Sex Adventures Dicovered By 2 Couples In Maldives Resort

Sex Adventures Dicovered By 2 Couples In Maldives Resort

Hello Friends, I am Nish and I am back with my new part.

A little introduction This story is about Nish and R, his wife who came to a Maldives beach resort with one more couple, K and A his wife.

The next morning we woke up took bath. We had a little fun of stroking and touching each other inside the shower nothing more and came out dressed. We met our friends. We guys have no choice of clothes it’s just shorts and t-shirts with just different colors, shapes, and designs. Haha. So let’s skip that.

But the girls were, as usual, looking ravishing. My wife wore a skimpy and tight crop top which starts from just above her boobs and ends just below boobs. She also wore hot pants and took a long white shrug above all. She was looking hot. Her shoulders were visible with a little cleavage and her belly was visible.

A was looking stunning, she wore a transparent white shirt till her waist and a blue bra inside that which was completely visible. The shorts were also blue and matching the bra. They were very short just covering the top thighs and pussy. It was as good as a big brief. But she was looking damn hot.

So we headed for breakfast. We decided to go snorkeling so we came back to our rooms and changed into our swimming costumes. By looking at A’s sexy outfit and body I was again turned on during breakfast. Hence while changing I started kissing my wife. She stopped me and said we need to go.

But she understood I was not willing to stop. We were already naked while changing so I pushed my finger inside her pussy while kissing her, and started stroking it hard and then harder. She was now feeling good and reciprocating good, I was kissing her boobs, shoulder, and lips, while finger fucking her.

After some time she came and we stood like that for some time. Then she moved down and kissed my dick. She started sucking it slowly and rapidly jerking it. It was a good alternation that she was doing, kissing it and then moving her head away and just stroking my dick hard.

And in some time I came on her shoulders. Then we changed into a swimming dress and came out. Our friends also came out, wearing swimming costumes. We guys wore swimming trunks. And the gals again were looking hot.

R wore a swim dress with the top completely covered and till her thighs and a little frock over her thighs but it was skin tight. A, on the other hand, was looking sex goddess which turned me on instantly. She wore a swimming costume similar to R, ending just in upper thighs.

But she did not have any frock over it so every curve of her body could be traced out clearly. Her outlines of boobs over bra were completely visible, outlines of her panty were visible. And not a camel toe though but a little line on the outlines of her clitoris. It was as good as she was standing naked.

Anyway, we moved to the sea and snorkeled for a couple of hours. There were many instances where my and A’s body met. Sometimes touching her thighs, brushing her boobs, or just rubbing against her sexy ass. All these times made my dick harder even inside the sea.

But then we came out as it was lunchtime. We took baths in the open shower. The girls wore bathrobes around and had lunch. After lunch, we came to the room to change and come out in an hour. We were already tired of swimming. So we just took bath and rested for a while.

We changed and came out in the evening. R wore a one-piece backless frock. Her entire back was visible till her waist. Just a little knot at the mid of the back. The frock was till her knees and the top from the front was divided into two parts. It was knotted at the back of the neck. She was looking hot, my god.

A, on the other hand, was also wearing a similar dress. just that hers was a little more revealing. Her frock was above her knees. The back was completely open and a little of her hip’s top was visible. She had a little more gracious space between the two pieces of dress which covered her boobs.

Her side boobs were almost visible. And her knot came from the side of her waist and tied at the back of the neck. So her belly button was also visible as well as her ample cleavage and side boobs. I assumed she also did not wear any bra inside. She was looking damn sexy.

Anyway, I had to control myself as I had my wife with me. So we moved around the resort, had a couple of drinks clicked some photos. Then we had dinner and came to another sea sidebar. Again we sat there drinking and talking. There I again saw a good amount of thighs of A.

I assume though I was not sure that she was not wearing panties inside. I don’t know if her showing off her inside thighs to me was intentional or mistaken. But anyway then we also danced on the floor. There was an incident when R and K both went to the counter for drinks.

