Going On A Holiday For Sex Adventures – Couple Sex Story

Going On A Holiday For Sex Adventures – Couple Sex Story

Hi Readers. This is my first story. So, first of all, let me tell you about myself. I am Nish, 30, married. I am 5’10 and very active in sports. I have a lean physique, not so bulky not so skinny. But I have an athletic body because I am a swimmer and a badminton player.

My wife has a very cute face and is a little short. I would not say she is a model type. But she has weights at correct areas of body and has a little fat all over. Her noticeable assets are her 36 sized boobs and a rounded ass. Generally most guys fall for her boobs and she has a good way of showing them off.

We had a love marriage and are quite happy with each other. We have an average sex life. There is a little thing that we are bored with our normal routines. We like doing some sex adventures to spice up our lives. I am writing about a real incident where we enjoyed and had some outdoor fun in Maldives.

So us and one more couple (my best friend) planned a trip to Maldives to an island resort. We had an early morning flight to Maldives and we reached by noon. By boat, we reached our resort by 6 PM. We were all very excited as this was our first trip to Maldives.

My wife (I will call her as R in story) bought lots of skimpy clothes to show off. Varieties of short skirts, frocks, see-through tops, hot pants, and also she had a couple of bikinis.

After we reached resort, we got our cottages. Initial 2 days we had booked beach cottages that were exactly in front of the beach. For the last two days we had booked water villa. So we decided to get into rooms and freshen up. Then we met back at around 9 for some drinks and dinner.

It was an awesome room and we adjusted our luggages. We thought of taking shower and then resting a bit. My wife quickly stripped and moved to the bathroom for a shower. Meanwhile, I also arranged my things and entered the shower. We relaxed ourselves in the hot shower.

But this was also arousing us a little and my dick started to grow. We were close to each other and under the shower. She was facing the wall and I was standing behind hugging her from back. I was holding her boobs from my hands and gently pressing them.

She felt a little tickle in her back from my half-grown dick. As soon as she felt that, she brought one hand back and held my dick. I started pressing her boobs harder and she started giving light strokes to my dick. I gave her a kiss on her neck and back. She turned toward me and started kissing my lips furiously.

Now my dick was grown to the full length. She started kissing my neck, my chest, my stomach. Then she moved down more and kissed my dick. She took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was just rubbing my hands on her back standing and she was sucking my dick hard.

She gave it for around 10 minutes and then I came on her boobs. Now it was my turn. I made her stand up and I took my hand on her pussy. I started touching her clit slowly and while kissing her boobs. Then I inserted my finger a little inside, she was feeling it good now.

Then I moved down and started licking her pussy. Then I inserted my tongue in her pussy and she was like feeling so good. I fucked her with my tongue, sometimes changing it with my finger. She was enjoying it. After around 10 minutes she came on my mouth.

Then we both took a bath quickly and slept naked for some time. Then at around 9 by alarm we woke up, we changed into our dresses and headed out of the room after giving a call to our friends. I wore a white t-shirt and a brown shorts.

R wore a thigh-length frock one piece, which was off-shoulder. She took a small translucent white shrug over it. She was looking damn hot. Generally she wears shorts under the skirt. But since it was Maldives and we wanted to have fun, I asked her to just wear panties under it.

We met our friends, let me introduce them I will call them as my friend K and her wife as A. K is a 6 feet tall and fit guy. She wore a t-shirt and shorts. A is a damn sexy woman. I have hots for her but that’s a different story and will tell you later.

She has an awesome figure with 32-26-32 stats and a very fair color. She is a sex goddess with perfect thighs, perfect lips and nose and a perfect pair of boobs. She wore a white loose skirt of thigh length and a blue sleeveless top with a good view of teasing cleavage. She looked damn hot.

Well, we roamed around the beautiful resort. Then sat on one of the bars near the beach and had a round of hard cocktails. And we were just chatting around and having fun. Meanwhile when A moved her legs on the chair, I got to see that she was also not wearing shorts under her skirt.

I got a good look at her milky thighs. By this view my dick started to grow a little. She was sitting exactly opposite to me so I had a good view of her thighs and I was enjoying it. Under the table my right hand moved to my wife’s thighs and was just rubbing my palm on her juicy thighs. She was enjoying it.

Then we decided to dance and moved to dance floor. We were enjoying any song they were playing as we were a bit high. I kissed my wife between the crowd while dancing. I asked my wife to come back to the seat and we came back. K and A were still dancing.

As soon as we sat, I kissed her hard on lips and moved one of my hands to her boob and pressing it. She was also touching my dick. We had our seats at a little hidden place in the bar where only one side was visible. No one was there at that time. I moved my hands under her skirt and started feeling her inner thighs.

She was jerking my dick over my shorts. I was kissing her vigorously and moved my hand inside her panty. I started to rub her there she was in heaven. She was enjoying it as I can understand by her pace of jerking on my dick. But then suddenly the guy announced to have dinner.

So we stopped and sat properly. K and A came back and we moved for dinner.
While walking back K and A were walking ahead and I was holding the hands of my wife. I was seeing A’s ass swaying inside her sexy white frock. I was imagining how would K go inside the room and plunder her.

He would move her skirt down, spread her legs, and insert his dick and give her a good fuck. He was lucky to have such a sexy wife. His dick can always grow seeing her figure. Well they were having a good sex life, I know because we were close we used to share everything with each other.

But I came to know that they were just stuck at the same position of fucking, missionary and they have not tried much poses. And A told my wife that she was longing for it. But lets see if I fulfill her this desire in later chapters. Well we said good byes and moved to our rooms to meet in the morning.

I was already high as well as turned on by A’s sexy body. I closed the door, pushed R to the wall, and started kissing her forcefully. She was struggling a bit at start but then she started liking it. I pulled her off shoulder dress down and her black bra was visible now.

It was a lacy bra with most of the part see through. So I got to know she brought some sexy inner wears as well. My dick got harder. I pulled her dress, revealing her sexy lacy black matching panties with just covering the important part and the rest was see through.

My God, I grew wild seeing that. I pulled my shorts down and removed my t-shirt. While kissing her and I moved my finger below and slid her panty to the side started finger-fucking her. She was stroking my dick and it grew to its full length. We already had our oral sessions so we moved directly to the main part.

I pushed her to the bed removed her panty and removed my underwear too. I guided my dick on her pussy and slowly inserted it. My God, it was so damn wet. It automatically went inside so much. Let me tell you my wife’s pussy is still very tight its very tough to insert inside without getting her wet.

So I started fucking her slowly in missionary position. She was enjoying it. After around 5-7 minutes, I asked her to change position. I turned her back and while she was down I spread her legs and inserted my dick inside her pussy from back. I started fucking like that for 10 more minutes.

Now I made her sideways and I sat near her leg. I held one leg in my hand and other leg was below where I was sitting. I inserted my dick again and started fucking her. I gave a good and heavy jerk. It felt like I will come. So I asked her to move in missionary back again as its the best pose to cum, at least for me.

I again inserted my dick and fucked her hard for 10 more minutes. With continued motions, she came flawlessly. I pulled my dick and spread my cum on her belly. We laid there for sometime. Then moved on the bathroom cleaning ourselves and came to bed, we hugged each other and slept like that.

To be continued.

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