Romance With My Sexy Sister-In-Law – Indian Bhabhi Story

Romance With My Sexy Sister-In-Law – Indian Bhabhi Story

Hi, guys, this is Shiva (name of the characters are changed for privacy concerns) I’m here with a true incident with some fictional work in it. But I think you’ll enjoy it.

This incident happened when I was 19, I was doing my Btech 1st year, freshly joined in Bangalore. I’m about 5.11ft tall, and as an athlete, I had to maintain my physique. My family consists of me (Shiva), my mom and dad.

A few years ago, my father’s elder brother and his wife passed away in a tragic car accident. Since then, his son Vikas, my cousin, was taken into our home. I never really got along with him. But to my fate, he was part of my family now.

He was 8 years elder to me. He used to bully me when I was a kid. But I got used to it later on. Now I’m 19, and he is 27. The good thing is that he got married 4 months ago. My sister-in-law’s name is Rekha. I attended his marriage function during my 1st-semester exam.

It’s not because my brother Vikas, but my sister in law was so friendly to me even before the marriage itself. We spoke for like 45 minutes on mobile, that’s how interesting she was. They got married and moved to Banglore within 2 weeks.

They lived in the house right beside my house. It was just 20 yards away. So I used to visit them every now and then. My brother is immune to punctuality. He comes home late around 11 PM. So mostly my mom or I will keep my sister-in-law company till he arrives.

A month after their marriage, my parents had a function to attend in Kerala. I was not interested in going. I also had my athletic tournament the following day. So I decided to stay back. My sister-in-law Rekha suggested me to stay at her home for a few days so that I can keep company.  So I said yes.

My parents went by evening 5:30 PM. I straightaway went home with her. To tell you about Rekha, she is so fair and beautiful. She is around 5.6 ft, and I think she weighed like 56 kgs or something. Her body figure measured 34-24-35.

She was 4 years older than me as she was 23 when she got married. She was from a typical south Indian family, yet she was a bit modern too. To help your imagination, In simple terms, she looks as gorgeous and hot like Kajal Agarwal.

So I went to her home, sat on the sofa watching TV. It was the James bond movie – ‘Octopussy.’ I knew the scenes would be a bit obscene, so I changed the channel to ‘Titanic’. I again tried to change the channel. But my sister-in-law sat near me and grabbed the remote of my hand.

Placing her left hand on my shoulders, she was leaning on my arms slightly. I felt her firm left breast, rubbing my arms and shoulders. My mind was fresh with dirty thoughts. So I couldn’t resist the temptation, and I was about to get a hard-on. Meanwhile, she was watching the movie with keen interest.

She said it was one of her favorite movies, and she watched it a dozen times. It was the scene of Jack trying to draw Rose while she gets undressed. But unfortunately, the scene was censored.

Later we were talking about my current college life and how her college life was. She eventually asked me whether I have any girlfriend, the answer was no. Hearing that, she saw me with a bit suspicious smile. Later I went to bed by 10:30 PM.

Once after my brother comes home, I know they needed their private space. They had bought a 2 BHK apartment. So I took the other room. Late that night, I went to the kitchen to get some water. That is when I noticed that their room was slightly open with dim white light.

I also saw that my brother was completely naked, and my sister-in-law was also naked. Still, I couldn’t get a complete picture. But her amazing side boobs were visible underneath her bedsheet, and her left thigh was out of the bedsheet. Oh damn, her thighs were shining due to the dim light.

But I didn’t want to do anything stupid but couldn’t stop watching it either. I controlled myself and went to my room. The next day I had the athletic tournament. I took good rest the previous day. Except I can’t get rid of that amazing boobs and hot thighs of Rekha out of my mind.

I often had a hard-on that day. I tried to stay focused on that day and performed well, but still couldn’t make it to the championship. Anyway, I was so tired, and my calf muscles and back muscles gave me a hell of a pain. After 1.5 hours of bus journey, it even got worse.

I reached her home around 6 PM and fell on the sofa, which was relaxing. A few seconds later, Rekha came and sat near my legs and asked, “What happened, Shiva?”

Me: I’m so tired, my body aches like anything, especially my calf muscles.

She was wearing a T-shirt and skirt type which covered till her lower knees.

Rekha: It’s okay, take rest. It will be alright.

Saying that she gently pressed my calf muscles. I was wearing shorts, as I fell on the sofa, it even got higher. It barely covered my ass, most of the thighs were visible.

