The After-Party Sex to take Revenge from Saketh’s Girlfriend

The After-Party Sex to take Revenge from Saketh’s Girlfriend

Hi guys! This is your girl Keerthy here. This the 2nd incident of sex on that day.

Scene 2: Sex with my aunt’s friend’s son.

I went back home. In the evening when my parents called me and said that there is a party which I had to attend in their absence. The function was my cousin’s birthday.

So I got ready for the party which was planned at a hotel at 7:30 in the evening. I chose a bandhani lehenga (you can google it) which is bright red and wore a dupatta and went to the hotel. After the cake cutting, people were getting ready to go home.

Then Saketh called me and said he wanted to talk with me. Now I need to tell you about them. Saketh is the son of Sonali aunty, who is the best friend of my mother and my aunt (mother’s sister). He and a girl named Gita were in a relationship.

But they fought and Gita flirted with other guys often kissing them to make Saketh jealous. She was doing the same thing at the party too. So this time he wanted to make her jealous and flirt with me in front of her. Saketh has a well-built body and is a good looking guy. So I said ok.

We sat in front of Gita but at a distance. She was surprisingly looking at both of us. Saketh placed his hand on mine. I removed my dupatta which exposed my curves and navel. Both of them were in awe for a moment. We both started pretending as if we both were having a great time laughing.

I noticed Saketh looking at my navel. Gita was feeling jealous but was trying to hide it. He told me we have to do something romantic to make her feel jealous. So just let us go out and she will follow us. I said ok and he kissed me on the cheek and he went out first.

I went outside after some time. I observed that Gita was following me. I turned around and she came to me directly. She said, “Excuse me I know what you both were trying to do. Please don’t do that.” I said you were doing the same thing there.

That is when I decided he should have fun with me since that girl is a dumbass. I smiled and I went to search for him. She was calling me but I ignored and I saw him in the garden. There were two benches with a roof over it. She was following me but was hiding.

I sat on the opposite bench. I was looking down and I saw that he got a boner. It formed a tent. I smiled looking at it and he tried to cover it shyly. He said it is nothing, he was just turned on seeing my navel and boobs. I said, “It is fine, you can touch it if you want.”

He did not wait a second he got up and hugged me. He slowly ran his hand on my navel and his hand stopped on my ass. He slowly pressed it. I let out a small moan. He threw my dupatta on the floor and said, “I am obsessed with navels.” He leaned in and kissed my navel hard.

His beard roughly rubbing my smooth navel. The tingles were unbearable. I pushed his head into my navel and he put his hands around my navel. He slowly kissed my belly button and gave it a quick lick. I shivered slightly as he continued the trail of kisses on my navel.

He turned me around and started kissing my back. He whispered in my ears I love your perfume. I smiled at him. He stood up caught me from my back and leaned his head on my shoulders savoring my smell. His hands started playing with my navel. He was pressing my navel like a stress ball.

I always wanted to be the dominating one. But this time I wanted him to dominate me. He had the same feeling as I do and that turned me on. His hands went into my panty and it was already wet. He rubbed my pussy slowly. Then I turned around and hugged him tightly.

He slowly pushed me onto the bench. We both removed our dresses. I was in my bra and panty and he was in his underwear. I slept on the bench and he was on me, he kissed my neck and dropped kisses on my face He pushed my hair away and started kissing my shoulders and then went straight to my lips.

I held him close as our lips were locked. I ran my hands on his chest and one hand on his back. We kissed for a few minutes, we exchanged saliva and I kept on biting his lips. Then he went down to my boobs and started pressing them while I was still busy licking his lips.

He unstrapped my bra and threw it on the floor. He got up halfway to take a look at my melons. His mouth was open. I quickly took the chance and closed his mouth with mine and pulled him down. He continued pressing my boobs and massaging my tits as we were kissing intensely.

He suddenly broke the kiss and started eating my boobs. His teeth dug onto my soft boobs and his fingers tightly massaging my tits. It felt great and I enjoyed every moment of it. Then he got up from the bench and pushed me off the bench.

I was looking at him but he did not wait. He made me sit on my knees. I got to know that he was madly horny. He caught all of my hair in one go. He sat on the bench with his legs spread. He quickly kissed my lips, cheeks, and finally my boobs.

He looked into my eyes and said, “You are uncontrollable, baby, give me a blowjob.” I slid down his underwear and his dick was rock hard. The pre-cum was flowing onto his balls. I licked his balls and the pre-cum. I started kissing his dick on the head.

Then I put it in my mouth. I started massaging his balls with one hand and rubbing his thigh with another. I kept stroking it with my mouth as fast as I can. He was moaning noisily and he pushed my head further and the dick was choking me.

He removed his dick out of my mouth and said, “I am about to cum.” He did not wait a second he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. He pushed me onto the bench. I was busy licking his pre-cum on my lips. He held me in the doggy position and inserted his rod into my pussy.

I moaned loudly as it was very thick. Then we moved on the bench and he came inside me. But I can still feel his dick inside my pussy and it did not sleep completely. He fell on my back breathlessly and I made his hands catch my boobs.

I whispered breathlessly, “Baby I still need more of that dick, show me what you have got.” His grip was tight on my boobs. I can feel his dick increasing its size again inside my pussy. It was very hot and he started rocking me again. He was sleeping on me and kissing my back, pressing my boobs hard.

His weight along with those strokes of his strong dick. I passed through the gates of heaven and he came inside me again. This time I turned around and he fell on my boobs. We both were dripping sweat and he was resting his head on my boobs. We were in a tight hug with my legs wrapped around his ass.

I turned my head, and to my surprise, she was still looking out of the window trying to get a view. I am pretty sure she knew we both were having sex. but it was very dark inside that shelter so she did not get a clear view. But I saw her recording our act on her cell phone.

I pulled him up and kissed him on the lips. He slowly licked my neck and stopped his tongue on my lips. We started kissing, I broke the kiss and said, “She has recorded everything.” He looked at her and said, “There is no chance she can get a picture of us in the dark.”

He smiled and kissed me again. I said, “Maybe this is the last time we will ever do this.” He looked at me with a longing face but said, “Yeah I know it, so shall we finish it off with a final round?” His hands were already pressing my boobs and I said, “Sure, baby!”

As we were having a chat his dick got enough rest and it was catching up the momentum again. He said, “Let us see your skill. Go ahead and make me harder.” I was on my knees again and he pushed his dick in my mouth.

I gave him the best blowjob. With kisses on his dickhead, licking his balls and lubricating it with my saliva. It was hard again. He was sitting on the bench and I sat on him with my arms wrapped around his neck. He started licking my boobs.

I slowly guided his dick into my pussy and he rocked my pussy for the third time. The sounds were incredible in this position as my ass was hitting his balls vigorously. The thud-thud sounds along with my moans were very sensual and erotic. His hands pressed my boobs and played with them.

I was moving up and down. Then I was tired and I could not move anymore. He caught my ass and started rocking me. With his help, I rode his dick harder and harder until he came inside me. With his dick still inside me, we both hugged tightly enough to crush our bones.

We slowly enjoyed the moments of pleasure. Then we both got dressed up. He dropped me back without delay. As my dress was wet and I was looking horrible after that strenuous sex.

He said, “Thanks for everything,” and gave me a gentle peck on my lips. I asked him if his revenge was successful. He said it was the horniest revenge he could ever get and he asked me whether we both could continue doing that. I looked at him seriously and said, “We will think about that later.”

He drove away and I went straight to my bathroom. I had a bath and slept on my bed.

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