I told her how I knew about her everything from the beginning itself and how I enjoyed her getting fucked. I also told her about my gay encounters. She too told me about her extramarital affairs.

We slept on the same bed with smelling cum around.

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