I and A were dancing and there were a lot of people. So we were dancing very close, while dancing she moved around and turned her back to me and danced. During that time I had chances to touch her ass a couple of times. I was now 90% sure she had no panties. This made me crazy.

As soon as R came back from the counter I took her back to the seat and kissed her. We slowly slipped outside the bar and on the beach. There was no one around and we moved behind a tree and I started kissing her vigorously. I moved down and inserted my hand and head inside her frock.

I slipped her panties down and started licking her pussy. She was in heaven. I sucked and licked and inserted my tongue inside her. She was in heaven and made sexy voices. I started kissing her lips. She opened the button of my shorts and pulled my dick out and started stroking it.

I also inserted hand in her skirt again and started fingering her pussy. We were just on the verge of cumming but we heard some voices. So we thought this would not be a good place to climax. So we calmed ourselves, adjusted our clothes and moved back to the bar.

As soon as we went in, we found K and A were sitting very close to each other on the seat. As we entered they adjusted themselves a little, we knew what was going on. Coming without a panty had its pros. So we sat and they asked us where we were. We said we just went out for fresh air at the beach.

They also understood what we did there. So K asked let’s go to our rooms, we are tired. So we agreed. But I understood why they wanted to go. A’s naked pussy is going to get good fucking. Anyway, we also wanted the same.

Well, a confession. I later came to know in one of our drinking truth and dare games that she was wearing a panty. It was just a very skimpy one with strings and was seamless so I could not feel it when I touched her. Hahaha.

So we came to our rooms. We were already halfway and as soon as we entered, we stripped naked and started making out. Kissing, licking sucking the entire body, and then she yelled, “Fuck me, baby.” And I entered in missionary and fucked her harder and harder.

In around 15 minutes we both came. I spilled my cum on her belly button. Then we took a bath and changed and came to bed. Now it was the time for showoff for R of her sexy clothes. She wore a sexy red satin gown which was till her mid-thighs.

Two strings on her shoulders that started from just above her nipples. Giving a lot of view in mid of the boobs and of course without a bra. I was amazed to see such a sexy lady in my bed. For a change, I also wore something sexy. I wore a blue thong with strings everywhere even on hips and just covering my dick.

And ‘Fuck You’ was written on the part over my dick. She was amazed to see me that way too. Now we were a little turned on not much after numerous fucking sessions from yesterday. But we lay in bed together touching and rubbing each other and watching TV.

I turned to her side and started pressing her boobs while kissing her shoulders. Then she turned her head towards me and we started to kiss. I moved my hand down and touched her inner thighs and lightly moved my finger across her thighs. Now slowly moved my hand towards her pussy.

I found she was not wearing a panty. I started touching her clitoris walls. Then after some time, I started pushing my fingers inside her pussy. I found she was not too wet. I understood that due to a lot of fucking recently we were not getting turned on properly. So I thought to have some adventure.

I asked her to just wear a Kimono, which is like a bathrobe but just made of satin. And wear nothing inside. And I wore shorts without underwear and wore a jacket with nothing inside. Now we went out to the beach just in front of our rooms. There were some trees and then after that there were beach beds.

So we chose one of the beach beds which was hidden to have a little adventure. We were already feeling turned on because this was our first time coming on the beach and wearing nothing inside. We sat on the beach beds, touching each other. Then I slowly moved towards her and started kissing her.

Now I inserted my hand inside her kimono and pressed her boobs. She also inserted a hand inside my jacket and was feeling my nipples and chest. After some time of kissing, I slowly moved towards her bottom and touched her pussy. She was already very wet down there.

So I slipped my finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her till she came. Then she bent and pulled my dick out of the shorts and started sucking it. She gave me a good blowjob and a handjob until I came. And we both were relieved.

We could not have sex there because it was open and anyone can come anytime. Then we moved back to the room and slept.

The next day’s adventures will be continued in the next part. Friends, I hope you are liking it.

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