I Had Sex With Classmate On Whom I Had Crush In College

I Had Sex With Classmate On Whom I Had Crush In College

Hi again. This is Freddie from Hyderabad. This is my story where I had sex with classmate whom I met after 14 years.. This is a bit of a long story, but I guarantee you would enjoy none the less. This happened just last week.

For the uninitiated, I am an average looking guy with a huge appetite for sex. I won’t say I have huge assets like many people. I have a decent-sized dick of around 6 inches. I am married to a beautiful lady and have a 5-year-old son.

My sex life was very good in the early stages of our marriage. We would indulge almost daily, but the sex-drive in my wife had taken a bit backseat due to our work pressure. The sex had become monotonous. We just have foreplay for around 10 minutes, and then have a fucking session for another 10 minutes.

Due to this, I was always trying to find ways to re-ignite the passion with my wife. Since the time I moved from NCR to Hyderabad, I was missing my maid Kamla. It would be a good change to fuck another pussy once in a while. I really missed fucking her ass, which my wife would not let me do.

I even tried to find a maid here, but couldn’t find a decent maid who would do that something extra cleaning of my dick. But, as a beacon of hope, I got a call from my old classmate Pooja one day. We hadn’t met in the last 14 years.

During college time, I had a crush on her, which I got to know was mutual. But we both had not expressed to each other. We used to be very good friends during those days. We would go on trips and trekking with friends. We were in touch via WhatsApp during these past years.

But we had not met as she had moved from Bangalore to the UK for six years. I had also been roaming around India due to my work. So, during one such call, she had asked for my opinion about moving back to India and also where to move back.

I had casually told her to move to Hyderabad. She would get more opportunities here with her field of work. I had almost forgotten about this conversation. She moved back to India last year and had taken off from work. She was roaming around India, visiting various places in the Himalayas while traveling solo.

I hadn’t heard from her for around 6 months. In February this year, she gave me a call. She said that she had landed a good job in Hyderabad and was moving in here. I helped her to settle in Hyderabad and also introduced her to my wife. They both hit off instantly.

Due to some emergencies, we couldn’t meet during these days, and then the lockdown happened so more delay. Just after the end of 2nd lockdown, I decided to meet her and called her inviting to our house. She stayed around 5 km from my place.

But she didn’t have any mode of transportation to come over. So, I decided that I would pick her from her house. As decided, I went to her house around 3 pm to pick her. On seeing me, she was very happy and gave me a long hug. It seemed too long for me to start arousal, which I tried to hide.

But I guess she noticed it and gave a seductive smile. Oh, I forgot to describe her. Pooja had a petite but athletic body, which she kept fit with regular yoga. She had nice boobs (32C) shaped like mangoes and a nice tight ass.

We talked for a while. She invited me for a tour of her house. She deliberately was standing very close to me, almost clinging on me, which was giving a hard time for my buddy. Once we were in her bedroom, she hugged me from the back again.

I was a bit shocked as I didn’t know how to proceed further. I made her come in the front while making sure that I didn’t come along as not interested in her. She said, “I missed you, Freddie. I have always had a crush on you since our college time.”

I: Hey Pooja, I also had a crush on you since then. But couldn’t find the courage to convey my feelings towards you.

S: Yeah, I know it. You were a bit dumb to not understand my signals during those days. If you had understood, we could have been a couple now.

I: Yeah, I was too naïve those days. What could I do, even you were too shy.

S: We have lots to catch up so let’s start catching up.

Saying this, she started smooching me. I tried to control myself, but couldn’t resist for long. I gave in and started kissing her back. I was sucking her lips and inserted my tongue in her mouth. She was getting hot and was moving her hand on my back.

I slowly started to move my hand on her shapely back and moved to her ass. I gave a tight squeeze to her ass. I broke our kiss for a while. She hit me on my chest mockingly and started kissing me again with more rigor. We kissed for 10 minutes.

Once we finished kissing, she said, “Freddie, you are a very good kisser.”

I: Yeah, I know. My wife tells me that always. Wait till I kiss your other lips too.

