First Time Sex With My Ex-Girlfriend From College – Indian Sex Stories

First Time Sex With My Ex-Girlfriend From College – Indian Sex Stories

It was the month of November 2016. It had been 8 months since I and my girlfriend broke up. But we both knew fate would bring us together.

So, it was almost the end of our final year and we were in the college for our submissions. We talked after so many months. My ex-girlfriend was looking beautiful than ever. I flirted with her for some time and she understood what I was up to.

Before our breakup, we just used to cuddle and do a little bit of romance but we never had sex. Her name was Geetika.

The conversation that started in college went further and we became close once again. The way she talked to me showed that she also wanted the same thing. So, we planned it. My parents were going out of town to attend some marriage and I was supposed to be home. I informed her all about it.

The day came. It was afternoon and she was there at my home. I offered my ex-girlfriend a cup of hot coffee. While drinking, she was looking at me seductively. Yes, she was in the mood!

We came to my room and I kissed her on her forehead, cheeks, neck, and finally on her lips. We smooched for around 10 minutes. She kissed me on my neck and oh my god, I was longing for this.

She removed my t-shirt and inner. I removed her sexy black shirt and was in her bra. Meanwhile, I was removing her jeans. My ex-college gf was wearing a matching panty. Geetika was looking so sexy in her black bikini.

Then she removed my jogger and underwear. It seemed as if she couldn’t resist and in the next second, my 6″ dick was disappearing in her mouth! Oh Gosh! That was the best feeling ever!!

After 10 minutes, I lifted her up, removed her bra and panty. Now Geetika was stark naked in front of me.

I pushed her on the bed, smooched her, kissed her on the neck, and licked her breasts and belly. Coming down, I spread her legs. What a sight it was! A sexy pink pussy waiting for me. She had trimmed her pubic hair. I began to kiss on her pussy.

Then I licked it on the surface, my ex-girlfriend was losing her control. Slowly, I inserted my tongue into her vagina. She was holding the bedsheet tightly. Her salty pussy was leaking juices. I licked it completely. She came heavily.

She brought me up and kissed me. She was holding my hard dick in her right hand and was moving it back and forth. From her eyes, she signaled me to do it.

I pulled a condom from my drawer, but she took it from me and said she wanted to feel my dick raw in her vagina. So I pushed my hard dick in Geetika’s vagina. It was tough as it was our first time. She was in pain.

I waited till she became ready again. This time, I took my time and inserted in her pussy. The college girl was moaning now, “Ah..ah..ahhh…ahhh!!! Fuck me!!” This was all I could hear from her. I was fucking her fastly. As I was also feeling this for the first time, I loved it. I never wanted to it to end, neither did she.

“Fuck me.. fuck me…fuck me!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah!! Oh! My god, I love you Sam, I love you, I love you.. Ah ah ah ah!!”

It was very sexy, I started ramming her faster and soon, I was about to come.

I pulled my dick out and came heavily on her belly. Geetika came for the second time. I cleaned her belly, smooched her, and lied on the bed, cuddling. It was the most amazing and lovable moment in my life.

After some time, we were ready for the next round. Geetika was holding my dick in her right hand and was moving it up and down. My penis was hard soon and I was horny as fuck. This time, I wanted to do it my way. I like the doggy style, so I pulled her towards me and turned her around, and bent her head down.

I positioned my dick and pushed in my ex-gf’s pussy. It took time for me, but it was fully inside after a few minutes. Oh my god! I could still feel what that was like to do it in doggy style. Geetika felt the pain initially but after that, she was also enjoying it. She could feel every inch of my penis inside her (which she told me afterward).

I was fucking her deeply. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! Fuck me fast, fuck me fast oh yes! oh yes!”

I rammed her hard and was continuously pressing her sexy boobs from behind while fucking her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I am coming, I am coming..” she came but I wasn’t finished yet. I continued fucking her which she was enjoying still after coming.

Then I pulled out my dick and came on her hips. I emptied every single drop of my semen on her hips.

Geetika was kissing me wildly at that moment. I pressed her boobs and kissed her back.

She was lying on the bed. I cleaned her and then she went to the washroom. After coming back, she told me, “We should do this regularly.”

I was happy on listening to this. I held her in my arms and hugged her. We rested for a while, then we wore our clothes and went into the kitchen to eat something as a lot of our energy was drained.

We had some snacks. Then we decided to take a hot water bath together and next thing, we were under the shower, cuddling, kissing, smooching, and licking each other. We had sex under the shower.

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