Incest goddesses and virginity stealing game Desi Tales

Incest goddesses and virginity stealing game! [Desi Tales]

Hi all! I am Yamuna and this is the second part of my story. You can read the first part from the link given above.

Back to the story. So, the face that made me have the best orgasm in recent times belonged to Darshan. Darshan was my elder sister’s son. It was his birthday that day. He had come to get blessings from his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

After getting blessings and wishes from everyone, my elder sister’s son came looking for me and found me sleeping naked. And he did his job to wake me and get his blessings from me. And he definitely got my best blessings with the shower of my pussy juice he had just received!

Darshan then went to the bathroom and washed his face and mouth and left the room. Meanwhile, I wore my nightie and left for my room to take a bath and dress up for the day.

As I knew the occasion that day and what we might be doing because of Darshan’s birthday, I wore one of my best dresses for the occasion. I wore a sleeveless deep-cut black blouse with no bra and a translucent yellow saree which revealed my deep cleavage. I also chose to wear a thong instead of a regular pantie.

By the time I got ready and came out, my mother-in-law had got all the kids ready and sent them off to school. You might be wondering, what was so special about Darshan’s birthday. To understand that, I have to give you the gist of our incestuous tradition. So, it goes as follows –

In our community, any man who is 18+ age can fuck any woman of 18+ years age. The only restrictions are, they can’t have sex with their mom or sisters or daughters, which without saying applies for women too. Women can’t fuck their sons or father or brothers. Sex with all other relations such as uncles, grandparents, cousins, in-laws were all allowed.

For girls, they were free to choose their partner after their deflowering ceremony which happens after their 18th birthday. Because the first time should be with their uncle (anyone of their mom’s brothers).

If the girl didn’t have an uncle from her mom’s side, the second preference went to her mom’s father. If he was also not available, the next in the line was the father’s brothers and father’s father.

If none in this list were there for a girl, then she would get deflowered by the community priest. Once a girl’s deflowering ceremony is over, then she can choose to present her body to any men within our community.

Sex outside the community was strictly prohibited for girls and was allowed in rare cases with the permission of the elders.

For boys, there was no special ceremony as such and he can choose to have sex with any woman of his choice within the community. All sexual encounters happened only with the mutual consent of persons involved and no one forced anybody.

If guys were horny and the woman they approached weren’t interested, they can simply go to the next woman. But the reason for not allowing the guy to fuck us should be acceptable (like physically not well or planning for pregnancy). In other cases, we should please the men as it was seen as the primary duty of a woman.

The duty of pleasing also applied to men. Men were also free to have sex outside the community with no restrictions.

Girls were completely refrained from all kinds of sexual activities that happened within the family until they were 18.

Given all these traditional norms, though there was not any traditional ceremony for guys, since the last 3 years we the women of our community started a fun game for the guys who were 18+ years old.

We formed a private club of women who were eligible to have sex with a guy and created a profile for every woman containing their details and photos in sexy dresses.

Whenever a guy attained 18+ years, we shared his profile in the group. Then whoever was interested in the guy can nominate themself for the game. The game was called ‘Virginity stealing’. Then we would share the profiles of the nominated women to the guy.

Then he had to select 6 women from the nominations and they all will assemble in a place. Then there would be 3 rounds to the game. After every round, 2 of the chosen women will get eliminated and then the winner gets the young virgin cock.

That was the virginity stealing day of Darshan.

Out of the 147 members in our club, 93 nominated for Darshan’s virginity-stealing. That was the second-highest number of nominations since we invented the game. He chose the 6 women for the game and l was one of them.

The other contestants were –

Keerthana, my brother-in-law’s wife.
Sumathi, 39 years old, Darshan’s father’s younger sister.
Tejaswini, 35 years old, a long relation aunt of Darshan.
Priyanka, 30 years old, Darshan’s cousin.
And finally, Ragini, 34 years old, another one of Darshan’s long relation aunts.

The following were the game stats of all of our 6 contestants since we started organizing this game until before Darshan’s virginity-stealing:

Keerthana – nominated 4 times, chosen 3 times and 1 steal. ( Here ‘steal’ means ‘win’.)
Sumathi – nominated 8 times, chosen 2 times and no steal.
Tejaswini – nominated 2 times, chosen 1 time and 1 steal.
Priyanka – nominated 6 times, chosen 5 times and 3 steals.
Ragini – nominated 8 times, chosen 6 times and 6 steals.
Yamuna (myself) – nominated 6 times, chosen 6 times, and 6 steals.

I and Ragini got the highest number of steals in the club till then and if one of us steal Darshan’s virginity, then the winner would create a new record for steals! But I couldn’t ignore the others as well. It was a tough competition.

To know what are the 3 rounds of ‘virginity-stealing’ and find who set the new virginity stealing record by stealing Darshan’s virginity, keep following the series.

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