It All Started With A Massage In Kolkata – Cuckold Sex Story

It All Started With A Massage In Kolkata – Cuckold Sex Story

Hi everyone. My name is Riya (name changed) and I am from Kolkata (North, near Dumdum). I am 23 now. I am fair, 5’3” tall. My stats are 34b-28-36. My boobs are round, perky, very soft with tiny reddish nipples at the center. My pussy is brown and tight.

I study in college (don’t ask which one). I am in a relationship for the last 3 years. His name is Jay (name changed). My boyfriend has his own business. He is 25, 2 years older than me. His dick is 6.5” in length and 1.7” in diameter. We are sexually very active and both enjoy our sex sessions.

By the way, we both are Bengali. The incident of this story happened in 2018. I wanted to share it from the beginning. After 1 year of our relationship, we wanted to add more spice into our sex life. So we decided to do some more. Jay told me about an adult dating website. Lust for hot stepmom ends up in fucking her hard – Indian sex story

We both went through it and decided to post an ad. We wanted to take it slow, so our ad was about a couple-massage only. It was like ‘Horny couple wants nude massage’. Within 2-3 days we received lots of replies. Among those, we selected a guy for the massage.

That guy was 42 years old. His name was Ratul. He was a Bengali, living in Mumbai. But he had an apartment near Konnagar, just 1 hour away from our house. He seemed taller than Jay and average built with long hair, dusky complexion. He was very well behaved and sober.

We communicated on that website and then exchanged our WhatsApp numbers. We chatted for 2-3 days in WhatsApp just to become a little friendly. He asked us what kind of massage we want, like, would it be normal rub down or not, which body parts he has to massage.

Does it include private parts or not, would it be a full body massage or not, which oil or cream should he use, etc. We told him that we want full body massage for both of us (Jay is super straight) and for 1 hour for each. I was okay with touching or massaging my private parts but Jay didn’t want it.

Ratul agreed happily but he said he has one condition. According to him, he has massage fetish and he loves it. He has no intention of having sex with me. his condition was he will not participate in any sexual intercourse. But licking and sucking are okay with him if only I ask for it.

At first, I was shocked coz which guy says this, you tell me. Anyways we agreed. Then we fixed a date for the massage. It was the 2nd week of October 2018.

Then the day came, and we went to Ratul’s address around 2 pm. He was 6ft tall. It was a 2 BHK apartment on the ground floor. We took a seat on the sofa. Then he offered us drinks and some snacks. We talked to each other for a while. Then we thought to start the massage.

First Jay will get a massage and then it will be my turn. So he took Jay to the other room. There was a bed covered in a new sheet, a towel, a bowl of cold water, and a bottle of body lotion cream. Jay removed everything and wrapped the towel and lay down on the bed.

I will not get into details as it was not the focus of my story. Ratul also removed his clothes. He was only in his shorts. Anyways Ratul massaged him for an hour. During his massage, I was watching the whole thing sitting in a chair sipping beer.

After the massage was done I could see Jay felt very refreshed. He told me that Ratul is a good massager. Ratul took a break after massaging Jay. We all smoked cigarettes. Now it is my turn. So I changed into a normal bra and panty, removing my top and jeans.

Then I wrapped the towel around the chest. I covered only the upper part of my ass. Then I lay down in that bed facing downwards. Ratul came into the room with Jay. Jay took the chair and drank beer while looking at me. Ratul told me to remove the towel. I lifted my waist and asked Ratul to pull it out.

He pulled the towel. Now I was only in my bra and panty. I closed my eyes but I could feel what he was doing. First, he massaged my feet, legs, and calves with cream and cold water for 20 minutes. Then he poured some cream and cold water on my back and started massaging.

He was sitting on top of my hips. I could feel his dick pressing against my butt. After 5 minutes, he asked me to take my bra off. To be honest his massage was really good and I felt relaxed already. I was in a trance. I stretched my hand and unbuttoned the hook from behind and told him to take it off.

