My First Sex With My Virgin Ex-Girlfriend- Romantic Story

My First Sex With My Virgin Ex-Girlfriend- Romantic Story

Hello guys. I have read many stories from this site. So I thought of sharing one of my own stories. I am Ankit from Karnataka. So today I am going to share my first-time sex experience with my ex who was also a virgin at that time. We both came into a relationship in the year 2015 at the beginning of our B.Com.

We dated for almost 5 years. From the beginning of our relation, we were very hungry to feel each other and we would never miss out on any chance to taste each other. Whenever we used to go out for movies we always used to take a corner seat and start kissing.

I also used to open her top and suck her boobs and she would give me a blowjob in return. She had a very sexy figure any guy would dream of and would love to sleep with her.

She had small boobs which by the end of relationships were quite big. Her ass was very soft. While walking it would always bounce. I used to love staring at it.

So we had our first sex in the year 2016. My mom was out of the station and there was no one at my house. So I called her home in the evening and without any hesitation, she agreed because we were very hungry for each other’s body. Once she came home I made her sit on the sofa and got her water.

She was wearing a salwar once she was done with the water. I lifted her and took her to the kitchen. I made her sit on the kitchen shelf and started kissing her neck. I then removed her shawl and threw it away and started kissing her lips by this time.

She was already aroused and stared kissing me even harder and then removed my t-shirt in a go. I then slowly opened her zip from the back and put my hands on her bare back which just had a thin bra strap in it. In no time I removed her top and she was wearing a bright red netted bra.

Her nipples were already grown bigger. I started playing with her boobs they were now bigger than they were before meeting me. I started biting her nipples and gave a love bite on her right boob. She shouted in pain and I then removed her pants.

To my surprise, she was wearing the thong of red color. She knew that dark-colored underwear makes me crazy and she exactly did that. I could see her thong already wet with her juice. I slowly inserted my finger inside her pussy and started fingering her.

Since she was a virgin my one finger was enough at that time. But at the end of 5 years, I was able to put 3 fingers inside her pussy. So once I started fingering her I started kissing her. She would always ask me to kiss her while fingering her and that would make her cum faster in few minutes.

I could feel that her pussy has released the juice. It was all on my hands. Without wasting any time I got down on my knees and started to lick her pussy juice. After licking her pussy for over 10 minutes she asked me to stand up. She immediately got down on her knees and gave me an awesome blowjob.

She was very good at blowjob. I always showed her the best videos on how to give a blowjob. She would quickly learn it and try everything she saw in videos. I was holding her hairs and I made her take my whole dick inside her mouth. Her saliva started flowing out and made my dick and balls wet.

She then started sucking my balls. She was still giving me a blowjob and I cummed on her face. She drank all my sperms quickly now. She had no control over herself and asked me to fuck her. On hearing this I quickly lifted her and took her to the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed. We both were already very horny. So without wasting any time I put on a Durex dotted condom. It was on her request that I brought this brand. After this whenever we had sex we used the same brand. I still have no idea why she preferred only this one brand.

So now I was wearing a condom. She was eagerly lying on the bed waiting for me to insert the dick inside her and fuck her hard. I then came near her and started playing with her pussy making her hornier. I touched my tip on her pussy and made a slow movement which made her shiver.

I didn’t want to put my dick inside her at once because she was a virgin. I slowly started inserting dick into her pussy. I could see the pain in her face tears rolled from her eyes. Then I asked her if I should continue to which she said, “Fuck me harder. This made me feel good.

I went more inside her to reduce the pain. I started kissing her real hard and then I just pushed my dick inside. She couldn’t control the pain and bit my lips. I stayed still for some time. Then started the movement slowly. With each movement, I could feel immense pleasure.

She placed her hands on my ass. Sta Sherted pushing me more inside her with every inside out tears rolled. But she didn’t give up and asked me to fuck more. I then made her sit on me and made her jump on my dick. I was witnessing the best view of her face.

Her expressions were really good. Her hairs were falling on her face and her boobs bouncing drove me crazy. She started moaning and with every moan, I would push my dick more inside her. Soon she had her orgasms and all her juice was on my stomach.

She was on top of me. But I did not want to stop until I cum. So I fucked her real hard and then in some time I cummed inside her. She then got up. I saw the bloodstains on the bedsheet blood was dripping out from her pussy. It was all over the house when she moved naked till the washroom to wash her pussy.

Once she stopped bleeding she came and slept beside me. She started playing with my dick. She was still not satisfied with just one session. But she was bleeding and was scared that stains would come on her pants.

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