A Morning Walk In Mumbai – Sex With A Stranger Story

A Morning Walk In Mumbai – Sex With A Stranger Story

A few years back I went to Mumbai to visit a college friend, Tushar. His family was well settled in Pune and he was working at an IT firm in Mumbai. He took a flat near his office in a society which was almost on the outskirts of Mumbai. It has always been on my wishlist to enjoy the nightlife of Mumbai.

I and my friend spent some amazing time at one of the pubs last night.  My friend had to leave at 5 am for some urgent work in the office. Even I woke up when he left. I just came near the windows after he left. His society was really beautiful.

It had amazing jogging tracks, basketball courts, perfectly shaped gardens and the beautiful ladies were adding to the beauty of it. Trust me, not just the females, but the whole beauty of society tempted me to go for a walk. I thought for a while and decided I could sleep later.

As my friend will be coming by evening, why not just enjoy the ambiance. Within 10 minutes I was on the walking track. People in the society were quite friendly, every passing person was throwing a warm smile. But I was looking for some fun. I was searching for a bachelor girl, who could be my companion.

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I walked for around half an hour and completed a full circle of society. But I still couldn’t find anyone interesting. I thought sleep will be a better option. I was waiting near the lift when I heard some footfalls from the steps. I just turned around to look, and gosh look at what I found!

A lady wearing the sports bra, wheatish skin tone, a height of around 5’5”, ponytail on the head, black colored tight trousers was hopping down from steps. I couldn’t help myself but stare at her round boobs. Her bra wasn’t that tight, but still, anyone could easily look at her cleavage.

She caught me staring at her. During this time, I didn’t even realize that the lift has arrived and my one foot was blocking its door. She pointed towards the lift and said.

“Hero, look over there, your lift is here.”

I came back to senses and replied, “No, I was going towards the jogger’s park”

She understood I was lying and walked towards the park shaking her head in dissent. All of a sudden I had sweat in my hands. I calmed myself down and followed her. She was walking fast and not just me, almost all the men around were looking at her dancing ass.

I just ran a little to catch the speed with her. I tried many times to talk to her, but she was ignoring me with a mere smile. I knew she isn’t so easy to get a hold on. But her body stats were not allowing me to give up. I wanted to see this lady naked and making out with me. I just followed her wherever she was going.

It was delicious to see her walk and run. She was searching for some isolated area where she could do some stretching. She found one near the tree and I found a bench opposite to sit and see the show. She noticed every naughty move of mine but didn’t give me an angry look even at once.

This encouraged me even more and I took this as an indicator of yes from her side. She started the show, I mean her stretching. I started to get uncomfortable seeing her curves. She wasn’t size zero girl, she had fat in perfect places. Which made her a delight to watch for every man. She bent forwards to touch her toes.

And I had an amazing view of her boobs that too very deeply. I just felt like holding each of it in each hand and shaking them. But the next second, her mangalsutra came crawling out of her bra. I was shocked that such a young-looking beauty is married. She stood back normally.

But I got so excited that I was flirting with a married girl. Even she was flirting back. She held the locket of her mangalsutra, looking at me, took that near her lips, kissed it, and very seductively kept it back inside. Believe me, it felt as if she was kissing the tip of my dick.

She understood my intentions. But I have never met a bold lady like her. She straight away walked towards me, I was tensed and sacred both. She very calmly sat near me.  She said, “From so much time you are enjoying the show, you should have atleast brought some protein drink for me.”

“I have one but you have to shake a lot for that,” I replied naughtily.

We both looked at each other and laughed out loud. She calmly said, “Not so soon, honey. We don’t even know each other, plus I am a wife.”

“I thought you are a kind of hotwife, who is married but always available.”

“In your dreams honey, I am not so easy to get.”

“I will do anything you say to get you.”

“Well, you are very lazy.”

“I am not, but looking at you made me horny.”

“I can see that from your crotch”

“It’s waiting to come out and look at you.”

“Keep it inside, I am in no mood to handle it.”

“You will once you see it.”

“So confident?”

“I swear you will love it.”