Rekha: Can I apply a bit Volini here? It would relax your muscles.

Me: Anything would be nice (in a sleepy tone).

She gave a cute smile and came with a Volini gel. As she started applying it on my calf muscles and started massaging it. Her smooth hands rubbing my legs were so nice and erotic to me.

Rekha: Where else is it paining?

Me: Everywhere, literally (in sleepy tone).

She laughed and said, “Okay, but where to apply now?”

Me: My thighs, then my back, then my lower back, my neck. My shoulders, my arms. My ass, my everywhere…(in sleepy tone)

She did apply the gel on my thighs and started massaging. Then she asked me to remove my t-shirt, and I did. She started applying the gel on my back. I was lying on my chest, so she sat on my back and massaged my back. Then she slightly pulled my shorts and underwear down until my ass cheeks were visible.

She applied well and gave me a smooth, nice massage. She even inserted her hands into my shorts from below. She massaged my ass. It felt warm, smooth. Then I turned around, and I was lying on my back. She applied to my shoulder by leaning towards me.

My eyes were semi-closed, but I saw her sexy boobs jiggling in front of me, I couldn’t control my thoughts and had a slight bulge on my penis, which my sister-in-law noticed. I thought so. I wasn’t sure. She then grabbed my hands and placed it on her shoulders and massaged my hands as well.

While she was massaging my left hand, I was so tired that I can’t even keep my hand in control. My right hand slipped and touched Rekha’s left breast. Damn, It was firm and juicy. She didn’t bother, later she grabbed my right hand and massaged it well.

She again turned me back and removed my shorts. She massaged my upper thighs and my ass by making her hand crawl inside my underwear. I felt the irritation of the gel and the smoothness of her sexy palm. I had a good deep sleep, and I was woken up by Rekha around 8:30 PM.

I woke up and noticed that I was completely naked. I was not even wearing my underwear. I was confused, and a small towel was the only cloth that was hardly covering my genitals. I was puzzled,

Rekha: I was the one who removed your shorts and your underwear and threw them in the laundry. It was sweaty and smelled horrible, so I did it. Don’t get embarrassed. Now go bathe and come, let’s have dinner.

I took the towel, which was on the table nearby, and tied them and went to the shower, and took a nice bath. I  was standing there naked. I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister-in-law touching and massaging my entire body. And me touching her breast and all that.

I had a hard-on, so I masturbated after so long. My semen was spurting out of my penis like anything. Later I went to have dinner. We watched ‘The Game of Thrones’ from the 1st season by my sister-in-law’s request. Where Khaleesi was fucked by Khal Drogo.

I saw that scene with awkwardness, but Rekha was completely into it. Later while moving on to 2nd episode, she leaned on me, resting her head on my shoulders. It felt weird, but it also felt nice. After completing the 2nd episode, I went to bed. A few minutes later she came to my room and sat near me.

Rekha: I know that you peeped into our bedroom yesterday night. I saw you staring at me.

I was so shocked, she knew the whole time that I stared at her naked body. I didn’t know what was gonna happen.

Rekha: I understand that you are desperate, and it’s normal. But imagine what if your brother finds out that you were peeping into our room. Wouldn’t he think that you’re a pervert or something?

Me: I’m sorry, I swear I won’t do that again.

Rekha: It’s okay, da, chill. Forget this ever happened, okay?

Me: Yes

Later she hugged, which was super weird. But I felt her breast touching and rubbing my chest. It was so sexy and warm.

The next day was Saturday Rekha was wearing a grey color V neck t-shirt with a black skirt hardly covering her knees. It was a holiday for me. My brother works as a sales manager. So he leaves by morning at 8 AM and comes home by 11 PM.

I was talking to Rekha about past relationships. She came and near me on the sofa and started narrating her ex-boyfriend’s story and college fun and adventures and more. Meanwhile, she placed her left hand on my thigh so close to the genitals.

She then came near me so close and whispered in my ears to keep it a secret. Her lips were slightly touching my ears that have me chills. Then slowly, she diverted the topic and asked me for a good place to go for a honeymoon, considering the budget also.

I suggested Tosh, Allepey, and Munnar. She said you are good at this and pinched my cheeks. Then she asked me what I know about Vikas, my brother. I started off by saying good things. But eventually, I told her that I was being bullied by him. I couldn’t control myself emotionally, and I started crying.