He did accordingly and then poured more cold water on my back and started massaging again. He took my hands and placed them above my head. His dick from his shorts was touching my ass. I understood its big and heavy, more than my boyfriend.

When he was massaging my sides his hand was touching my side boobs. That’s when I started feeling horny. Then he massaged my both hands and my fingers. After 5 more minutes, he focused on my ass. Poured cream and oil started massaging my ass. He was pressing and rubbing my ass gently.

After a few minutes, he told me to turn. As I turned I covered my boobs with my hands. Ratul smiled and told me, “Don’t worry. I have seen lots of pairs. It’s not my first time.” I then removed my hands and uncovered my boobs. Being in a relationship it was my first time that a stranger is looking at my bare boobs.

I was feeling a bit shy though I knew it would happen and was prepared for it. He then poured some cream in his palm and cold water and rubbed both palms together. Then he placed both hands on my boobs. I felt an electric shock flowed through my body as soon as his hand touched nipples.

My nipples got erected and I moaned a little. I looked at Jay and found out that he was watching me. I looked at him with full of lust. Ratul was massaging my boobs very gently. After 10 minutes he told me to remove my panties only if I want it. I then nodded my head. He sat near my legs and held the panty.

I lifted my waist and he pulled my panties down and kept it in the corner of the bed. Then he poured some cream and water on my abdomen. He placed his hand on my pubic region and started rubbing it. I unknowing spread my legs giving him full access to my pussy. I saw him looking at my pussy.

Then he placed his finger on my pussy and looked at me. I just closed my eyes in ecstasy. I felt his finger going inside me. He massaged every part of my pussy. Then I felt he put 2 fingers in my pussy. I started moaning. Then he placed his other hand on my boobs and started rubbing my nipples.

He started fingering me and gradually he was increasing his speed. Suddenly I had an orgasm and the pussy juice was flowing through his hand. I opened my eyes and looked at Jay. He understood what I wanted. He told Ratul to keep going. I sat in the doggy style.

Then Jay removed his shorts and came near my face. I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it slowly.  But I guess Jay was feeling too much excited. So he made a deep thrust in my mouth with increased speed. Ratul was fingering me. This time he inserted 3 fingers together.

Then suddenly I felt Ratul’s tongue in my pussy. He was chewing and biting it while trying to insert a finger in my asshole. Ratul took the cream and applied it in my asshole. His finger slipped in easily. Then Jay pulled his dick out of my mouth. They switched position and I lay back again facing upwards.

Jay then put some cream in his dick and inserted it in my pussy in one go. Ratul sat near my head started kissing my chest. Jay started fucking me and rubbing my clit. I held my boobs and pointed them to Ratul’s face. He took one boob in his mouth and started sucking.

He took another boob in his hand and started pinching my nipple. Jay lifted my legs over his shoulder and increased his fucking speed. Ratul then switched my boobs and did the same. I stretched my hand and reached to Ratul’s crotch. Back of my hand touched his dick. I then held his dick in my hands. It felt huge.

But as soon as he realized he stood up. He said, “Sorry my dear, I don’t want to fuck you. Please, I have a wife and I want to stay loyal to her.” I was almost awestruck by his behavior. I was feeling happy for him as well as disappointed. Maybe it was my first time but I wanted to be fucked by another man.

I said sorry to him and tried to focus on what I had. Jay then took me on top of him and started fucking again. Ratul sat behind me held my boobs from behind and started pressing. Then Jay pulled me towards him started kissing my lips. Ratul then held my waist and lifted it a little so that Jay could take make long hard thrusts.

Then Ratul took some cream in his hand and applied again on my asshole. He put a finger inside started fingering my ass. I was fucked in my pussy and fingered in my ass simultaneously. I never felt that much good before. After a few minutes, my pussy juice started flowing again and I was moaning a lot.

Jay increased his speed a lot. I felt he was going to cum soon. I hugged him tightly. Within minutes he came inside me. His hot cum was filling my pussy. After some time his dick slipped out and his hot cum dropped out of my pussy. Jay was still lying. Then Ratul told me to get clean in the shower.