She got a little shy and her eyes started staring at my dick. It made me hotter and it started to grow. I was feeling embarrassed to get a hard-on right in the middle of the park. She asked me to jog with her for some time to lower the heat. We ran almost two full rounds of society.

She was impressed by my stamina and I was loving the view of her sweaty body. We were back in our block waiting for the lift. I noticed that a drop of sweat was flowing down from very near to her cheekbone. It went lower, attracting the nearby tiny droplets and rushed towards her boobs line inside her bra.

I intervened in between and stopped it just above her bra by placing a finger over it. Damn, her chest was one of the softest I have ever touched. Her body temperature was above par. Her sweat felt like a coolant on my finger. Suddenly her breathing got a little heavy.

I got more closer to her, and rolled my finger inside her brassiere. I firmly touched the tip of both the boobs and collected all the sweat from it. My finger was out of the cage the very next second and I sprinkled all of it on her face. She liked it very much and asked me to accompany her for a coffee.

I got the opportunity I was seeking and she got the man she needed. Her flat was on the third floor. We decided to take the steps as there were many people around us by the time lift came. We kissed each other on every floor. It was morning time so we didn’t have a chance for a prolonged kiss.

But we sure had many tiny ones in those steps of three floors. Even one of the uncles saw us lip-locking. When we were outside her flat I enquired about her husband. I got to know that he was out of town. This is known as a bumper offer. A hotwife served in the plate by luck and husband out of town by the destiny.

As soon as we went inside the flat, I shut the door and locked her to the nearby wall. I brought one of my legs between her legs and started massaging her thighs by it. It was the first time I held her waist and I kissed her properly. She is still one of the best kissers I have ever kissed.

I removed the band from her hairs and her ponytail was left open. She removed my tee and her hands were searching for the man’s tool immediately. I wanted her to hold it but not before teasing her. I pushed myself totally on her. My mouth kissing her wildly.

My chest rubbing her chest, and my dick rubbing her vagina over our trousers. She liked it and held me tighter. I could feel the wetness deep down there. I reached her neck, and my hands started undoing her dresses. I was so excited that I didn’t have the patience to remove her bra over her head.

And in my horniness, I tore one of her bra straps. She didn’t react to it so I did the same with another. Her boobs were free to hang now. They were fucking so hot, that I had no choice but to rub them hard. I was kissing her and pinching her boobs simultaneously.

At every pinch, she was biting my lips. In those 15 minutes of kissing her whole upper body, my hands turned her boobs red from pink. I started moving downwards. I even pinched her belly which she wasn’t liking at was furious but not angry at me. The pain was giving her more pleasure.

I pulled down her trousers. By the time I kissed her thighs, she came for the very first time. Even I felt proud to see her so relaxed and wet. It was time we both needed some water to refill ourselves. I was rock hard and it was her chance to help me out.

Now she pinned me to the wall and got on her knees. In no time my whole dick was inside her mouth and she was sucking it like a pro. She went on and on, and I was thrusting deep inside her face. Her blowjob skills were so hot that I came inside her mouth without even warning her.

She was so naughty that she gagged all of it without spitting even a drop. The feeling I had watching her was one of the best I had in my life. We both were nude and walked inside her kitchen to get some water. She already drank her protein and needed some water to flush it more inside.

We talked a little to know about each other’s tastes and got to know about the fantasies we had. We made out in the kitchen, on the slab of the kitchen, on the sofa, in her bedroom where her husband fucks her. The morning of my life has never been so hot and eventful.

Every minute of it was spent inside such a beautiful goddess. And the best part was she took me all raw. She didn’t want me to fuck her wearing condoms like her husband used to do. I almost came thrice inside her. We even had sex under the shower.

I even helped her to clean the mess we both made in her house. Which again made us hot and we had another session. This time I came on her boobs and she massaged it all over her chest. We again had to take the shower to get cleaned. I bid a goodbye kiss to her and left for my friend’s flat.

I never talked with Tushar about this incident as this could disturb the privacy of the lady. I never talked to her, nor I know whether she took some pills to avoid the pregnancy after so many sessions with me.  But it was so good that I could feel her body in my hands whenever I think about the incident.

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