Story Of How I Seduced My Hot Friend For Erotic Foreplay

Story Of How I Seduced My Hot Friend For Erotic Foreplay

Hello all, I am Nitin (name changed) and have decided to tell my story about the games of erotic foreplay. I am 28, 5.10, fair, slim guy from Hyderabad working at MNC. This happened to me a few months ago. Her name is Anuradha (name changed). We both were virgins.

I am a very shy guy who never knew how to approach girls. Moreover, I didn’t have confidence in me that I am smart and handsome.

Anuradha’s family knows us for a few years, and she used to come to our home now and then. I never dared to either see or talk to her at all. She has quite long hair (not very long) and a face with charm. Nice tight round ass and boobs. Her waist was perfect. Every man would imagine fucking her.

In my heart, I had intentions to fuck her very hard and rough. I used to see her ass silently when she was walking around, especially in jeans. I liked the way she walked, and sometimes jeans used to go inside her butt crack. She was 24, normal color, slim, 5.5 height, and a super hot figure any boy would stare at her.

She looked attractive because of her figure and height. So once I decided to talk to her and take her phone number. I tried many times, but some or other people were always around. I didn’t have guts to talk to her. She looked conservative.

One day luck turned on my side. Some relatives were at my house when she came, and they were busy chit-chatting. She was at the gate, waiting for them to leave. I was back home then and saw her waiting outside. I told her to come in. She rejected and told me that her friend will call her over the phone.

This was a disappointment for me as the very first time I spoke to her, she rejected it nicely. I was cursing myself inside that why the fuck did I talk to her. Did she take it another way? On what basis she rejected? I was thinking in so many ways.

At the same time, she asked for some water which I got. Then I told her to sit in the other room if she wants.

She: No, it’s ok, I will wait.

Then 2 3 dialogues about education/job.

Me: Which phone is yours?

She: Its Samsung G. Why?

Me: I am looking for a new phone as the existing one is old and not working properly.

She: Is it, take in this series

She smiled and had some normal conversations. I then asked what’s your phone number.

She: Why?

My heart stopped for a second and did not know how to cover it. I said, “To ask you about feedback on phones and take advice. Finally, she gave (exchanged) her number. I was on cloud 1000. Just getting her number made me feel as if I won a Nobel prize.

At night 10.30 clock I got a message, ‘Hello.’ I replied and then she advised me some phone to buy. I said, thanks and asked her if I can ping her after going home. She said yes. I said, thanks.

Later, I slowly started talking about her good hairstyle. She was blushing and said she went to the parlor. Slowly she started to open up by asking about my girlfriends. I said I don’t have any. She then said that I look very hot and good and so I have a girlfriend and am not telling her.

I told I don’t have any. “Even if I had, I would have you as my girlfriend.” She suddenly stopped chatting. I was pissed off. I kept on sending messages to which she did not respond. The next day morning, she was sorry as she slept off. I told her that I want to see you.

She was ok and told me to meet at a point at a shopping place to which I agreed. She sat on my bike, and she maintained distance.

At night we had a chat as to why she was sitting far from me on the bike. I asked her: “You said I am smart, and still, you did not come close to me. Am I that bad or not smart?” Her reply was that since its the first time she was nervous.

After a couple of weeks of general chatting, she said that she wants to learn car driving. I replied, saying that I can teach her for free to which she agreed. This is the turning point of my story. It was a Hyundai car. The deal was that I have to pick up from a point and give her the steering when the road is empty.

While teaching, I was touching her hand and thigh when teaching clutch. She was calm and did not react. During the night, she used to argue as to why I touched, and next time, it should not happen. She warned that she would walk away straight out of the car if the same thing repeats.

I told her that I will touch her thigh, again and again, to which she was calm. I used to touch until the panty area and press it. It was as smooth as cotton. Night chats turned into hot chats. I said,  “I want to touch pussy and see you naked.” She was pissed off and always used to say a very big no.

