New Sex Adventures With John And Riti On The Ibiza Beach

New Sex Adventures With John And Riti On The Ibiza Beach

Hi Readers, I am Nish, and I am back with the next part of the story about our sex adventures on the Ibiza beach. Please read the previous part to enjoy it completely.

He said yes, and we moved a little ahead and found a good place to sit near the beach. We sat there on the mats that we brought. I changed into swimming trunks and did away with my shorts. Riti removed her shorts and kept wearing only her bikini.

While she was removing her shorts, John was constantly looking at her and complimenting her again and again. She even made some jokes, and she was laughing and removing it. John asked Riti to even remove her bikini top and go topless. But she was very shy to do that and kept on wearing that.

Then we chatted a little sitting there when John said, let’s get a drink. I said, ok, but where do we get drinks here. He said he had a lot of bottles in his car. So John and I went to his car, and he had this entire big box filled with ice and beer bottles. We brought that entire box with us.

Now we sat there on the beach and sipped bears while chatting, and as usual, John cracking jokes and complimenting. Although he was a real good guy to pass the time with, you never come to know of time. He keeps on talking about everything, and you just seem to enjoy it.

I liked his presence with us. Apart from sometimes, when he was lightly flirting with Riti and the worst part was Riti also liked it. But anyway I was happy that we are having a good time. These flirts and compliments are harmless. Riti knows her limits.

The would never do anything to betray me. She is the one, more faithful in the relationship than me. So well now we were 3 beers down and a little high. And we were just laughing cracking jokes. And John’s light flirting with Riti also turned to little bolder and he even said things like.

“Riti, you really have a heart of gold and two beautiful body parts above it. They are so perfect in shape and size. You should really show the world your inner beauty.” We just laughed. He was still convincing Riti to go topless. But she was still wearing it.

Now we all moved to the sea to enjoy a bath. Riti initially held my hand and swam with me. She was a little high now, but slowly John also got bold. He was also nearing Riti and sometimes touching her here and there. Sometimes pushed her from the back. Held her from the waist. But it was all ok and harmless fun.

Then John said, “You guys continue. I will sit out.” He moved out of the sea. We swam for 10 minutes more, and Riti said she was also going back and asked me to continue. So she went back. She moved out of the sea wearing a bikini. She was looking really sexy with water dripping from her sexy ass and milky thighs.

She went and sat beside John and started wiping herself. I thought maybe after wiping, she will atleast wear a sarong around the bikini. But to my surprise, she did not and sat beside John. I was about to come out, but I thought maybe just wait and watch what happens.

So I kept on swimming and kept a constant gaze on them. Riti was applying suntan lotion to her body. Sometimes they were laughing and sometimes Riti was blushing. I knew he was flirting with her. Then I turned around, took a swim, and turned back to see them.

Now to my surprise, John was applying lotion on her back. I moved out of the sea and waved at them. I said I will be back in a while after the restroom. And I returned in 5 minutes. From far, I saw Riti was sitting topless and bent her knees to her breast to hide them as she was shy.

But John was constantly telling him something like he was convincing. Slowly she moved the legs down, and she sat simply showing her milky white boobs to the world and John. Now John was flirting with her. I started to walk back, and I saw they stood up and went to the beach again.

I was surprised to see Riti went there without me. I came to the mat and sat down there, looking at them. They did not know I was there. I saw them getting a little close now. John was sometimes hugging her from behind. Then I saw while John was hugging her from the back.

They were facing away from me. I suspected he was pressing her boobs. He did for like 15 seconds, and then she moved his hand away. But man she allowed to press her boobs and that too she did not instantly move the hands away. Maybe she was also feeling good.

Maybe it was a surprise for her and as soon as she understood she moved them away. I calmed myself. Then he raised Riti holding her from her waist, and Riti saw me sitting. Then she suddenly asked him to get her down. She was showing as if she hasn’t seen me.

They were still in the sea, but she was not responding to John properly. Then in like 10 minutes, they came back.
Riti: Nish where were you, we were looking for you to go to the sea again.
She was damn high. Sure she had some more beers after I went.

I said without responding to her question: Wow, you went topless. Finally, John convinced you.
Riti: No, it’s not the case…

John cut her in between and said, “Of course, yes, it’s a topless beach, man. Go be free. Relieve yourself.”
I laughed.

John: Tomorrow, let’s plan to go to a nude beach. I will take you guys there.
I said: No, John, I think that would be out of limits of us, we won’t be going nude on the beach.

John: Guys, I would suggest to be free and go skinny dipping. But if you guys don’t want, no one would force you to go nude. You can just be topless, or even if you want, you can be in a bikini. No one bothers there.
I laughed and said, ok.

We decided to go back now and have lunch. Riti wore the bikini top again, and there was a compliment from John again. We had lunch, went to our resorts to rest a little and meet in the evening to go on a city tour. We were still a little high. While she was hugging John, she hugged him tightly.

John gave a peck on her cheeks. Her friendship had grown since the beach event. Anyway, we came to our room, Riti was unusually chirpy and sticking to me, hugging me, kissing me. I knew Riti was high and turned on too. But did not know she was this turned on.

As soon as we reached, she pushed me on the bed and removed all her clothes, and then pulled clothes too. She kissed my lips and said, “Jaanu, you rest today, let me give you pleasure.”

She started sucking my cock. Wow, she was giving an awesome blowjob I had never felt so good in blowjob. She was sucking my cock to the maximum, entering it into her mouth very deep. Moving my cock in and out of her mouth very rapidly. She was damn turned on.

