Seducing a gorgeous Marathi girl in Scotland college – Sexy story

Seducing a gorgeous Marathi girl in Scotland college – Sexy story

Hi all, this is my first sex story and there will be many more to follow, provided I get a good response.

This is a story from when I was in the 2nd year of college in Scotland.

I joined the Indian Society on Facebook and was looking to make friends. I checked out all the members of the society and visited all the girls’ profiles. One girl caught my attention and aroused my sexual hormones.

Her name was Anu. I checked her profile in detail. She had come to study Brewing. Her figure was decent and from her pictures, she looked like a simple Marathi girl.

But there was something special in her that caught my attention. I don’t usually send friend requests unless I know a person. But after thoroughly browsing her profile, my hands automatically directed the mouse to the add friend button.

There was something going inside me and I was nervous, excited, and aroused at the same time. I masturbated a couple of times looking at her pictures and imagining us together.

To my luck, when I randomly logged on to Facebook, I found a message waiting for me.

It was Anu! The message read, “Hi Rishi! Glad to meet you!”

I was over the moon. She had accepted my friend request and was also interested in knowing more about me.

Our conversations began, and after just a couple of days of formal conversations, she gave me her number, suggesting we take things to the next level.

I was overwhelmed and was imagining every possible hot stuff with her. We chatted a lot. She was a very open-minded girl and we connected instantly. As the chats became very frequent, we got to know each other much better. We talked about each and every topic!

Then one day, she said, “It’s been a week that we’re chatting. I wish we could hang out together sometime. Do you want to meet in the evening?”

I was ecstatic and instantly said, “Sure Anu.”

We met with a hug. I felt her a bit and so did she! I could totally feel it. My dick was saluting her beauty. She saw that and chuckled naughtily, “Idiot. We have just met!”

I felt ashamed and said, “Sorry about that. You are extremely pretty Anu.”

She smiled and replied, “Thanks, but not so fast boy. I am already in a relationship and loyal to my boyfriend.”

This broke my heart instantly, but I stayed calm and replied, “Woah! Anu you are overthinking a lot. I just gave you a compliment. Nothing more. Besides, as you said, we have just met.”

We changed the topic and sat down for a coffee. The awkwardness faded slowly, and we went back to just how we were when we messaged each other.

We parted with a hug again. And I couldn’t help myself feeling her again! Neither could she! This time the hug lasted for a while. I didn’t have the courage to touch her pussy, but I could make out that she was horny and wet down there.

The moment she came back to her senses, we parted instantly and the awkwardness was back. But this time, she broke it instantly and said, “It was so much fun hanging out with you. I hope we will spend a lot of time together.”

I could see the lust in her eyes. Hell yes, she wanted me. Our eyes romanced with each other and I immediately seized the opportunity.

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“Yes, Anu. I would love to. Where are you staying?”

She gave me her address and also invited me over.

I hugged her again to feel her, but this time she didn’t respond and left in a hurry. Maybe she thought she had made a mistake by inviting me over. But I calmed her down through our messages and made the move at the right time when she was comfortable enough to have me over.

We became very close friends and shared everything with each other. She used to rant about her boyfriend a lot. And also about how she missed having sex.

It was a good thing as well as a bad thing knowing that she was quite slutty. But then I said to myself, “She is definitely into me. Her boyfriend is not here but I am. I want her for sure. I will make sure we have the best time until we are together.”

And so, I patiently listened to all her rants and slowly gained her confidence and faith.

Finally, I made my move.

I said, “Anu, I am coming to meet you today. There’s a new series coming up, so let’s spend the day watching it together at your place.”

She gleefully accepted and said, “It will be my pleasure to host you. I will prepare some breakfast for both of us.”

My heart was pounding with joy. I bought a 6 pack of Durex condoms and slid it in my bag. As soon as I reached the place, she called me in.

She had a private room. I thought to myself, “Everything is perfect. All I need is your consent now, Anu, and we will have the best time of our lives.”

I barely managed to control myself. She noticed my erect dick secretly and chuckled.

Before I could ask, we heard loud moans, “Oh yeah baby, just like that. Go deeper.”

Anu clarified, “It’s my roommate having sex with her boyfriend. They have a lot of sex and I feel so meh. I miss my boyfriend a lot.”

I grabbed this opportunity and asked her, “Damn Anu, I wish I could help you.  How I wish I was your boyfriend.”

Hearing this, her eyes lit up. And within no time we started kissing each other ever so passionately.

The kiss lasted for 15-20 minutes before she pulled out of the kiss and freaked out saying, “You are a wonderful guy Rishi. I want you too, but you are not my boyfriend. I am extremely sorry but we cannot proceed further. What if he finds out?”

No sane guy would ever let go of this opportunity. So I immediately said naughtily, “Anu, what if he never finds out?”

I pulled her towards myself and she immediately leaned in to kiss me.

We kissed for quite a long time.

Stay tuned for what happened next. Things have heated up between us and we are turning pretty wild. The next part will be amazing and you won’t be able to control yourselves.

Please do write to me at [email protected], if you liked the first part of my story. I have tried my best to describe it the way it happened.

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