Once she asked if I am interested in marrying her, to which I replied no as of now. Throughout day and night, we used to talk and chat over the phone. It included hot and normal conversations. I nicknamed her pussy and ass. I used to ask how are they doing.

Her response was good. I used to ask her panty and bra colors daily to which I got the answers. Then I used to ask how she will shave her pussy. I used to masturbate thinking about her.

One day, no one was at my home, so I called her. She refused to come. After multiple requests, she agreed to come at 3 pm (after lunch). I took her to my big AC bedroom, turned on AC, and gave her chocolates. She was eating them. I drank some water from the kitchen and got a bottle for her.

She had no clue what the next plan was. I did the same thing by touching her thigh (like I do during car drive) till the pussy area. She was calm. Suddenly I pulled her neck and started kissing her. She was partially resisting and pinching me with a shy face. I did not leave her and holding tight.

After 10 to 15 seconds, she calmed down and started cooperating. I was in sweat and fear. I did not know where I got the courage. I then made her lay on the bed (with dress) and slept on her kissing her lips, neck. And at the same time, pushing my erected dick on her pussy area.

My hands were directly inside the back pockets of her jeans. Trust me, guys, it was heaven or more than heaven. The ass which I used to stare while walking was in my hands. She was shivering and breathing heavily. While kissing, I opened her jeans button, got hold of her tight pants.

Suddenly I got up and pulled the jeans down. Because of the force, the panty too came with it. She was shocked and kept her hand to hide the pussy. I removed her hand and my god. For the first time in my life, I saw a pussy. It was clean-shaven.

This was the best moment that cannot be explained. Just kept staring at it. It was a little wet, and I started to rub and pussy lips (learned by watching porn). She closed her legs, but I kept my 2 fingers on pussy and started to rub it. A moan in a low voice was heard. Suddenly, the closed legs became loose and open.

I got mad, opened her legs wide open, and kept my head into her pussy. It was stinking. I started kissing the pussy lips for the first 2 minutes. While kissing, my eyes were wide open and seeing every inch of this 24-year-old girl.

I started to lick from the colitis area and went down along the pussy line and then coming back again. I was doing as if I got lots of experience in sex, and there is no tomorrow. I was biting the pussy lips occasionally. She was moaning very high, like hell.

I tried to put my tongue inside the pussy hole, but it did not go as it was very small. I turned some songs on my laptop so that neighbors won’t hear our sounds. Then I inserted my middle finger in the hole. She had a very huge orgasm. I have tasted, it was salty.

Still, she did not relax. She was pushing my face into her pussy, which was suffocating me. I then came up, wiped my face, and started kissing her and rubbing my hard, long dick against her vagina. She started to moan loudly. “Do it fast its heaven for me,” she said.

I tried to put inside the hole, but it was hard. It’s not easy like they show in porn. I started rubbing my dick on the outside of her vagina. It was so good and hot for me. After 10 minutes, I came heavily on to her navel area. I rubbed all my cum from her navel area.

She saw a man cum for the first time. It was really a treat for me to see her eyes looking at my cum. And seeing her standing with a T-shirt on and no pant or panty, my dick stood again. She ran to the washroom came back wearing panties and jeans.

The argument started like, “Now you are happy? You saw me naked.” There is no secret in my body that you don’t know. I said, “I won’t tell anyone, and still, its a secret.” I again started kissing her. I made her fully naked and sucked her nipples. Nipples became erect. She slept on the bed with her ass up.

I slept on her kissing the neck from the backside. And, at the same time pumping my dick on her butt. Her ass was superb, round soft, and smooth. I came again after some time. The best man could get. This made my dream true. I touched it until she left home.

The chats continued regarding the time we spent, and she was happy that I did not take her virginity. I always used to explain to her how I will open her legs wide open and insert my dick and cum deep inside her. She enjoyed to the full extent.

After a month, she suddenly stopped talking and chatting. I learned that she got engaged and hardly saw her again. My heart broke.

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