Seeing that, Rekha tried to comfort me with her words. I listened to her, those were caring gentle words. But I couldn’t stop crying. She then hugged me tightly as possible, and pulled my head, and placed it on her breast. I cried for a few moments, and then I started noticing her smell.

It was enchanting, so desirable. Her smell itself made me horny. My face was on her breast, her hand wrapped around my shoulder and her other hand tapping my tighs. She then asked me to rest my head on her lap. I then lay down and placed my head on her lap.

Now she was gently running her hand through my hair, and my left side of my face was touching her breast. She was so caring and made me stop cry, then she kissed me on my forehead. The moment I felt her warm wet lips touching my skin made me horny. But I couldn’t do anything she was sister-in-law.

But with my luck, she again kissed me on my cheeks, and her face was so close to mine. I didn’t think. I pulled her more close and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t pull back. I saw her eyes and noticed that she is as horny as I am. Then I sat near her, making deep passionate kisses all over her face.

She was kissing me in return. Her skin was so smooth and shining. I felt I want to eat her. Her smell was so arousing. We stood up, moved to the bedroom with our mouth and tongue locked with each other. We kissed each other so passionately that our faces were also wet.

Then as we moved into her bedroom, I started pressing her boobs. It was not so big, but firm and handful. My hands then crawled inside her T-shirt and started pressing, and my other hand trying to unhook the bra. After removing her bra, I also removed her t-shirt.

And for the 1st time, I saw real boobs, and they were mesmerizing. Then I kissed her neck and licked all over the neck and reached her boobs and started sucking them. Meanwhile, her hand was crawling into my shorts and my underwear to hold my penis, and my nut sack.

I hastily removed my t-shirt and my shorts, including my underwear. We kissed again for a long time. She was in the process of removing her skirt and panties. We were completely naked. She was stroking my penis to and forth, making my 5-inch cock bigger. I was sucking her firm boobs and those perky nipples.

Meanwhile, my hand reached for her pussy and started rubbing it. She moaned with immense pleasure. A few minutes later, she attained her 1st orgasm, and she reached for my cock and started sucking it. Making it wet, her saliva acted as a lubricant.

Later I bent her over, and I inserted into her pussy slowly and pulled back. I repeated, harder, and harder every time. I was fucking her in the doggy style. At the same time, I leaned forward, and I was squeezing her boobs Moments later. We changed into a missionary position.

I was about to cum, so I stopped and changed into 69 position where she was on top of me. Her pussy smelled good, and her juice tasted so sweet. She was sucking my cock long. I was eating her pussy for about 15 minutes. This time she moaned more than she did before.

Finally, she attained her 2nd orgasm by squirting her juice over my face and neck. I was surprised for myself that I was lasting more than 1 hour in the bed with the sex angel Rekha.

Then we went back to the missionary position, and I thrust my penis deeper than ever before. Finally, I was about to cum. I cummed in my sister-in-law’s pussy, and she also attained her 3rd orgasm. I was tensed, feeling guilty, and was also enjoying the sex with such a sex bomb. She didn’t say anything.

A few moments later, we got ourselves cleaned up. That’s when she said that she is having birth control pills (contraceptive pills). That was a great relief for me. We made love again, I was fingering her pussy after she cleaned it. She was kissing my face, ears, and our tongues explored each other.

I made her attain orgasm for the 4th time. Then I dressed her, and she dressed up, and we sat on the sofa. Rekha sat on my lap and facing me, we kissed and kissed, until our saliva got dried.

Later we had our lunch and went to the bedroom. We slept cuddling each other and woke up at 6 PM. We decided to take a shower together. It was Rekha’s idea. So we made love and fucked in the shower for almost 1hour. We got ready by 9 PM and had our dinner.

We sat on the sofa, kissed, and made out. She was in her bra and panties, and I was on my shorts without underwear the whole day. But by 10 PM we got dressed, and I went to bed. A few moments later, Rekha came to my bed and lay beside me. Her hands crawled into my shorts and my underwear.

She then grabbed my penis. She jerked me off for like 5 minutes, playing with my foreskin and gently squeezing my nut sack. I couldn’t hold longer and resist against her soft sexy palm and boobs. I cummed in her hand and all over my underwear and shorts.

She then took her hand, sucked my cum, which was on her hand. She gave her hand to me. I also kissed and sucked her saliva filled hand. It was heavenly pleasure. Then she kissed me a good night for like 10 minutes sitting on top of me in a cowgirl style.

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