Erotic Story Of A Husband Watching His Wife Being Fucked

Erotic Story Of A Husband Watching His Wife Being Fucked

I was 29. I was always the guy who couldn’t get the girl in my youth as the charmer guys with confidence blew all the girls. When I got older I got myself a wife through an arranged marriage. I was happy to start my sex life. It was awesome in the initial 6 months’ time where I had frequent sex.

As days went by, the sex was not interesting and it became a chore. I turned to watch porn as it excited me. I used to masturbate like 5 times sometimes, even more. The reason is my brain goes crazy for cuckold sex. I being the inferior male, even in bed I satisfy my wife through oral rather than penetration.

I could not hold an erection for a longer duration. Though my wife loved oral she was not getting the raw pounding. I started watching cuckold porn. I imagined myself seeing my wife getting banged my a strong alpha male who is courageous enough to approach a woman.

The thought made my loins burn and the base urges of this desire gave me an erection. My wife, as she was young, didn’t have any sexual interaction except me. So I was happy that she didn’t experience the dominant male’s power. My penis is small and hardly has an erection after the first time of premature ejaculation.

After work one day I went home as usual. It was the usual day we had sex mostly once in a week. As I went in for a kiss she ignored me. I persisted and I went on for the kiss and the usual grabbing of the breasts and cunt. I went down on her as I couldn’t satisfy her with my penis.

After she was satisfied with my licking, I went to penetrate with my penis inside her pussy. Suddenly she said no and she started masturbating me. I being enjoyed this. When I was about to climax she stopped and spoiled the orgasm. She laughed and went to dress up.

I was upset by the spoiled orgasm and asked her why she did this. She ignored me and went for preparing dinner. As I went to my computer I figured I have forgotten to delete my history in the browser. It would have disclosed my cuckold fantasies to my wife.

It was an awkward dinner and the next day I went to my office. My office is a software organization with budding youngsters. Out of them, one guy was the most handsome of them all. He was tall and smart with fair skin. I was rather dusky-skinned and I envied this.

When I went for the rest room I was standing next to him and with a short glance, I took a peek of his penis. It was larger than usual with the grith of twice my penis. he was not even having an erection. Such a dominant male he was and that afternoon I imagined him satisfying my wife.

I knew it was impossible. But the thought of him banging my wife with is strong arms and hairy chest made my dick hard. Later that evening I went to my home and as we were not having sex my head was breaking. So I went inside the room to enjoy the cuckold porn.

This time when I opened I could see a lot of history happened yesterday of cuckold porn which I haven’t seen at that time. I was in a state of dilemma to figure out my wife has started enjoying these cuckold porn videos. The thought had made my heart beat faster. I didn’t masturbate that day.

The next day morning I went to the office and my wife was at home. The thought made me think if she was cheating behind me. But I was okay with it. I wanted her to cheat on me but the only thing was I was left out.  So I figured out I can spy on her mobile phone.

I could turn on the camera whenever I can without their knowledge. So I installed this on her phone and the app was on stealth mode. I knew my wife was an alpha female luring lots of guys as she was plump and hot, unlike my short and skinny body. Hence I had to do this spying on her phone.

One day in my office, I was getting late as my bike was not starting due to the frequent rain. As I was kicking my bike a person came near me and told he could give me a ride. It was the young attractive chap and he mentioned seeing me near his vicinity.

He offered me a ride on his sport bike and so I took the ride back home. When we reached my apartment, the rain came heavily. So I invited him to my apartment until the rain stops. As I went and opened the door my imagination started again with him and my wife together.

As I opened the door my wife came and their eyes met. I introduced him to my wife. I knew he would have found my wife is attractive and so does she. Seeing a guy so masculine my wife was making frequent eye contacts. I could see something was going on. The rains stopped and he left.

Now all I have to do is make both of them meet again. The next day I asked him for a ride home again. This time as we went home, I asked him to go inside and I pretended to receive a call to come to the office. I took his bike and asked him to sit in my home for some time.

Everything was set and I called my wife to keep him company. As he went up the apartment, after a few meters I turned the bike back and waited. I remembered the stealth app. I opened to see what was going on in the apartment.

