Shopping And Dinner Date Brought Me Closer To Sandhya Aunty

Shopping And Dinner Date Brought Me Closer To Sandhya Aunty

Hi! I’m Vihan back with the second part of my story.

After Sandhya Aunty slapped me I came back home. I couldn’t fathom what had happened in the last few minutes. I kept crying and crying. I don’t know what I was supposed to do. I just went to sleep after that. At night around 9:30-10:30. I heard a knock on the door. I somehow got myself up and opened the door.

It was Sandhya aunty. From the look on her face and her red eyes, it was evident that she had been crying as well. I couldn’t face her, so I kept my head down. She had got me dinner. Without uttering any word she gave me the dinner and went away.

After my dinner, I got a call on my landline. I picked up the call, no one was speaking anything from the other side. Then I heard someone crying on the phone, I realized that it was Sandhya aunty.

Me – Sandhya aunty?

Sandhya – (crying she spoke) He ka kelas tu asa? (Why did you do that?)

Me – I don’t know, kaku. Chukun zhala, please maaf kara mala. (It was a mistake. Please forgive me.)

Sandhya –  this shouldn’t have happened, though. I think we should just stop talking to each other and maintain distance

Me – Asa naka bolu, kaku. Tumhi mala maaf nahi kela tar…(Don’t talk like that. If you don’t forgive me, then…)

Sandhya – Mag kay? (Then what?)

Me – I don’t know. I won’t be able to live with myself

Sandhya – Bass, asa kahitari bolu nakos. Bar me kela tula maaf. Pan he asa parat zhala tar mi tuzhya gharchyana sangen and mazhya navryala hi. (No. Don’t like that. It’s okay. I forgive you. But if this happens again I’ll have to tell your parents and my hubby about it)

Me – Nahi kaku. Parat nahi honar asa kadhich. (No aunty this won’t happen again ever)

Sandhya said okay. She told him that tomorrow she’s going out for shopping. Her husband would have accompanied her but he’s out for a business trip for 7 days. So she said if I’ll behave well she would like to take me with her. I promised that I will behave well.

Once again I apologized and said this won’t happen again and disconnected the call. Little did I know that this was going to happen again.

Next day Aunty and I went shopping in the evening. We had not spoken a word after the call yesterday. I joined her in her car. But it was very awkward. We couldn’t look at each other. I sensed we cannot continue like this.

Me – We cannot stay like this. Either we forget what happened yesterday or I’ll go back home and you’ll never see my face again

Sandhya aunty – I understand. Let’s just forget what happened yesterday and move on.

Me – That’s great. So where are we going today for shopping?

Sandhya aunty – I wanted to shop for some sarees. Also, it’s been a while since I have worn something new and modern. So maybe we’ll also end up going to Zara.

We went to a sari store in Zara first. She bought some pieces, tops, jeans, some accessories, etc. Then went for some sari shopping. I was really interested in her Zara shopping as I thought she looked much better in sarees. We were going through different colors and sari types.

She was asking me whether I like the sari or not. I was trying to take my mind of her and concentrate on the sarees. It was difficult. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her in those sarees. I selected some lemon yellow, baby pink coloured sarees for her. She liked it and bought it.

Although there was this particular sari which I liked a lot. It was off white sari with a yellow embroidery border. The blouse was also yellow. A light mango yellow with some orange stripes on it.  However, the blouse was backless and had a deep neck.

My eyes were hooked onto that sari. I couldn’t get a picture of Sandhya aunty wearing that sari out of my head. I kept staring at it. Aunty realized this and asked

Sandhya aunty – Hey what happened? You seemed to be lost in some thought.

Me – No kaku. Nothing.

Sandhya aunty – Tula kai bolaycha ahe ka mazhya Shi? (Do you want to say something to me?)

Me – Chidnar tr nahi na tumhi? (You won’t get angry, right?)

She looked around then towards me and said – Nahi chidnar. Bol. (No. I won’t. Tell me)

Me – I would like you to buy this sari. I know the blouse is a bit too young for you. But I thought it would look good on you.

I told her and I realized maybe I have made a mistake. So I left and stood outside the shop. Sandhya aunty came back. She asked me to hold her bags. We started walking to our car. She was walking in front and I was following her with my head down. I was thinking she will again slap me today.

We reached the car parking. She was about to get into the driver seat. She opened her door. Before getting in she said won’t look inside the bags as to what I have bought. I didn’t understand what she was saying. I just looked into the bag and there it was.

She had purchased the sari that I told her to buy. My eyes got lit immediately. I smiled and looked at her. She was blushing a bit. She bit her lips smiled a bit and got into the car.

We got back to our house. Had dinner together. We had ordered some icecream. We were watching TV and having icecream. We got to talking about life in general. About my studies, her practice, etc. She was pretty happy today compared to yesterday. And was laughing and smiling at my jokes.

Once we were done with our ice cream, we went to the kitchen to wash dishes. I was washing the dishes and she was cleaning them. She was wearing a nightie. Had her hair to her left side. I was to her right. Her face was glowing in the moonlight coming through the window of the kitchen.

Sandhya aunty – I enjoyed it today. Retail therapy is the best.

Me – Yeah me too. I loved what we bought. I’m sure you’ll look pretty in it. (I don’t know what got into me and why I said that)

Sandhya aunty simply smiled and looked down at the dishes.

Sandhya aunty adjusting her hair said – Sorry for slapping you yesterday. And she put her head down

Me – Tumchi kai chuk nachti. Mich chuklo. (It was not your fault)

Sandhya aunty – But I shouldn’t have slapped you. I know you cried after going home.

Me – with my head down. Yeah, I was weeping.

Sandhya aunty smiled and said – I’m sorry.

Me – Me karin maaf tumhala, pan eka condition ahe. ( I’ll forgive you but on one condition)

Sandhya Aunty looked up – What condition?

Me – Both of us will go to dinner tomorrow night.

Sandhya aunty was taken aback with my condition. But she saw no harm and agreed.

Me – So tomorrow night at 8. Be ready.

She said okay. We were done with the dishes. I was about to leave, just then something wild came to my mind. I turned around and said

Me – Kaku

Sandhya aunty – What Vihan?

Me – Will you wear the sari we bought for our dinner tomorrow? I would love that. I’ll think that you have truly forgiven me. Ok. I don’t know what I was doing. But something had taken me over. My lust was overpowering my mind.

Sandhya aunty just stood in the kitchen a bit shocked and thinking what had just happened. She was thinking about the next night.

See you soon. Adios!

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