S: You are too much. Let me see myself and then decide how you fare.

Just as we were trying to get into each other, I got a call from my wife. She was asking how much time would it take for us to come home. I said that she was in an office call and would leave once she finishes it. While I was talking to my wife, Pooja had started to undress my shirt.

She heard what I said to my wife and gave a sexy smile while winking me. She was biting her lips seductively. Once I cut the call, I held her face again and started to kiss her again. She quickly removed my shirt, and I also helped her to remove her T-shirt.

I saw her boobs, and I went mad. That is my most liked body part in a woman’s body. I started squeezing them. Then I made her lie on her bed and started caressing her whole body. She was literally on fire. I then removed her bra and hurriedly started eating her mangoes.

Her nipples were erect in anticipation, looking like grapes. I started sucking her tits alternatively while squeezing the other. She started to moan. While sucking her boobs, I pulled the string of her pajamas, which she removed. I continued to suck her boobs and started rubbing her love hole, which was soaking wet.

She started to moan louder. She had trimmed her pussy hair. So, her pussy hair was giving me a tingling sensation. I quickly removed her panty, too, and got up to admire her beauty. She was looking like a sex goddess. She pulled me back, asking me who asked to stop.

I went back to the business with her boobs again. I slowly started licking her body by going downwards. When I reached her pussy, I was intoxicated with the smell. It smelled delicious. I pushed her thighs wide and dived into her pussy to eat it. I started to suck her clitoris.

She was pushing my head more into her. I started circling my tongue inside her pussy. She was unable to control her moaning and held a pillow on her mouth to stop her screaming. I sucked her for some more time and also inserted one of my fingers in her love hole.

She started to contract her vagina and came heavily. I drank all of her nectar and got up to see her satisfied face, which was showing that she had just attained bliss. I asked her, “So what do you think of my kissing now?”

S: You were not joking. You are very good at that.

I: See, I told you.

S: Now give me what should have been mine long back.

She pulled my pants down along with my boxer in one swift motion. My buddy sprung out and saluted her with full glory and precum. She held my dick and attacked it with her mouth like a hungry lioness. She sucked my dick vigorously.

Her moist and hot mouth was not helping me to last for too long, and I came in her mouth. I asked her, “Where did you learn to give a blowjob so perfectly since you were not married?”

S: I have had my share of dicks while in the UK. So, I do have to practice.

I: Dicks? Oh, you have experienced foreign dicks then. How many partners did you have while you were in the UK?

S: I have had three dicks to date. Yours will be my fourth.

I: You have had a colorful like in the UK then. Good. Even I have had my share with 2 girls apart from my wife. But that was before my marriage.

S: Now, let’s not get away with the main issue. Give me what I deserve. I have always fantasized about being fucked by you. That’s also one of the reasons for me to choose Hyderabad.

She started to kiss again. We were both fondling each other. Within minutes, my buddy was ready to conquer the new territory. I started to lick her pussy again. She started begging, saying that she cannot wait for more, “Please fuck me like I always wanted you to.”

I obliged and positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I put on a condom, which I usually keep in my wallet. I slowly inserted my dick. She let out a loud moan. Her pussy was tight as she hadn’t had any sex for the past year. I started to dig her hole deeper.

She was ecstatic and started to ask for more. Once I was completely inside her delicious pussy, I started to move my dick inside and out slowly, increasing my pace. She was also reciprocating by lifting her hips, matching my stroke. We made love for another 20 minutes.

Finally, I said that I was about to cum. She asked me to increase the pace as she was also about to reach an orgasm. I did as I was asked, and we both came together. We both were sweating profusely. We rested by lying there, naked for around 10 minutes.

I then got up, asking her to get ready to go to my house. We made love once again while I came back to leave her the next day. We are looking forward to continuing our secret affair. We usually discuss how we can use different positions while having sex.

I will let you know further details in my next story. And forgot to mention, I had very raunchy sex with my wife on the day I left Pooja back to her apartment. It has re-ignited the passion in us.


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