I got up naked and went to the washroom. I opened the shower and took a bath and cleaned properly. I opened the door and asked Ratul to bring me the towel. I saw Jay still lying in the bed. He came with a towel. I told him to finger me again. He then opened the shower and told me to stay under it.

I wanted to see him naked. I wanted to see his dick and maybe wanted to do more. I never knew the slut inside me. Cause I made it a mission to get him naked and hold his dick and suck his dick and wrap my tongue all over it. So I told him, “Why don’t you come and join me? I promise I won’t ask you to fuck me.”

He then hesitated a little bit but in the end, he agreed. He came into the shower with his shorts on. From my behind, he hugged me and started rubbing my back. Then he reached my boobs from behind and held those with his hands. He started pressing them softly but I told him to press hard.

He increased his pressure and started pinching my nipples. I was touching and rubbing his crotch with my ass. I felt his dick is getting hard and big. I turned to him and pull his head down to my boobs. He put his mouth on my boobs and started sucking while his hands reached my pussy.

He put 2 fingers inside and started fingering me faster than before. Then he put his teeth on my nipples and started biting. I was already too excited and by his act, I became more desperate. I pressed his head firmly by pulling his hair and lifted a leg to wrap his waist.

His hard dick was pressing against my body. He then lifted me until his face reached my pussy. He put his tongue inside and started licking. I was holding his head. After a few minutes of licking, he put me down. I hold his dick over his shorts. This time he didn’t stop me. I understood he wants it too.

I then sat on the floor. Pulled his shorts down and got shocked. I looked at his dick and it was huge. It was 8” in length and pretty thick, maybe 2.3” in diameter. I don’t know how long I was staring. I came to senses when he tried to bent down and pull his shorts up.

He said, “Your boyfriend might come and see us in this position.” I said, “He is resting and won’t come, even if he comes he will not say anything.” I stopped him from pulling the shorts up. He released the shorts. Then I held his dick with both hands and started to stroke slowly. His dick was uncut.

I pulled the skin down and moved my face near it. I kissed the tip first. Then I licked both sides. Then I pointed it upwards and licked his balls. I took his balls one by one in my mouth while stroking his dick. After some time I took his dick in my mouth. Only half of his dick was in my mouth. I started to suck it slowly.

It smelled and tasted pungent. I increased my speed. Then I hold his hands and placed them on my head. He understood and held my head, and started fucking my mouth gently. I was moving my head to and fro. He then increased his speed. He almost gagged me.

My spit was flowing from my mouth. But he kept going. After 5 minutes or so he told me he is going to cum. I told him not to pull out his dick from my mouth. Within a minute he released his cum in my mouth. I swallowed his cum a little but it was a lot.

I pulled his dick out and then again he sprayed his cum on my face. My eyes, nose, and mouth were covered in his cum. His cum was oozing. I took it again in my mouth and started sucking it. I liked the strong taste in my mouth. Then we both cleaned ourselves. We came out of the washroom, both naked.

I felt satisfaction. Jay was still lying. He fell asleep. I woke him up and told him to get fresh. He went to the washroom. I started to dress up. I was almost ready when Jay got back from the shower. Ratul was in the other room while I was dressing. Then Jay got ready.

It was almost 7 pm. We got out of Ratul’s place. I was feeling relaxed and happy because of the massage and sex both. Maybe because I also came to know about my slutty side. I wanted it again but wanted more than that.

I liked it when Ratul forced his dick while fucking my mouth. Maybe I want to be dominated. I guess I will know that later. We came back to our house at 8 pm.

Guys this is my first story and every bit of it is true. Apart from our names all the other things are real. I have fucked lots of men in real life while in a relationship with Jay.

I came to know about this website a month ago. I was bored in lockdown and suddenly found this website. I read a few stories and wanted to share mine. I hope you like it and enjoy it. Comment if you want or if you have any queries. I will see how you guys respond to this story, then I will post another one.

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