Unsatisfied Bhabhi Gets Ultimate Pleasure During Quarantine

Unsatisfied Bhabhi Gets Ultimate Pleasure During Quarantine

Hi, guys, this is Nikhil from Kolkata. I have been writing about my encounter with unsatisfied housewives and married Bengali bhabhis for quite a long time now. The readers from other sites who know me would know that I am in mid-twenties with a sporty built.

This story is about my neighbor in Kolkata whose husband doesn’t usually stay out. But this quarantine gave me a golden opportunity to explore her. Also, it proved an incredible opportunity for her to explore her wildest fantasies. Now I have probably become a fuck buddy for her.

Let me introduce her. She is 36 years old, around 5’6, chubby with stats around 38c-30-38 and milky white. She was working but has now left the job. This was all in all a very happy couple. I was in good books with them. Her husband is quite friendly.

Our conversations revealed that his wife is kinky and has a huge libido. They don’t have a child. I don’t know the reason. I had the usual eye contact with her and passed a smile. I saw her cleavage at times on the staircase. she often caught me but didn’t resist.

Before this lockdown was declared, her husband had gone to Mumbai on an official trip. He was stuck there due to lockdown and this was my opportunity. But I hadn’t still planned about how I will approach her. One fine day she invited me for lunch during the lockdown.

I went to her house, sat on the sofa, and was waiting for her to come. After 10 minutes, my eyes were covered by fingers from behind and I knew it was her. I tried to remove it but she wasn’t willing enough so I left. Then she blindfolded me and the next stuff I felt was strange.

I felt something strangely soft on my face. I tried to touch/feel it only soon to realize that my hands have been tied and I can’t move them. Then there was an effort to suffocate me, atleast this is what I realize at the moment. Me being the usual pussy eater soon came to know that she had pushed her pussy to my face.

She had rolled her nighty up, got up on the sofa, spread her legs and pushed her pussy against my face. “Eat me, you rascal! Your lunch is ready. But this is what you want, I know!” She exclaimed. There was a slight confusion in me but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

I tried to open my hands but she refused and dragged me to the bedroom. I was still tired and blindfolded, pushed on the bed. She was sitting on my face. I was continuously eating her pussy and tongue fucking her. She held my hair and was pulling it continuously.

She was riding my face like a real pro and was enjoying every moment of it. Soon she had a wriggling orgasm. She pushed my face inside as much as she could while she wriggled to cum all over my face. Then she got down removed the blindfold and untied me.

She was almost tired and wanted to rest. But I was in a mood to make it a lifetime moment for her. So I pinned her down, held her by the neck, and started by licking and biting her earlobes. My warm breath near her earlobes was turning her on.

She was running her hands all over my back. Licking and biting her neck, I moved down to her huge boobs. They were the softest thing I’ve ever felt in my mouth. My my tongue explored her boobs and running in round motion around her nipples. Then I started sucking them like a hungry animal.

This was turning her crazy, she was pulling my hair and scratching my back. After ravishing her boobs and leaving red marks everywhere, I moved down, sucking her belly. My tongue making round motions around her navel got her crazy. I could see her pussy already dripping. Fucking My Office Receptionist Tanvi Sex With The Boss Story

Then I moved down, sucking and licking her inner thighs. Those white fluffy thighs looked spotless as if waiting for me to give red marks. The moment I started licking them, her head rolled, eyes rolled up in circular motion, mouth wide open. She left out a soft moan.

Then I licked all her vaginal region without actually licking her pussy. This was enough teasing for her and she immediately had an orgasm. I had just started and now moved to her pussy. It had already become sensitive and she pushed my face against her pussy and closed her legs.

She was suffocating me, pulling my hair, and enjoying it to the fullest. I started eating her out. My fingers started fucking her and my tongue licking her clitoris in a circular motion. Initially, it was one finger, then two and then three fingers. My tongue stimulation was uncontrollable for her.

I saw her eyes rolling head bent back and she was on the seventh heaven. As I switched my fingers and tongue, she had a wriggling orgasm. “Fuck me, Fuck me now! Get inside me, I want you,” she said in a fading voice. I asked her to wait for me to bring a condom.

But she said, “I can’t wait for it, just get inside me now and don’t cum inside me.” To which I agreed. I spread her legs wide open and thrust my dick in. “Ah, fuck!” She moaned, “Get inside deep baby, drill me harder.” I started fucking her full-fledged.

The sight of her round boobs jiggling got me crazy and I increased the pace. I was holding her neck with one hand, one of her boobs with the other. She was scratching my thighs and ass as I banged her brutally.

“Harder, baby harder, fuck me to the core today, nail your bitch, I know that you wanted it desperately, take me today.” After fucking her in missionary for 15-20 minutes, she again got an orgasm. I came on her belly, filling her navel.

After cleaning ourselves, I took her from behind, in the doggy style. And let me tell you, it was the one hell of a feeling. Her huge ass rolling on my dick, as I squeezed her boobs and pulled her hair. “This feels so good,” she moaned. I spanked and squeezed her fluffy ass and made it red.

Then we again switched position and she rode me like a pro. Usually, I don’t last 30-40 minutes in a single shot without a pill. But she rode me good and I lasted for 25 minutes. The sight of her round boobs jiggling, hair waving wildly and her scratching my chest as she rode kept me going.

It was afternoon and we fucked the whole day and night that day. She told me that she loved her husband and what happened was in a flow. She asked me to forget it. I explained that doing this, you ain’t unloving your partner, everyone has the right to live her fantasies and explore everything in life.

Ping me and give me feedback so that I’ll write the next story about how her husband told her about his fuck buddy when he came to know about us. We had a swap as well.

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