Seduced And Fucked By Uncle – Erotic Vacation Story

Seduced And Fucked By Uncle – Erotic Vacation Story

Hello, everyone, my name is Aashi Singh, I am a 23-year-old hotel management student in West Bengal. I have read and have received pleasure several times from his website. So I decided to finally share my experiences here and let me tell you, they are a lot.

I have been sexually active since I became 19 and I have done all sorts of whore stuff. What can I say, I am a slut. So about me, I am a curvy girl with a wheatish complexion with 36 C boobs and a big fat ass of 43 inches. I have thick thighs, long black, and red hair and sharp cheekbones.

Here is the story of how I was fucked and enjoyed by my uncle on a vacation. It was a 5-day vacation and a lot of things happened. So this story will be in parts. Do email with queries or requests for other stories. Here is how it went.

This experience occurred when I was 20. I was home for the vacation and I wanted to go somewhere. So we decided to plan a trip as a family to Goa. Me, and my parents. We had one of dad’s friends, Udit Uncle living there, he owned a chain of hotels in Goa.

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He was rich and extremely attractive. He was almost 50 and unmarried. He had tattoos all over his body. He had this golden tan skin and black-white hair and beard. I have so many times just masturbated looking at his body on his Instagram.

A day before the trip my dad slipped and broke his foot. So my mom decided to stay back with him and asked me to go alone. I was extremely happy. As them not coming would mean I would be able to wear all the bikinis and short dresses I wanted to. So Udit’s uncle is informed that I am coming alone.

Before the day of the flight, he called me at 1 am on my number. He was talking casually and making plans on how we would visit places and all. Then he said, “What are you planning on bringing to wear?” I told him I wanted the full Goa experience. I was thinking of wearing bikinis and dresses but didn’t have any.

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry, don’t pack much clothing, you won’t be needing it. I will take you shopping here.” He sounded oddly sexual and he was breathing slowly. After a few more minutes and random chat, we hung up. I was extremely sure, he was planning something.

He was going to be naughty and I wanted to take full advantage of it. He does upload a lot of pictures of his Instagram where he is seen partying with young and hot girls. So I knew he would be interested in having a 20-year-old, curvy, sexually aroused girl in his beautiful big house, all to himself.

My pussy started getting wet thinking about him. But I decided not to masturbate and save myself for my dear uncle. I slept with erect nipples and a throbbing, craving wet pussy.

The next morning, I decided to wear a floral spaghetti strap dress and a denim jacket with gladiator sandals for the flight. I wore a lace thong and no bra. As soon as I reached Goa, I took off my jacket and kept it in my bag. Then off I was to meet him at the arrival gate of the Goa airport.

Some men were staring at my huge boobs bouncing as I walked. But it was all a test to see how Udit uncle reacted to my bra-less titties. I exited and saw him in a floral blue shirt, a pair of ripped denim and a huge pair of sunglasses, a Rolex watch, and Adidas slides.

He was looking very handsome, delicious and fuckable. I went up to him and hugged him, making sure to press my boobs on his chest. Just enough to make him notice. I pulled away and he said, “Welcome to the land of freedom, Goa.” I said, “Here I am, to have the best time of my life.”

He just smirked and said, “I’ll make sure you do.” He took my trolly bag and held my hand. He intertwined his fingers into mine and started walking. He made it seem as if we were a couple and I was loving it. I didn’t bother with his gesture too. We reached his white Mercedes in the parking.

In the car, he turned all the air vents to me, which made my nipples peak again and we started driving. He was still wearing his glasses. So I had no idea if he had noticed my boobs or not, but I was about to find out. He started talking again and made small talk about college and if I had a boyfriend.

I did, but I said no. He then said, “I am saying this as a compliment. Your body has grown maturely in all the right places. I mean look at you, men would not be able to take their eyes off of you.” I said, “I do get a lot of attention, but I don’t bother.” This was a total lie.

I am a slut. If I know a guy wants to fuck me and I want to fuck him too, then I don’t care, I take my pants off and bend over till he cums. He said “Of course you do. I mean I am your dad’s friend. But if I was a stranger, my eyes would not leave your body,” and he laughed.

I knew I had to say something to assure him that he could look at my body. And even use it to satisfy himself. I wanted his big lips all over my nipples, biting and eating them. I said, “Well, then are you one of those strangers too?”

He looked at me and pulled his glasses down just a little so I could see his eyes and said, “I am,” and he bit his lips. Ugh, I so badly wanted to kiss him but all I did was laugh and said, “Good to know, I always wanted to know what it took to seduce grown men.”

There was silence and I thought I had fucked up by saying too much. But then he said, “You have come to the right man then, haven’t you?” I said “I suppose so” and we both just laughed and listened to the music playing. The ice was broken.

I was 100% sure I was going to get fucked by this man someday or maybe even today. Or maybe every day.

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