Wet session with hot classmate in the college – Indian sex story

Wet session with hot classmate in the college – Indian sex story

Hi guys, this is Ritik here and perhaps this is my first story on this blog. I hope you guys read it till the end and all you guys and girls out there, unzip your respective pants, ladies hold it tight, it’s gonna be a wet story and all you guys, make sure you unzip your pants because this boner is gonna be huge.

Giving a small introduction about me, I am a college student in the city of Surat, Gujarat. I have a normal body with a considerable thick and a hard shaft (the reviews say so). My college life has always been amazing with a lot of hot chicks ranging from all batches.

So, this story is what happened in the second year of my college. Sneha and I were in the same batch and we were good friends from the beginning. She was a bomb, with a jaw-opening figure and a perfect ass. Her figure to my guess should easily 34-30-34. Sneha always wore an outfit that would make people stare and she was a head-turner in our college.

I did not have any sort of sexual feelings or lust for her as she was a casual friend. One day amidst our mathematics class, Sneha was sitting right beside me and I could figure out that she was not at all interested in the class.

She was constantly checking out her phone. There were rumors that she recently had a breakup with her boyfriend. Since I was not much close with her, I never asked about her dating life.

Suddenly to my surprise, Sneha asked me for my phone. Without hesitating, I gave her my phone. She with a smirk in her eyes, asked me, “Do you want to watch porn?” I was shocked for a bit because that came out as pretty random.

I asked her, “Are you crazy?”. She said, “Come on, it will be fun. I haven’t watched porn for a while.”

I now started connecting the dots, linking it with her breakup. I gave her my approval; within a blink of an eye, she came close to me so that nobody could see what was going on on the phone. I took out my AirPods and both of us plugged them in our ears. Amidst the calculus lecture, both of us were getting steamy hot and turned on!

I could see that my college classmate was all flushed. Within no time, my tool was hard on and I was 100% sure that Sneha would have noticed my boner too.

The session was getting too sensual and hence I asked her to stop. She asked what if we continue this after class. This gave me a sense of electric vibes in my body. I started imagining fucking Sneha over her hot black tunic she was wearing that day.

I desperately started waiting for the boring mathematics class to get over. As soon as the class got over, we gave each other a wicked smile.

We waited for everyone to leave the class. As the class got empty, Sneha took a bold move, grabbed me close, and before I could realize anything, her juicy lips were on mine already! In no time, she was smooching me hard.

I had lost my mind as couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on! Whatever it was, I was anyways enjoying it and so kept on responding to her.

We were so engrossed in each other’s lips that we forgot we were in an empty classroom; we chose to ignore that fact and kept on kissing each other. Then we took a pause, we were speechless and the speechlessness soon burst into laughter.

As we were laughing, she again grabbed me and started kissing me wildly. Her hands were all over me. I could feel her warmth. Her pulse rate was going bonkers.

As Sneha kissed me, I started exploring ‘places’ with my hand. With the air conditioner turned on, my hands were a bit cold and she left a hard shiver when my cold hands started invading her tunic. It was a deep neck tunic and owing to its “so-called advantages”, I slid my hands inside only to discover what amazing pair of boobs this college girl had.

By this time, Sneha was kissing me all over my neck and my dick was poking all over her with that tight jeans on. Slowly, she whispered in my ears, “They are all yours”. These words made me crazy and the next moment, my hands were inside her semi-padded bra and were struggling to find those nipples.

Finally, when I touched those soft nipples, they turned rock hard. I managed to get the left boob out of her dress. Oh my! Those were boobs to which any human would fall far. They were white as milk and those pink nipples were the cherry on the top.

As soon I started kissing Sneha’s boob, she was moaning the glory out of her. She grabbed me by my hair and started pressing my head in her boobs. I licked the nipples at one instance, sucked them at another instance, and pressed them with my lips at another. These acts made her go crazy.

I pinned her to the wall where there was a blind spot and nobody could see us if they entered the class, which would give us a few moments to gather ourselves. She unbuttoned my shirt and was caressing my chest with those soft hands. I moved upwards and she grabbed me again giving me a French smooch.

Her tongue was exploring me and as I responded back, I could feel her body twitching on mine and she was scratching my chest out of sheer pleasure. I slid my hand towards her pussy to realize that it was all wet.

I started rubbing her pussy in a circular motion on top of the panty. My classmate was shivering out of cloud nine experience. As I increased my pace, I could sense her lower body twisting and I could sense that she was craving for more.

Sneha then slowly came towards by ears and started licking my earlobes. This act of her made me go bonkers, I was on cloud nine too. (Those soft tongue invading my sensitive ears still give me goosebumps when I am writing down this story.)

She slowly whispered in my ears, “Go inside”.

I went all crazy by hearing these words, (even today those words are crisp and clear in my mind).

Without wasting a second, I slid my hands under her panty and discovered a clean shaved pussy. It was all wet and her juicy fluids were oozing out of that hot wet pink pussy. It was so wet and well-lubricated that just by putting my hand on the entrance and giving it a slight push, my finger just slid inside giving her a deep moan.

I started to build a rhythm and Sneha’s entire body was just moving along the rhythm. I went deep inside her pussy with my fingers and felt each and every corner of it. Each time I went inside, I went deeper and she was begging for more of it.

Then she caught hold of my dick from the outside and started caressing it. I was wearing a tight jeans that day which was making it difficult for my little buddy since, he didn’t have any space to go erect. She was rubbing my hard cock rapidly which was giving me next-level pleasure.

Soon, I could felt her body getting tight, I felt her pussy muscles contracting. I knew she was going to have an orgasm.

I quickly got down on my knees and started licking her pussy. She grabbed my face and pushed it hard inside her pussy. She held the walls, spread her with her left leg in the air, and started shivering and a huge tsunami of her juices was all over me.

Sneha had cummed so hard which made her even difficult to stand while she was cumming. The way she moaned and contracted her body makes me hard rock even today. I took a few breaths as she got down and said, “It’s your turn now” and started unzipping my jeans.

I will tell you in the next series about what happened as we explored each other’s body to a great adrenaline rush and how we end up getting caught. A lot of fun ahead so stick around and stay tuned for the next part.

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