As I opened her phone it was giving a view of both of them giggling and flirting. I knew the guy Vinod would make a move on her. But they realized I could be back any minute. So I called Vinod and told him it would take an hour and asked him to stay for dinner.

As soon as I said this I opened my wife’s phone where she was asking him to help with a phone problem. So he was checking them very close and all of a sudden my wife’s breast was very close to him. My heart was pounding and I wanted to see what’s going to happen next.

I quickly took the bike to the apartment and went to the door. I slowly opened the latch as it could not be heard. As I went inside the living room there was no one and I had to go near the bedroom. I couldn’t see them as well as the noises were coming from the kitchen.

I could see Vinod was standing and my wife was nowhere near. As I was about to approach him I realized my wife was kneeling down sucking Vinod’s thick penis. I was overwhelmed with the job as the sight of my wife having a superior cock made my loins burn.

Vinod was in control of the situation. As I wanted to enjoy the sight I went crawled back hiding inside a closet nearby. I could hear the sound of my wife’s slurp and licking sound. My penis was getting an erection. I couldn’t control my self. Vinod took my wife and kissed her passionately on her lips.

He removed her saree and started sucking her big nipple breasts. He sucked them so hard she was moaning with pleasure. Then he lifted her in both hands and took her to the bed room. Fortunately, he didn’t close the door completely. So I went to have a peak of the harmonious movement.

He slowly took my wife’s panties and threw them on the floor making her completely naked. He removed his pants where I had a peak of his enormous erect cock. My wife’s eyes were glowing with joy as she went to suck him harder. He pulled her face from his cock and turned her back in the doggy style.

I could see my wife’s face and him behind her as he penetrated her pussy. She shouted so loud which I have never heard before. He mounted on top with his thick thighs. The big cock he pierced through her pussy her eyes were going like a ghost.

She was enjoying that moment when he fully pressed his pelvis onto her pussy. He stood partially as she knelt. He pulled her long hair for grip and he started humping her. As I saw this I started to slowly jerk my tiny cock. But holding it not to ejaculate as I wanted to fully enjoy the event.

He was moving like a huge stallion. Usually, I would ejaculate within the first 5 humps while he was going slowly. As I counted it reached 50 and I could hear my wife moaning and screaming her way to orgasm. While I thought he would stop he didn’t.

But my wife stopped him to grab a breath. He stood on the bed and spread her plump thighs. I could see the big pussy. He went and grabbed her. He lifted her heavy body off the bed and she was in his hands. Her legs on his hands. The sheer power of his masculine body was so astonishing.

He picked her like a pillow in his hands and he thrust her. He was standing and my wife was in his hands. I could hear her wet pussy making a sound go again for about 50 times. I could see him not even tired while my wife was exhausted. As he realized that he took her for one last ride so he could go for his orgasm.

As he made her spread her legs so wide he jammed her pussy. This time he went on to make the sound for five minutes straight. She was screaming coz of multiple orgasms. He finally came inside her pussy and I came in my pants.

Moments later he pushed her and said good bye and gave his number. All the while she was lying in bed and smiling at him. He went after ravishing her for 30 minutes. He went out by giving her a small peck on her lips and shaking her hair like petting a puppy.

He went out and I was inside the closet. As she got ready and went to close the door and turned while I stood behind her. She was shocked. I went and kissed her so passionately and we were kissing tighter like never before. The sheer thought of that dominant male sperm inside my wife pussy made me hard again.

I was kissing and caressing her used body and telling her in a husky voice how I watched the entire time her moaning and screaming. She was surprised and also smiling in a humiliating voice. She grabbed me to kneel and she pushed my head to her pussy.

Of all the pussy licking, this was my favorite. The taste of her cunt juices together with the dominant male sperm. I licked off all the cum in her pussy as she stroked my small penis to ejaculation. Then she stopped just before orgasm. I begged her to give me the orgasm.

After smiling at me like a slave, she ejaculated my small droplets of sperm. I cuddled and slept a deep wonderful sleep that day.


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