I Pumped Rita Madam At Her Home In Presence Of Her Husband

I Pumped Rita Madam At Her Home In Presence Of Her Husband

I am Soumya, 36 years old, working in a middle managerial position and from Kolkata. My height is 5.8 feet and passionate about sex. I am an average built with a tool of 7.4,” but the best part is the tenacity to satisfy partner with Orgasm.

Previously I published how I managed Rita madam, my home tutor in ‘Rita Mam – My Sexy Tutor’. Today I am sharing the story of how I fucked Rita madam with full of risk at her home while her husband was present there. Here I must say there is some extra t-factor if sex is having some risk and adventure added in it.

Ok, let me come to the story. This event happened almost after 6 months that I started to take tuition from Rita madam. Those who have not read my 1st post on Rita madam, let me take the opportunity to here to share a few words.

Rita madam was introduced to me as a home tutor to guide me in English. She was aged around 30 years with a height of 5.2 feet. Her VS is 36D 32 36 with a huge sex appeal. This is aggravated due to her brown eyes and long hair.

So it was the result day of my mid-term. I got the result and was happy to see that I got 90% in English. At once in my mind came to show the result to Rita madam. She would be happy with my marks as my performance was much better than the last exam.

After reaching home, I went to the playground but could not play well. In my mind, it was going to show results to Rita madam. Hence I left the ground, came back home, and took a bath.

As 1st time I am going to Rita mam’s house, I wore my favorite T-shirt and cargo 3/4th trouser. I put some perfume on the t-shirt to make myself more presentable. Then taking the result, I left for Rita mam’s house. It was in the next lane from our house. Though I knew her house but never went earlier.

It was around 6.30 pm. I rang the bell, and Rita madam opened the door. Seeing me, she was surprised and asked why I came. I told that “Madam, the result was out, and so I came to show her.” She smiled and welcomed me inside. I sat in the drawing-room. It was a big room with a sofa and center table.

In one corner I saw another big table and at the side one computer and a few books on it. Now Madam told me, “Show the result.” I took out the result and gave it to her. Seeing the result, she was happy and hugged me. I said, “Madam, I did well. Where is my prize?”

Rita madam knew that what I meant to. Yet she asked me what I would want. I said, “You know what I want, and that’s why I came to show the result.” Madam, “But you know it’s risky this way. You should not come to my place.”
I replied, “Madam I won’t come, but this time I know you would be happy to see the result and so have come to show you.” Then I asked Rita madam who else was there at the house. She told no one there now, but her husband would come at any time. It was time for him to return home.

Hearing no one at home, I kissed Rita at once. Madam 1st refused to get involved but I requested her, “Madam, please give me the prize.” Now Rita madam gave me a sexy smile and told, “Day by day Rajon, you are becoming very naughty.”

I came close to her, held her in my arms, and started to kiss her passionately. She started to respond also. She was wearing a nighty (up to knee length) with her sexy legs were out. I kept both my hand on her boobs and started to press while kissing her.

I was fondling her soft sexy boobs above her bra, and my dick was hard. I started to rub my bulge on her inner thighs beneath her naval plane. She realized my hard-on, and she also turned on. I lowered the 3/4th cargo trouser along with brief.

She instantly held my dick and started to move the foreskin of the dick up and down. I whispered on her ears, “Madam, please suck me. I did a good result for you.” At once, she sat on the sofa and started to suck my dick. I hold her head and started to move my dick in her mouth. I was like in heaven.

Standing there, I lifted her nighty and took her bra up. Both her boobs were out and were pressing with both hands. I started to press hard. Madam started to moan and asked to press softly. We both got excited, and at that moment, the doorbell rang.

Rita madam pushed me aside and signaled me that her husband reached. Swiftly she adjusted herself properly, and I also took my dick inside brief, adjusted trouser. As instructed, I sat on the corner sofa. She went to open the main door. I was very down, almost at the climax when her husband reached.

Now she entered the drawing-room along with her husband and introduced me to him. He was mid 30 and praised me for my good result. Then he inquired whether Rita madam offered me anything. I told him that I reached just now and was showing the result.

Her husband replied that to wait and then told Rita, Madam, to prepare tea, and we all would take together. Rita madam also smiled at me and asked me to sit, and she went inside along her husband. I was completely disheartened as mam’s husband reached during the final climax.

From the drawing place, I could see the dining area and kitchen. Now, after a while, Rita madam came out and asked me to sit and went to the kitchen. She told me that her husband was taking a bath, and then we took tea together.

Without any delay, I reached to the kitchen and grabbed Madam from the back. Rita madam got surprised and told me what I was doing. She whispered that any time her husband would come out of the bathroom.

I was on complete verge of ultimate pleasure. I took my dick out by just lowering the front part of the trouser and started to poke in her ass crack. I knew Rita madam was also excited, and I needed to take the advantage. I kept on pressing my tool, and half of the tool disappeared in her ass crack.

She whispered, “Please don’t do this. I can’t control myself.”
I told Madam, “Please lift your nighty. I want to plunge right here.”
Rita Madam, “Are you mad? We both will be killed.”

I replied in her ear, “Madam, I will give a quick pump and promise before your husband comes out of the bathroom we would be over.” I was appealing to Madam with my soft eyes.

Rita madam, “Uff, you are really impossible. You will kill me one day”(Khub bere gechis. Amake akdin tui marbi).

I convinced her, saying, “It would be quick enough.” Now Rita madam told me not here. Then she came near the door of the bedroom. She told me, “I am leaning on the door and watching inside. The moment the bathroom shower stops, I will give you an indication. I hear the shower sound.”

Now she leaned on the bedroom door and from back lifted her nighty. I turned her sky blue panty down and placed the head of my tool on her vertical lips. With two thrusts, I was completely inside her moist pussy. I started to fuck in doggy style from the back.

She was looking inside the bedroom and was hearing the shower sound. She started to respond by moving her butt front and back. I accelerated the speed of pumping, and she whispered to me to do fast. I knew that we did not have much time. So I did not control. I was pumping like anything with all force.

Madam was also moaning in a very low voice. I was about to come, and with a last massive thrust, I took out my tool just in time. Ejaculated in my hand, and Madam told me to wash my hand fast in the kitchen sink. The moment I came to sit on the sofa, I heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.

Madam quickly went inside the kitchen. Her husband came out in T-shirt and Bermuda. He gave me a smile and sat beside me, and Madam also came with a teapot in her hand. We together took tea.

While taking tea, Rita mam’s husband told me that Rita madam was an excellent tea maker. Listening to this I was telling inside, “Sir, you don’t know that not only tea but your wife is also an excellent entertainer. While you were taking a bath, she was taking care of my dick with utmost excellency.”

If you enjoyed my experience, then please let me know. Your comments will help me to publish more. I am Soumya, and email is Next time I share some more exciting stories of my life.

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