Maybe there was a mixed feeling of eroticism with going topless with John and their little foreplay and mixed with little guilt of doing it without me. So she was high and out of guilt, trying to give me pleasure. But I did not think much as I was getting a lot of pleasure.

After around 10 minutes, I asked her to stop as I was on the verge of cumming. She came towards my mouth, gave me a good kiss, and grabbed a condom. She rolled on the condom on my dick with her mouth, damn, it was erotic, she had never done this before. John had changed her. But good for me.

She asked me to sit comfortably, and she came and sat on me. I was taken aback again. We had never tried this pose as she was afraid of it, but today here she is. She slowly inserted my dick in her pussy and started moving up and down. First slowly and then rapidly.

She was very turned on, and so in just 5 minutes, she came all over. But she did not stop and continued to fuck and jump. It was a real pleasure, she was also having fun. We fucked that way for 15 more minutes, and then we both came together.

It was damn erotic sex I ever had. We took a bath and rested for a while. Well, whatever is happening during the day is ok, and it’s harmless. But it gives a good result at the end of the day we have very good sex. So all good if this is good. I was happy.

We got a call from John we got up and changed. Riti wore a real sexy outfit, but I was feeling a little jealous that John will also get to enjoy the view. She wore a blue bra that was knotted at the back and no strings on the shoulder. A transparent white shirt and that too open, which meant her bra would be visible.

And below, she wore a blue skirt which was till her mid-thighs from front and back. But from sides, it was really short. It was showing until just below her waist. Man, it was a nice show. And inside, she had a red panty that too had strings on the sides, and just her front and back parts were covered.

I asked her, “Not wearing shorts inside?  It would be a city tour, so no need to wear a bikini.”

She laughed and said, “If I wear shorts, it will show from sides so it won’t be good. That is why I am wearing panty, which is lacy from sides so that it doesn’t show.?

I was not convinced.

We got down, and John greeted us with a hug. But before hugging Riti, he saw her from top to bottom and said, “Man I always feel after seeing you what can be more beautiful than this. But you prove me wrong every time I meet you. Damn, you look absolutely gorgeous.” and hugged her and kissed her cheeks.

Now we sat in his SUV. I sat with John at the front, and Riti sat at the back. We reached a castle there, roamed around clicked some photos. Riti was giving a good show. She clicked some photos with John too. We were now walking back, John on my right, Riti on my left, holding my hand.

It was a long walk back to the car. Riti said she was tired of walking. John came to the left of her and gave her a hand. He said, “Hold my hand, and it will support you. If you want, I can carry you too.” She held his hand and now she was walking between John and me.

Sometimes I saw John was waving his hand from back to front, and meanwhile, he knowingly brushed her side thighs. He was getting bolder. He was also complimenting when her thighs brushed his hand, saying, “OMG, it felt like butter moved from my hand.”

Riti was flattered and getting a little turned on too. She was also allowing him to touch her thighs again and again. Now we reached the car and Riti said she will sit in front as it was an hour’s drive and she felt nauseated. So I was the one to sit at the back and John and Riti sitting ahead.

I wasn’t happy, but I said ok. Now we started our journey. It was a little hilly road. I am also a little nauseous, so I tried to close my eyes a little to relax. It was around 20 minutes, and I woke up. Maybe Riti was not aware that I am awake. I tried to see in the front what was going on and I was shocked.

So as I woke up, I saw both John and Riti was looking in front, and they were not talking. I was not so sure to see how this can happen when John is so chatty. Then suddenly, my eyes got onto a small screen that was attached to the roof in the center of both the seats. It acted as a mirror now.

I saw John’s left hand was touching Riti’s side thighs and was slowly tucking at her knot of panty at the side. Riti was doing nothing and not even reacting. She just kept on seeing in front. So I kept on acting like I am sleeping. I had my goggles on thankfully so they cannot see whether my eyes are open or not.

I kept lying that way and seeing what was gonna happen next. O my God, he untied the knot of her panty. Now his hand was under her skirt in front. I could not see where exactly it was, but suddenly Riti gasped. I understood he touched her pussy.

I was dumbstruck. Why was Riti not reacting? Maybe it was the drink, or maybe she is really turned on. I had a lot of questions on my mind. Then I saw John took his hand back. First, he sniffed and then took his fingers in his mouth. My god, it was erotic.

Riti would have been greatly turned on by this. He again took his hand back on his pussy slowly. He inserted his fingers inside because she gasped again, and this time a little more. And he was also shaking his hand and moving his fingers in and out.

Now it was too much so I made some noise in the back and he took his hand back. Riti turned back to check on me and said, “Hey, Baby.” But her face was pale, and I could understand that. But I also said, “Hey, how much more time?”

John said, “We will reach in 10 minutes.”
Me: Ok, so I should get up now.

And then we said nothing and reached the destination and John parked his car. John and I got down, but Riti said, “You guys go ahead. I will just do a little touch-up and come. It all got smeared in the long journey.”

While moving ahead, I even saw that her bra was also a little disturbed. That means something else also had happened while I was sleeping. I stood a little ahead and saw her adjusting her clothes and tying her panties back.

I was raging inside and thinking about what was happening and why is Riti not stopping him. But anyway she came, and we had come to the best pub in Ibiza.

The rest will be continued in the next part. There is a lot of fun left in the night.

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